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I'm a 30-something attorney from the southern US. No, I don't own a seer sucker. Not yet, anyway. I'm straight and enjoy an occasional french cuff shirt, a selection of watches, tech, tinkering with my vehicles, and wearing suits a few times a week. I'm hoping to hone my fashion sense as a member of this forum. I made a New Year's resolution to step up my style; so far that has meant the use of pocket squares.

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 I am Frank, married  ( 56 ) and live in the Netherlands.

I love "quality" in my life. 

"Fashion"  was n't actually really my thing.  But more and more I got interested.


Why should I concern about my car, house and garden, art, cooking etc. ( all matters of (re)presentation ) and not matter about "quality" when it concerns "the way I present myself ?" 

 I started to  realise that  fashion is also an unevitable part of "presenting" myself. 

I love "chesterfield" in my house as furniture ( which is certainly not average taste now ), I am now discovering what kind of fashion or fashionstyle I do like for myself.


Last period I visited more and more  the fashionpages on the internet and looked at the work of the designers.

One conclusion so far : Men 's fashion is also interesting and worth while exploring.

It was by accidence I discovered this page. Until before I did not knew it existed.


I live in  Europe so the Paris and Milan fashionshows are interesting to me. 

I love especially the "mode"(fashion) pages of GQ. but I also frequent "Become gorgeous", "Esquire"  and  " Lookbook".

The Netherlands does not play so far a big role in the fashion world. In Europe its France and Italy.

Partly this is because culture in our country  does not really stimulate "individuality" and " style."

The attachment to a value like "equality for all" in Holland is an important value in the Netherlands and highly appreciated - also by me.

The other side of it :  this seems in our country sometimes "spiritually" to be translated in " that it is good " not to distinguish yourself from others ". 


Apart from this it seems to be that interest for fashion is predominantly meant for women and not for men ( although it seems to change little by little).

You discover this when you count on the internet the number of fashionpages dedicated to womenfashion compared to those dedicated to men 's fashion.

Nothing wrong by the way with the women. But may be men should change a little by  showing more interest to this domain of life.


And there are interesting things to gain on the point of fashion for men.

I drew two conclusions so far :


1. Men's fashion of today lost a lot of fashionattributes it had in former days. Call me old fashioned but I do prefer the richer variety of men's appearances in the past.

So I try to re- introduce in my personal fashionstyle men's lost fashion items ( the hat, the stick, the tie, the pochet, boots and the cape )

One discovery so far is that - to my opinion - you cannot copy today one to one the style of former days, but that every fashion item which is re introduced needs a restyling for today 's use.


2. For men of average age ( 50 + ) there is a special challenge : Fashiontrend seems nowadays mainly focussed on a younger public.

It is good to look young and sportive, also when you passed  50 years old, but how can you do that in a tasteful way ? 

I think you cannot take  over as a whole the fashion which they design and develop for nowadays younger generation.

Elements of it are interesting but I think one has to accept ( belonging to 50+ age- group) that some things really are made for a different younger age group, for instance jeans with holes in it.

It is necessary for 50 plus to look at the fashion developed for the young generation and at the same time to think over what elements are possible to take over and which certainly not.


Well so far  my introduction. My motivation to be part of this forum is that I like to exchange ideas about fashion for men and like to give and to receive feedback.

I am glad to join and if you have any question : be also my guest !

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My name is Carl. I take pride in my appearance and like to dress in edgy type business attire and semi-formal clothing. I recently discovered the wonderful world of detachable collars and haven't turned back since.


Best of luck gents!



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Originally Posted by In Stitchs View Post

Hi, my name is Daniel and I graduated college a while ago but cant make it work in the working world - yet!  I saw a lot of solid talk form successful people and want to learn more, and maybe someday my posts will be helpful to someone.


Welcome Daniel. Do you think you'll be able to post 87 times per day? You have big shoes to fill.
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I've been lurking for a few months now and decided to join.


I just wanted to say hi to everyone!

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Thanks for the forum and having

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Hi everyone, I'm from Canada, Eastern Ontario to be exact along the shores of the St. Lawrence River. I've worked pharmaceutical research for countless years and now spending time as an environmental biologist for a local consulting company. I traded my Gucci's for workboots. I signed up to the site because of Saddleback Leather. The stuff is addictive.


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Hi,  My design "fondness" has always being biased toward Italian mens styling and general design since working within the Italian leather industry.  It all started with a pair of Tods...... I'm very new to the forum but looking forward to being more involved.

