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Hi everyone,


I am new to this site and looking to upgrade my style as well as possibly helping out others styles. I have been creating pocket squares for a while now and hope you share my style with the world. If you care to see just check out my store :


Hope to get to meet some of you.




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hello everybody,



I want to introduce my self to you getting finally this beatiful community.

my name is Luca, I'm italian and i Live in Milan, i'm 33 years old and i love shoes so much.

I prefer english shoes but I like so much also American ones like Alden e AE.

I would like to get the maximum from your  experience and, in my little, I will give my help to all.

sorry but my english is not very good, I'll try to do my best.

thanks to all!

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Hello all, I have been following the Style Forum for quite some time. I have always used it as a place to read opinions about products. Over the past year I have been learning a lot about shoes as I am interested in learning how to make them.

I also have been leaning a great deal about suit construction so that I truly tell what is a good suit and what is not.

I look forward to now being a contributor to this site.

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One more lurker jumping over to this great site.  Looking to live and look better with some good tips and advice.

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Hey it's VJ


Been lurking for a long time now, my hunger has grown more and more as I've browsed through the forums recently. I'm an up and coming Senior high school student looking to upgrade my current wardrobe. It's been a fun one so far, but my wallet doesn't agree with some of my purchases. I've been into different hobbies from headphones, computers, and video games (PC) and this one is by far the most unique and interesting. Looking forward to becoming experienced and contributing to the community.

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Sup, I'm DC and I love wearing nice clothes.  So much in fact that I am amassing quite a huge collection with only limited storage space.  In any event, I go through phases.  For half a year I'll be into shirts and knits, then I'll move on to jackets and outerwear.  Currently my obsessions are pants and shoes.


I like to rock allegri, generic man, coming soon, YYPH, junya watanabe, marc jacobs and marni.  I hope to expand my tastes and learn from the community.  Thanks.

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Hey everyone,


I'm Portll, a not middle-aged not college-aged guy from Sydney, Australia. I used to live in the UK and didn't struggle to find nice things to wear, my prized possessions being for a good few years a pair of mont blanc cufflinks - simple square & elegant. I was into skiing (when possible), mountain biking, squash, football (soccer) and ran my own business in the creative industry.


Then in 2010 I suffered a massive spinal injury. Now I'm slowly getting back on my feet (literally), but still cooped up in the house, I'm sick of the crappy clothing quality here and looking for inspiration in the for sale (casual) and casual wear boards, despite being on a tiny, tiny budget (no job, wife's income pays our baseline, no ability to work).


I'm pretty much trying to find nice stuff to mooch around the house in - timeless elegance for visiting the doctors!


anyhow, thought I'd stop lurking and say hi!

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Hello everyone!


I`m a 45 year old guy from Norway who have never been much interrested in clothing or fashion my whole life. I used to dress in  baggy skate stuff, hoodies, baggy jeans etc. Until I suddenly one day realized that what worked when I was 25 does not work now.


So I`ve tentatively bought a couple of items, some worked some didn`t:/. I try to go for pretty classic items but it is difficult to know what will work and what will not. So its mostly trial and error.

But now I`ve found this place and it seems to be the place to be.


I`m looking forward to to have a look around and pick pick up come tips and become a snappier dresser:)

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Hey, My names Mohammed, but you can also call me Bounce. Im 21 years young, from Brooklyn residing in Jersey. Was looking for some watches online and stumbled across this forum. Im into fashion so I always like to see what others are wearing. Definitely think I can pick up some things and hope I can do the same for yall.


Well see how things go!

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Hi everyone,


My names Adam, I am a 23 year old recent industrial design graduate from the midwest (Wisconsin), still learning the ins and outs of quailty in fashion.  I've been using this site for reviews of clothing and figured I should become part of the community.  My style is always evolving, but I think I have finally found my niche.  Look forward to discussing things with you guys!

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Hi everyone!

call me kitzlano. I live in Vancouver, BC. My fashion sense is something comfortable, appropriate to the occasion, and easy to maintain.

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Hi everyone, my name is Milan, I used to be a big Stone Island fan, recently not so much. Nevertheless, still interested in men's clothing, so always lurking around for new stuff. Found this forum and looking forward to contribute and look around...



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Hey my name's Blake and I'm fresh (and gladly) out of /fa/, just trying my hand at fashion going into my senior year. (: Fashion is pretty cool and I enjoy looking nice, so there you have it, lol.


See you guys around.

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Was up all.

Hope everyone is good :)

My name is Julio, I live in south florida I am 44 originally from manhattan moved to florida in 1990

I have 4 sons, I call that a GrandSlam. was always into style in ny often wearing polo and benetton.

dono when it happened but got overweight and lost my style, happy to say that I turned that around

a couple of years ago. BigTime thrifter, I have set up a pretty impressive wardrobe 85% of it thrift.

ADDICTED to Harris Tweed have a lot of jackets that I'll probably never wear but keep buying them.

I design and print high end kids t-shirts.

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Hi. New here and wanting to see and learn more about styles that each individual has.

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