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Hey everyone,


I've been lurking for a few months now and trying to soak everything in. I don't have the budget to meet my tastes yet, but I'm taking it slow and focusing on how everything should fit. After that, the wardrobe will build itself.


I love watches, poker, and scotch. I'm apparently a 50 year old man trapped in a 28 year old body. 



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Hello everyone,


After several years in the wilderness of self-employment, I am returning to work for a large firm where I will again be required to suit and boot. This is no hardship as suits are the only clothes I feel stylish in.


I'm a big fan of tailored clothing, watches and people who are unafraid to be different.


The most stylish person I ever saw whilst working in the city was a Nigerian gentleman in his mid-thirties with three-piece, tab-collar and Bowler hat. He carried it off magnificently.



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Hey everyone, just recently lost a lot of weight after a cut *i lift weights regularly :)* changing up my wardrobe and style! Liking it a lot, costing quite a bit of money so here to check out deals and get some tips on style/fashion

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Hi everyone,

Im not exactly experienced in clothes and fashion and i have been looking around the forum for some time to try add some diversity to my tiny t-shirt and jeans wardrobe and i thought it was about time to sign up to seek some help.

Im dutch but currently live in poland, which makes shopping for clothes a lot harder since i dont speak a word of polish. What also makes it pretty hard is my length of 1.95cm / 6"4.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes (or grammar for that sake) that i will make in the future, english is not my first language.

Thank you for any future help, now to find myself a proper avatar smile.gif
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Hello Everyone ,I came to this Forum by way of Ask Andy's Forum.


I must admit that I dressed like a bum for years, and its really my love of Big Band music that made me pay attention to how I was dressing ,allow me to explain.


One day I was researching a certain artist and while looking at a photo from the 1930's I could not help but notice how well dressed everyone was even though the 30's was a tuff time in this country.


Then I thought about today and how no one bothers to dress themselves and I also looked inwards at myself and thought to myself ,"your no better" .

I went to J.A.B. and bought some suits and also started working on the rest of my wardrobe .


As time goes by I plan on trying to buy more high end suits ( family bills etc etc ) and the like .


I am 57 years young, play bagpipes in a pipe band ,own three motorcycles,enjoy riding them and of course now being better or well dressed .


That's about it and in closing I must say I like this forum and have already learned a few things here reading articles and the like .


All the Best , Frank  

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My name is Aaron...

I live in the bustling lehigh valley of PA (Pennsylvania)

I have been interested in tailored menswear and men's structured dress/fashion since I went through US military training in 2000.

I am newly reinvented economically. After the service I worked serveral types of odd jobs but eventually learned how to weld and did that for about 4 years. Once the economy tanked, I decided to get into business. My first business venture was the start of a direct selling business. I was good at it, but while dressing up for meetings and conferences, I found myself reconnected to my first love for well fitted suitings.

Because of my love for the industry, I ended up starting my own tailoring business.

Today, I own Off The Cuff LV (

I not only do all of the tailoring and alterations, but I am also a studied sartorialist. I'm an independent made to measure supplier as well. That means I don't work for Tom James, Astor and Black, or any other of the big name m2m'ers. I worked out my own suppliers and built my own commission structure. I sell suit packages and if they need ANY alterations, I do them on site at my shop. There isn't an alteration I can't do (depending mostly on client's willingness to pay)

I'm the premier tailor/alterationist/clothier here in the growing lehigh valley of PA. 


Please feel free to message me. I'd love to chat with anyone about anything tailoring related!

Bring me challenging questions/topics if you wish. I always welcome the know it all :)



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I'm Jv. I'm originally from Portugal but moved to the US when I was 15. I found this site while searching for information on how to update my business wardrobe. I'm 25 - and I will be graduating from University soon, and thus have to dress like an adult. I've been reading the site for a few months and I've found a wealth of information. My goals are to find a look that is so simple I won't have to think about it, repeatable, recognizable and professional. Thanks for reading.

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Hello all--I am a Connecticut native and have run a small international trade consultancy all my life. I stumbled upon this website while looking for advice on where to find sweaters vendors for a sweater retail project my friend is heading up, but I suspect I'll find this community a valuable resource for many other questions as well. I am also looking forward to contributing--particularly in traditional means wear discussions. I have been a J Press man all my life. Good day.

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Hey all 
Danish student with not that great english skills at the age of 32. I'm here to learn, and to see if I can get some advice on buying decent clothing and accessories for the money I can afford, which is not that much, in the style's I like, so I'm ready cloth-wise when I'm done studying and starting to work more seriously in a few months. 
As well as to slowly improve my taste over time. 

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Hello friends. I just graduate the college and become interested in fashion and how to identify quality clothing and shoes.Also i`m looking to find the best suitable and serious websites where i can buy clothes i like .

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I look forward to the community here... thanks!

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Hey everyone!


I'm new here (referred by a friend) and am looking forward to browsing the forum!

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Hello everyone!  I've browsed this forum for a few years and thought I'd finally make an account.  As with everyone else, I look forward to learning from all of you and participating in these forums.

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I'm Charlie... I'm here as a trade Journalist, a profession which downright expects you to dress in terrible business-casual, hoping to buck the trend. On a budget.


Making it my personal mission to restore the old ways of well-tailored British gentlemen that my countrymen have been frantically trying to shake off with their shell suits and dressing-like-an-F1-car mega-branded horribleness.


Also actually not a bastard.

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Hi All.

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