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Hi everyone!

Long time lurker of this forum, I'm from SEA (south east asia). Everything I've learned sartorially, I've learned here.

Excellent articles and posts! Thanks SF. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Off to the thrift bragging thread now to drool over the finds, save money and head over to the Armoury in HK before I even dare post in the WAYWRN thread. satisfied.gif

Great to be here!icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Just came across this great site, amazing information in here.

Hope I can actively participate and for sure learn a lot.


My best regards from sunny but almost bankrupt Greece

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My name is David and I'm new to the site. Finally joined after reading so much about it from Jesse at Put This On. I'm 24yr old from DC who loves suits and shoes. I wear denim but I stick to Levi's (501s for me). I dont come from the most stylish family but my grandfather was a tailor and my father rocks a hat like no ones business. I hope to learn more from this site and expand my wardrobe correctly at the same time. I'm excited to be here and I hope to be able to contribute.
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Hey guys, 


I've lurked on the forums for a while and am finally posting because I have a few items that I'm putting up for sale.


I'm a 25 year-old architecture student from San Antonio, TX with an interest in menswear.  


Happy to be posting here.


- Jason Beltran

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Hello all,


I've been researching how to dress like a grownup for a couple weeks now in preparation for transition to the civillian world after ten years in the Army.  Trying to learn how to look sharp for not too much money now that I'll be dressing myself full time.

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Hey everyone. I'm a college student and around my school you have to dress nicely. I'm of the opinion that if you have to dress nicely, you might as well do it with style. I'm particularly interested in suits but I'm beginning to branch out into the SC/pants look. Loving the threads here!

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Hi fellows!


I'm from Brazil, and have recently started to be attracted to high quality shoes, and this site is a treasure trove of information. Great to be here!

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New member here, love the site and excited to finally take part in some of the interesting conversations. Cheers.


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I am new to the forum. I am in love with the forum. 


Brooklyns Finest

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Hello everyone...


New member / yet old viewer of the forum.


- looking for Gray and Navy Suit (41R)


- Laides wrist watch


From Texas now in Illinois

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Hey guys. I'm a 21 year old American male. Currently serving a 5 year contract in the military. Currently stationed in Okinawa Japan.

I'm planning on taking a vacation to Tokyo for 10 days specifically to go to clubs and just have fun. Some of the clubs are a bit more.... upscale and have a "dress up" dress code. I've been trying to find out what kind of clothes I should wear so I won't get stopped at the door (that would be pretty upsetting). So through my search for what to wear I stumbled upon the Style Forum. I've always been interested in men's fashion but have never really dabbled in it myself (mostly due to my income as a military member). I figured this trip to Tokyo would be as good of time as any to switch from always wearing cargo shorts and T-shirts to something a little more sophisticated. I'm also not the most style savvy individual, so hopefully becoming a member of this forum will help me with this transition to a new, more sophisticated look.

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Howdy y'all!


Im a young corporate lawyer in Texas; started working fulltime a couple of days ago. Have been lurking on this site for a couple of months now trying to make the transition from college/law school clothing (aka polos, sperry's, and ill-fitting suits) to the corporate world. Hoping to learn a lot!

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Just heard about this place and figured I needed to sign up ASAP. Hi, all!

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Heyyyyyyyy everybody. Lurked this place for a while, but finally getting more involved .


I'm in first year University, and have a full-time job for the first time. Trying to continue dressing better than most of my peers - but still on a budget. I've spent a good amount of money on things that I really like and will last a long time (Barbour International, Red Wings) but try to get most of my wardrobe on the cheap (thrift store or Ebay chinos that I convert in to shorts).


So that's what I'll be interested in on here. Nice, classic and timeless pieces that are durable and adaptable. As well as searching out good deals on the same kinds of things - just took advantage of a Lands End Canvas sale to get a load of some basic tees.


Currently on the hunt for a waterproof jacket that isn't too heavy. Looked at an Aether jacket that was great but out of my price range at $450.

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Hey everyone, I've been reading the SF forum for a few weeks now trying to learn about how to dress and build a wardrobe. I'm 28 years old and have a closet full of clothes that I don't like wearing and am trying to begin collecting my staples clothing items and build a more adult wardrobe. Looking forward to learning more from you folks

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