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Hi all! My name is Marica Chesmore.

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Hello all. My name is Will, have lurked here but just joined. I frequent reddit's /r/malefashionadvice and look forward to posting here as well!

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Hey all, new to the forum but have read here before. Looking for some advice on some new suits which I'll be asking shortly, and looking forward to the forum!

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Hello, my name is Joe and I have trouble posting on these pages because i keep receiving an error. Sometimes it works and I can post a comment, other times it just will not accept my comments. very strange well, at least I can read everyone's posts
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Hey new to the site. how long do you have to be a member to be eligible to post stuff for sale?

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My name is Jay and I am the made-to-measure manager for Bossini of Santa Clara. I've been an avid reader of Style Forum for quite some time but have not joined until recently. 


- Jay

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Hello Gentleman,


I'm here from germany. Was looking for big Style community and found one. So I'm still student at a higher school (not college, its a complicated system here ;)). Creating a new more elegant style I'm looking for advices which surely I answers here ;)


So let's start

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Hello everybody, i´ve just registered but i´ve been a passive reader for a long time. I´m from Sevilla in Spain and in general i have to say i do not dress fine, i tend to prefer confort over style but i guess i´ll find some clues here to mix both. See you!

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New here, mainly interested in the SW&D side of things. Looking forward to getting involved in dicussions!


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Hi everybody, this is ryoma from Venice, Italy. I just joined the forum although i have been reading it for a while. I really really really like shoes, especialy shoes from England.

Thank you for your time  ;)

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Hi everyone!  My name is Greg and I'm a leather designer living in the Salt Lake City area.  I build watch straps, belts, and some simple wallets.  Look forward to spending some time on the forum.  Thanks!



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Hey all, I'm new to this forum but have come across it a number of times in past searches on my quest to achieve sartorial nirvana. Glad to have finally signed up. smile.gif

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Hi, felt it was time to upgrade myself from being a lurker thumbs-up.gif

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What's up fellas!!! I'm here to discuss the finer things in life: nice clothes, good dining, entertainment and beautiful women. See you around..

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Hi there I am Nikos, I am from Cyprus and I am Internet marketer and business man. Anyone with similar interests?

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