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Hi all, I'm Arnold. Been lurking for a few years but finally decided to sign up as I'm beginning to amass a sizeable shoe collection; a collection is never done though and I'd like to get in on/offer my feedback on some of these MTO group orders I keep seeing!

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Hi guys, I'm Abdul and new to the forum here.  I've been a fan of this site from afar for some time now.  I have an engineering background and for some time I've been working to upgrade my wardrobe to a more professional look.  My hobbies include coin collecting, reading current affairs and studying computer technology.  I'm currently saving for my first luxury watch, which I've narrowed down to a Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Datejust II 41mm, or a Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date.

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Hello everyone!  I've been lurking on these forums before and after I bought my first pair of Alden shoes (Alden Cordovan Shell Longwing Bluchers Color Number 8).  I'll post a review soon.  I have been in the aerospace industry since 2001 on the avionics side.  I love sports cars and motorcycles, and my brother recently introduced me to high quality dress shoes.  I jumped from DSW dress shoes (they are cheap and comfortable, but don't last) to Cole Haan and now Alden.  Clothing wise, I used to justify spending tons of money on D&G and Donna Karan, but these days I am a little more practical with Armani Exchange and Levis/Wrangler jeans.  In the fall/winter, I like to wear a blazer with jeans (grey colored jacket) and a large collection of custom made dress shirts (made to measure).  I am pretty settled in life (wife, house, dog, no kids...yet).  She has converted me into a pretty big money saver, but I hope to pick up a few more Alden shoes (maybe Ravello shell, some suede shoes, etc) over time.

Hai guaiz!!!
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Ciao a tutti,
I discovered this forum one month ago and I decided to sign up and present me.
So, first of all my pleasure to meet you:
I am Gianfrancesco Musella, tailor from Italy, Milano; we are master tailors by generetions: a family tradition and a trade within the family. 
My father worked for the old great Domenico Caraceni atelier in 1950 (the one that dressed as you may know Gianni Agnelli, Tyrone Power, Yves Saint Laurent, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Sophia Loren, Prince of Wales and so on). My aunt, the eyelet maker is now 78 and worked for good part of her life with all the most important tailor in Milano (Gianni Campagna, Mariano Rubinacci, Domenico Caraceni and so on). 
At today we own a Made-to-measure Atelier sited in the heart of Milano (near to Montenapoleone). 
Gianfrancesco Musella Dembech 
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I've been here for about a year and haven't introduced myself because I didn't know better. I am a full time student in Seattle. Joined the forum because of an interest in raw denim which has expanded to style in general. I like functional looks that include denim, and I'm not really interested in remaining "on-trend" as much as I am finding the right fits. Most of my posts are questions because I have no idea what I want to try.
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I'm Aaron. Just moved to Asheville for work and now slowly beginning to build a nice wardrobe.  I've been a reader for awhile and finally created my own account. I have been interested in style for awhile, not so much fashion.


Like: Prep & Quality

Dislike: Cheap Brand name quality.

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Hi all,


I'm Ken, and after lurking on this forum quite some time now, decided to finally sign up. A few years ago I started to get into Raw/Japanese Denim and high quality streetwear, and from there on grew more and more onto tailored clothing. Now I still enjoy wearing denim, but tailored clothing and dress shoes draw my attention much more than sneakers or streetwear like it did before.

Since I'm still a student and have a long way to graduating from university, I don't have much to spend, but in the moment I'm trying to get some decent sport coats and dress pants as well as some dress shoes and another pair of boots to begin with. I'm especially looking to grab some stuff (and bargains!) on the marketplace and have a place to have nice chats with friendly people about things we enjoy.


Have a nice day and dress up!

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Hi all,


I'm 26 and a graduate student located in southern California.  I'm about to enter the "real" work world, and thus have decided it's time to start dressing like a grownup (if anyone doesn't get the reference, check out my fellow L.A. denizen Jesse's excellent blog).  I've been a lurker on several boards here for some time, and so I finally decided to take the plunge and join up.  Looking forward to some pleasant sartorial discussions!

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Hello guys,


Name's Rahul, I'm about to enter my second year in undergrad (NYU) and am studying Economics. I'm interested in style, and to an extent, "fashion" but I love all things menswear and reading up about any and all of the niches that populate the world of men's style. I've been a lurker for a while, and discovered the amazingness of thrifting on here, and just recently bit the bullet and bought my first thrifted items to try and pull in some spending money through resale, because everyone knows the woes of an undergrad in NYC haha. Currently about to take some basic sewing and etc courses at FIT and get more involved in the sartorial world, so we'll see how that goes. I'd love some advice on thrifting (I've been slowly plodding through the thrifting thread, it can get quite hairy haha) and I enjoy formal menswear as well as the streetwear side of things, with a tendency towards more classical, well-fitting clothes.


Also am a gearhead and history enthusiast.


Looking forward to engaging with this vibrant community!

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Hi all, I am a streetwear fiend! I am very interested in Japanese ill styles, regularly popping over to Tokyo to fill my suitcase with cotton treats. 

I am a rep for karma and If you shop on these sites please use my rep code (thebeefsupreme) to get a nice 20% or 10% discount.

I am also a sneaker collector, I was mostly collecting Nike dunks but the last few years have been weak for new releases so I am on the look out for new styles to rock.

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Hello! I'm an AAAC member who's come over to hang out here as well. Great forum you've got!

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Hi im Kevin, I like Thomas Pink shirts, BB ties, CK suits, and vintage tie clips.

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I'm riton and I like 60s and 70s looks influenced by Ivy league stuffs

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Everyone - long time lurker, first time poster.


Car nut, love my shoes & tech and hate winter!


Also one of those hated suited management consultant types, so looking to add some value (horhor) in the business forums 

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Wassup everyone,


My name is Danny and I am from the UK :)

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Hi this is Bruce .I am a business man who like to have information about ticketing

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Hi there, I'm Steven from Australia. I'm a 21 year old University student who has recently discovered his passion for clothes, done an entire wardrobe overhaul and probably spent far, far too many hours studying clothing information since.

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