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Hello everyone


I'm the first to admit I don't know a thing about fashion, and I'm not too sure about style either, but I have a fondness for practical garments to cope with the weather here on the shores of the North Sea. I like chunky sweaters and over the years have built up a decent collection of traditional knitwear from along this coast, stretching from Norway and the Faroe Isles to Guernsey.


In terms of personal style I suppose 'outdoorsy' and 'British' would fit the bill, while trying to keep things original. Tweed cap, waxed jacket and fisherman's sweater is the usual look, together with Levi's jeans and Blundstone boots. I'm 40 years old, smoke a pipe, and ride a motorcycle.      


Likes: thick sweaters, Harris Tweed, Barbour jackets, hats, and clothes that last at least a couple of decades. Dislikes: chain stores, polyester, shoddy quality and shoes you can't walk in. 

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Hello everyone.  I'm Tony Green, founder of Charity Link Foundation of Dallas, Texas.


We have started a Consignment Boutique in the Highland Park area of Dallas benefiting local charities.  We are not to be confused with a thrift store.  We are a boutique selling only upscale designer clothing (for women too), accessories, furniture, antiques, artwork, and collectables.


Merchandise is priced for fair market value which far exceeds a thrift store's capability.  Thrift stores rarely consider the difference between Kiton & Joseph A Bank.


For the past 14yrs. I've made a living traveling around the US buying up designer merchandise from thrift stores and reselling it at home and online.  


I’ve not once been to a thrift store that knew how to price designer merchandise.  People like me buy from thrift stores and profit 10X to 100X or more.  Clearly the majority of the money goes to the resellers not the charity.  I'm hoping to change that in Dallas.


Charity Link Foundation's goal is to increase funding for important causes in order to expand their outreach.


Donors may choose any charity they wish to benefit.  We are providing the expertise, fronting all expenses, providing locations, pickup services, staffing, and assuming all risks and liabilities. 


Unlike donating to thrift stores and we don't simply issue you an estimated value on your donations.  Without proper documentation you run the risk of an IRS audit.  Charity Link Foundation prices things for what they are worth and for that, the donor gets a better credit.  There are actually limits to how much you can claim each year donating to thrift stores.  This particularly applies to clothing.   The IRS doesn’t recognize the difference between a cashmere sweater from Neiman Marcus and a wool sweater from Target.  The examples I provided you with would all be over the individual limit you can claim.  With Charity Link Foundation, your donations will be tallied up and classified as a cash contribution directly to your charity.  We will supply you with all the documentation to verify your deductions.


So in closing, if you've hung on this long, I'm proud to be a part of and I'm hoping to become a sponsor soon.  Charity Link Foundation is looking forward to being a part of the community.  I am always available to chat with you.  


All the best,



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Hi all,


I am here as I love fashion and all stuff related to it. Looking forward to chatting with you. Inspiration for new trends and so on ...

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Hello All! I am arch. I love reading and playing on my ps vita. I do quite a bit of traveling. I have been to France, England, Scotland, Oman...etc. I love fajitas and quesadillas. I hope to find a lot of interesting and engaging post on this site.  

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Hi all!! Long time lurker taking the plunge into a poster.  Ive learned a lot from all the information on this site and hope to one day dress 'proper'

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Howdy, my name is Chris.


I am joining style forum to learn and share knowledge about all things wearable.  My main interest product design and not fashion, so I focus less on brand names and more on quality.  I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer for magazines, newspapers, and event coverage.  One night a week I have a radio show and I play chill-out / lounge / groove / bachelor pad music and talk about style.


Things I love:



Skinny girls

Thrift shopping



Things I hate:






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Another lurker here, crossing the line! 
I'm from New York, but I live in London now. I'm into style more than fashion. I'm getting married in November, so my finances are on lockdown - which means I'll be doing more chatting and obsessing over cool shit rather than buying and selling. 
My wardrobe is severe and simplistic - all black, white and grey (with a bit of navy to mix it up). Far too much of it consists of Uniqlo basics these days. 
I like to keep my shit clean and I admire the work of Helmut Lang, Jil Sander, Hedi Slimane, Rick Owens and Raf Simons. 
I find it hard to buy shoes. I don't really like raw denim anymore. 
If I have a "fashion flaw" it's that I tend to over-wash my clothes (I'm a bit OCD). 
And that's me done. Over to you!
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