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Hello all! I was advised by my style mentor (the ever fashionable Maddox Haberdasher of Monterey Bay) to check you all out. I've been interested in mens wear and gentlemanly sartorial style for the past couple of years now and finally feel I have the basics down enough to venture into some of the finer points of mens fashion. I've been relatively active on Reddit.com's "Male Fashion Advice" and find it a great resource but was hoping to move on to somewhere a bit classier. By all accounts this is the place.


I'm an active duty Marine so when I come home I look to shed the uniform I'm forced to wear every day and don something that lets me speak more about myself than a uniform ever could. My style tends to lean more towards conservative, Ivy League, prepster. Any who, I look forward to participating in the forum here.





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Hi, I've lurked for a while, primarily looking around the suiting, waistcoat, and bag/briefcase threads. I work in a very casual setting, and so my attire is mainly "smart casual." I have a bag addiction that ranges from backpacks, messenger bags, and briefcases. I commute to work by bike and walking/transit, so functionality and comfort are very important to me. I am trying to huff less to work every day so I can carry slimmer bags and save my back/neck/arms.


Thanks for all the great advice here!

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hey everyone, I'm 26, from Brisbane Australia, young professional looking to dress sharper and more professionally, and hope this site can help me achieve that :)

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Hi to all a new member here and posting my first comment over here. A quick introduction from mine side A gary here 22 years old Single and join this forum to get some information and help.

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 Hello. My name's Fill and I work on a military base on computers in Maryland. I wanted to read/get opinions on men's clothing and offer my own so I joined the forum. I'm not really into wearing suits and ties but I like dressing casually in sport coats a lot.

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Hi there! I visits this forum quite alot, but i just registered as a member today :)

I'm a leather shoe fanatic...smile.gif

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Good Morning everyone, my name is William and I am a college student with a love for fashion and stlye.  Looking forward to getting thoroughly involved in this website and expanding my horizons.

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Hey guys, I'm Davis. Teenager in Chicago who has just realized how magnificent clothes can be and how complex style is, when you really think about it.


I've always loved cool looking clothes and now I plan on really putting my money towards quality clothing. I think I've finally reached that point where I can no longer dress like a little kid and get away with it; and besides, hollister and AF is lame anyway.



Good to be a new member on SF.thumbs-up.gif

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Hi, all. I'm on here to have fun and also (ulterior motive!) to find a buying buddy in Japan (PM me and we will be BFFs forever). I am a frequenter of NYC sample sales, and when I get a bit too exuberant (Thom Browne sample sale, gosh, that was a bit of a meltdown), you'll see me selling off the surplus on eBay under this same name. I can provide very useful advice about: obscure NYC sales and bargains (brand-new Hermès tie for $2.50? yeah, I found that), obscure French casual labels, and where to get the best inexpensive quality bespoke work done in India (which is a nightmare to negotiate, especially because some outfits build up good reputations and then get complacent and sloppy really fast). I also have an interest in interior design. Especially lamps and small storage units, which I variously refinish, restore, or make myself. I work in the culture industry and occasionally write fashion copy as a hired gun (I guess it would be a gun with mother-of-pearl inlay). Cheers!

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hello, I am a newbie in this forum,I heard a lot about this forum being cool forum site and provide a lot of help about clothes from its members.

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I'm new to this forum. Like most people, I have always enjoyed the aesthetically pleasing.  Be it cars, women, architecture and clothing.  Until recently though (just finished my B.S.!) I didn't have much disposable income so I'm now just starting to dabble in the finer things. Just got some kawatako leather goods which are really nice, clark db's and some new selvedge denim to start off (nothing real exciting I know). I've lurked sufu and sf for a while so I'm not completely lost to the site. I don't know how much I can contribute to the site other then buying and selling but if I can be of some use I will gladly do so.  Currently living in the American SW, but hope to move up to the NW soon.  


Thanks for reading!

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Newbie in the forum.  I accidentally discovered this forum while googling Tom Ford.  So I watched the Style Forum Special first :)  There is a wealth of information here and I hope to look through these first before asking.  I also hope to contribute to the forum.  Thanks.

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I'm Daniel. I ask questions, get answers, and then I apply them.

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Hey guys I'm new here, favorite brand is RRL, and I'll probably ask a lot of questions because i love trying new styles lol.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's diff taste and posts!
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Hello everyone,


Brand new here.  An article from SFGate brought me to this site.

I've been making handmade/painted neckties for ages.  I'm looking forward to reading and chatting with you guys!

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