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Hello everyone. I'm a geek who works in high tech, collects watches and pocket knives (scarysharp dot com. sorry its not meant to be an ad) With each successive job I have worked I have been stepping up my game from polo+dockers (the tragic nerd marketing uniform) to better tailored classical looks, thanks to this forum and all of the excellent resources on the internet. I work in circles where wearing a pocket square is met with raised eyebrows, amusement, and sometimes even distrust. No matter, I persist. I'm mostly a lurker but enjoy the lively & eclectic  forumites. I have an fantastic new job starting next week and I get to step up my game once again, for which I am grateful.


Now that we're heading into fall I'm looking forward to bringing out my AE Bayfields.


My quote to live by:

"Through one word, or seven words, or three times five, even if you investigate thoroughly myriad forms, nothing can be depended upon. Night advances, the moon glows and falls into the ocean. The black dragon jewel you have been searching for, is everywhere.

Dogen Zenji (1200 - 1253)"

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Hi. I'm a beginning shoe maker and found this forum. I'm just starting but I am finding that shoe making is going to be a significant addition to my life.



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Hey I'm Seb and kinda newish. I moved to the texas border from Chicago for a factory VP position. My company makes 1880 cowboy clothing and western holsters. It's a small niche that has somehow kept afloat.
I moved out of black t's and jeans when I started getting picked out my the police for no good reason. I found the style of the English football casuals to be fantastic. Because of the area I live in and my factory work I now dress in workwear more than I'd like. Sometimes I'll get on the preppy tip at home but that is getting dull and am looking to slowly get some more formal pieces of clothing.
I'm of Welsh/French/Mexican ancestry, enjoy japanese fencing in my off time, and recently started a family. (Yes, on purpose) My days of buying great clothing are numbered as I feel my baby girl sits in my pocket and tosses money out by the handful as I walk down the street. Thanks for all the great advise SF'ers!
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Hello all. I found Styleforum during some searching for winter jackets and outerwear and was pleased with quite a lot of the advice I found, as well as amused by some of the arguments. I'll be in New York in December (only my second visit) and hope to find some nice things there.

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I'm pat sam and I'm a project manager

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Hey everyone.  I'm a college student who started reading this forum when I started a business internship this summer and was trying to figure out what clothes to get.  Since I joined, I've mainly followed the WAYWRN and thrifting thread to get a good idea of the quality brands that are out there.  I'll probably start posting and becoming a little bit more active in the forums due to some questions of been coming up with. 




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i'm aulia, i'm indonesian, love sammy so much :p

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I'm a museum curator.  Much of my expendable income goes towards shoes, hats, and watches (books, cigars, cameras...).  I have been lurking here for a while and have found it a very helpful resource.



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Hello All,


I'm Jeremy. I run a men's style blog in Charleston, SC. Try to dress well and encourage others to do the same. I love clothing and love learning new things. A better dressed society is my goal.







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My name is Jeremy I'm 20 years old and live in Portland, OR. I have taken a real interest in dressing better over the last six months starting with my browsing of MFA. I don't have much money as I'm currently unemployed, but I love thrifting so it all works out. I tailor all my all clothes and am trying to teach myself to make my own clothes. I'm starting to try and resell some of the better stuff that I find thrifting that won't fit me. I wear mostly street style and preppy type stuff but with some definite outdoursy influence, I do live in the pacific NW. I'm still learning and making mistakes but It's all a learning experience and I enjoy the whole journey.

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Hi there ... !!!

I am also new to the forum, just joined and this actually is my first post here.

My name is NANI and i live in Chicago IL. And 27 years of age. Loves dressing good and looking decent.

really nice forum, keep up the good work.

Have a nice day.

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Paul, 24, Sydney.

Registered years ago, I read the forum on and off and have been lurking a bit recently. I felt the need to make a few posts recently so I thought I'll intro myself (possible for the second time)

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So here´s the introduction thread....

I´m Martín. I´m 25, from argentina. I work as an english teacher/interpreter. Been into fashion for a couple years. Just a few days in here and I´ve alreday learnt quite a lot from everyone. Glad to be around so many people who share a passion for clothing icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Hi - 


I'm a manager in Silicon Valley at a large internet company... I used to wear a suit every day while working in finance, now I'm in tech and don't have to dress but I'm still really interested in men's fashion and style. Generally, I'm more of a traditionalist - I like to stay away from trends and find clothes that will wear well for a long time. I also try to find that line between dressing well each day and sticking out in a workplace where lots of folks choose to wear t-shirts and cargo shorts.


I tend to have a very hard time finding clothes that fit - I'm 6'4 and skinny, so most manufacturers don't make inseams and shirt sleeves long enough for me on a lot of their line. If I find shirts I really like, I will by an XL and have the tailor bring in the sides. Not much I can do about pants or jackets. Vintage stores are usually too frustrating for similar reasons.


I'll probably be just an occasional lurker / poster around here. I'm keeping an eye on the threads in my emails.



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