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I am also quite new here, finding it difficult to work out how to post. Many of my posts come back with errors and i have to post a few times before it finally works. Could this be that the server is busy?
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I am Monofatto. I am project that brings together consumers and selected manufacturers whose philosophy revolves around tailored quality, refined beauty and timeless style.


Ignoring passing trends, Monofatto is a cronicle of absolute excellence, of brands that have chosen to champion specialization, pairing traditional artisanal craft with innovation and research to make products of the highest quality, that are communicated through a strong identity.



I am based in Milan, but I will open my first showroom in Dubai, strategically positioned between the west and east and historically a tradelink between continental europe and the far east.
The showroom will be an innovative space showcasing the products with their distinctive identities and mixing wholesale areas, with retail made-to-order and “su misura” activities and educational programs.
In my spare time, I like to boxe, sky dive, scuba divem watch movies, listen to music and research on traditional tailoring. I am learning how to sew my own tie.
Kindest regards,
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I'm Megan. I joined mainly because I'm really into streetwear. (I like Korean and Japanese street style a lot as well as what you can find in local urban settings.)


Sneakers and graphic tees. I like local brands on tees a lot and I recently got my first two pairs of Supras and I can't wait for the day when I can afford more high end fashion sneakers.

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I'm CrAz3D. The username is a gaming handle from 15 or so years ago.


Doin' the law school thing in West Texas. I've had some suits that don't fit very well (same re: shirts). I don't have money to burn on expensive stuff, but I figure it's time to dress appropriately.

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Hi I'm tf007, college student, joined because of my new obsession with Italian fashion. Current favorite brand is L.B.M. 1911

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Good Day everyone.

46 year old that has decided to come on board after years of voyeurism.
Looking forward to getting a few ideas on how to spend money I haven't got.
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Hello everyone, I just joined. I found this site looking for information regarding Alden shoes. I'm a 50 y/o professional in the midwest US and wear a suit and tie every day. I enjoy learning about proper dress and history of such. While I am far from an expert, I hope I can contribute.


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hi everyone.  new here.  just started really getting into clothes and other accessories (watches, cologne, etc) as of late.  hope I can learn more and contribute here

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Good day Gentlemen,


I have no interest in brand names. I feel the look you would like to portray is the most important factor regardless if $3 or $300 is paid for an item. Style is more important than fashion. I hope to be inspired as well as inspiring here.

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Newbie here, joined to expand my mind on mens fashion, opinions and the like.  I have a penchant for op-shopping (thrift stores) and have been slowly been making my way around my city of Melbourne to find the best threads.  Having said that i'm not adverse to outlaying some coin for some wardobe staples that i still sorely need or that awesome whatsit that so and so is wearing (tragic yes).  At the moment i'm on a blazer/coat/overcoat buying mission to round out my wardrobe, as i believe the coat defines an outfit. Looking forward to reading up on some tips!

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Another newbie here - 54 years old, just lost 34 lbs in 6 months and another 20 more and I will be done. Nothing fits well anymore and in stumbling for advice on tailoring existing suits and shirts for the new me stumbled onto this site. Lots of opinons (some useful) amongst the flame wars common in a forum. Have some shits in to be "shrunk" not sure how that will work. I think not well. Most suits will fare better I hope. I will soon be done rummaging the back of my closet and will then be buying more dress shirts, suits, and casual stuff as I get closer to my goal weight.

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hey everybody, another newbie here. got an account after checking the forum a lot. I like Armani clothing in general, despite the comments I've read here. I like cars, watches, business.

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Hi all, I'm Arnold. Been lurking for a few years but finally decided to sign up as I'm beginning to amass a sizeable shoe collection; a collection is never done though and I'd like to get in on/offer my feedback on some of these MTO group orders I keep seeing!

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Hi guys, I'm Abdul and new to the forum here.  I've been a fan of this site from afar for some time now.  I have an engineering background and for some time I've been working to upgrade my wardrobe to a more professional look.  My hobbies include coin collecting, reading current affairs and studying computer technology.  I'm currently saving for my first luxury watch, which I've narrowed down to a Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Datejust II 41mm, or a Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date.

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Hello everyone!  I've been lurking on these forums before and after I bought my first pair of Alden shoes (Alden Cordovan Shell Longwing Bluchers Color Number 8).  I'll post a review soon.  I have been in the aerospace industry since 2001 on the avionics side.  I love sports cars and motorcycles, and my brother recently introduced me to high quality dress shoes.  I jumped from DSW dress shoes (they are cheap and comfortable, but don't last) to Cole Haan and now Alden.  Clothing wise, I used to justify spending tons of money on D&G and Donna Karan, but these days I am a little more practical with Armani Exchange and Levis/Wrangler jeans.  In the fall/winter, I like to wear a blazer with jeans (grey colored jacket) and a large collection of custom made dress shirts (made to measure).  I am pretty settled in life (wife, house, dog, no kids...yet).  She has converted me into a pretty big money saver, but I hope to pick up a few more Alden shoes (maybe Ravello shell, some suede shoes, etc) over time.

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