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Hello! I'm ChickenBall, a Chinese Canadian dude living further north than most, working in IT. I'm a tech, geek, part-time freelancer, occasional gamer, but otherwise zen guy.


I got into suits and business/professional menswear after watching Neil Patrick Harris "suit up" in How I Met Your Mother, although I now prefer the stylings of Jeff Daniels in HBO's The Newsroom. However, I worked in a nickel mine for the past 8 years so wearing suits without destroying them wasn't really an option until I got a job at the municipality this past month. While their dress code is business casual, I've decided to take the plunge and suit up everyday for work (the ladies there give their earnest approval).


I started out learning about suits from, but this site is more comprehensive; I regret buying a few pieces now, but you live and learn. I mostly lurk and research, but if I feel compelled to add something of value to the conversation, I'll be there unless somebody else beats me to the punch.


Stay classy!

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Been looking at threads in this site for a while now but finally decided to become a member. I mainly dress casual Mon-Fri with some docker pants and a polo or button up for work.On weekends I dress up more depending on where I am going. If I am going on a fancy date with my girlfriend then I would dress more formal with a blazer slacks shoes,etc but if I am just hanging out with my friends I tend to dress more comfortable with jeans sneakers and a shirt. I am really into high end shoes and ties such as Gucci,Ferragamo and LV. I started my collection about a year ago

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Long time lurker, but decided to finally join.

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just joined the forum..cheers!

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Hello everybody.


Happy to find such a nice forum!

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Fair time lurker, recent time joiner, work as a Junior Auditor in the great land down under and am looking to diversify my formal street style into something a little more dappered,

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I have been lurking for a while and decide to join. I am a lady who styles her husband. While he dresses quite nicely, and I do love him exactly the way he is, I do attempt to push him out of his comfort zone to a slightly more dapper look. I am hoping to find some great inspirtation and such here on the forum.

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I just stumbled upon this site while searching for some style insight. I live in Seattle, but come from Wisconsin so style is still a relatively new thing for me. I am 6'7" tall so finding fashionable clothes and shoes is difficult. I prefer traditional looks and enjoy Brooks Brothers suits/shirts and J.Crew casual wear. Appreciate shoes/boots from AE and To Boot New York (or any other company that makes size 15/16!).


I look forward to refining my style and contributing where I can.



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buddy bye buddy bye buddy bye numba #1

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Hey SF, glad to have stumbled across this forum.


I'm a 21 year old student from Edmonton, Canada and have been pretty interested in style for quite some time already. Don't have too much high end clothing (one nice Ted Baker suit), but a lot of nice pieces and my shoes are my favorite items.

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Hey guys!


Long-time lurker, recently joined. Name's Pauleeeh, 24 years old but was a "late-blooming fashionable kid" in Human Resources. I picked up my first tailored Super110's Merino Wool Suit when I had my first corporate interview and my brother laughed at my initial outfit. But he did point me in the direction of good places for suits in Australia - where shiz is always so expensive :P


As of late, I have been growing very fond of shoes. My appreciation for craftsmanship and unique brands grows more each day as I lurk these forums :) I know I've got a long way to go in terms of being fashionable and finding my own individual look, but my brief lurking throughout these forums has and will be of great assistance in my journey :)



- Pauleeeh

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I'm Tom, Im an architect and I run an online menstyle website called 'The Versatile Gent'. Style Forum is a library of information for the fashion minded so thought I should get involved and show my face. Please check out the website if youve got a moment.

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Hello everyone,


my name is Herman I'm from the cayman islands but go to college in the UK. Currently doing an applied networking degree, but on the side i model for


Brands i always keep an eye out for-


Black Scale

Diamond Supply

Only NY



Air Jordans (Recent Interest)






Christian Louboutin

Louis Vuitton

Maison Martin margiela

Ralph lauren



At work so cant write loads, but you all shall see me around on the forums ill make sure of that! :)

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Hello everyone,


My name is Terence and I life in the Netherlands. I am 31 years old, but still a student (due to unfortunate circumstances with my health). 


I have been employed by my University since 2007, but it was after my recent extension of my job at the library (I am also employed by the faculty of law) that I decided it was time to dress smartly (the funny thing is that I don't feel the need at my other job).


There was a meeting which I attended where I represented my university and I noticed that I was under dressed which made me feel uncomfortable. At the meeting I was the youngest person still a student and some of the people attending where lawyers.


My mother was kind enough to raise me with some idea of style (although it never did really catch on). Thanks to her I know how to knot my bow tie and tie properly. I know how to shine my shoes and how to Iron my shirts. When I started at university she helped me pick out my White tie suit. Most of the time when I do buy clothing I ask one of my female friends to go with me for her opinion (they don't mind). But this sometimes resulting in purchases I later regret buying (then again I was in a hurry and it is never a good idea to buy things in a hurry).


These two reasons constitute the main reason to go by myself and learn a few things about clothing and try do develop my own taste for work and pleasure. Which resulted in my decision to make an appointment for next Monday to be measured for my first bespoke shirt (you have to start somewhere when you are on a budget).


Kind regards,


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Been a long time lurker like many. I have found this site extremely informative and finally got around to signing up.
Im in the legal profession, in my 30's and from the West Coast. Only recently have I become more in tune with my person style. I'm still working on it.
I hope to contribute my pebble to this great resource.
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