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hello everyone, Farby's the name... been graduated for a year and sought for perfection on how to dress properly..


lurking in this forum for some time and decided to join . good to meet y'all

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Hi,  Im Jose from Southern NJ.  I am a banker for a major bank on the east coast.  Im all about improving my style with my suits and my shoes.  I am planning my wedding with my beautiful fiancé for next yr, and i am looking at getting some custom made pieces of clothing for my wedding.  


On here to learn more about these brands i have been reading about. 

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I'm Jeff, from the dirty south. I use to enjoy dressing up until I got fat. Now I buy cheap t-shirts and shorts at Target and Wal-mart. I still have my nice clothes from the old days, though, and I plan on fitting in them again soon. I still enjoying shopping for accessories though, like wallets and watches.

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I'm Adam - a Tokyo based Brit. Found this forum looking for clothes online and decided to jump in. Have to buy pretty much all my stuff online as the stuff here is too small/proportions not right. Always on the lookout for good clothes, and usually like a kind of classic English look for work, and a more mod-ish look away from work.

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I am new to this board. I just wanted to stop by and say hello.

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Hi, I'm Warren. Short time lurker. Found SF while searching for my first pair of japanese jeans.

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Kurt.. who loves to write anything related to fun, travel, drink and girls ;-).
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Hello from Scotland,


As you may have guessed from the name, cars are my main passion (2 Italian coupes in the garage at the moment).  Clothing wise I'm quite conservative, suits to work and jeans/cords at the weekend worn with polo shirts and Clarks Wallabees.  Sixties/Seventies soul is my musical taste (a fortysomething Mod).  I also have a thing for watches, 3 Omega models plus a 70's Pronto Swiss in my watch box currently, wondering now how to slip a Panerai past my wife!


I just bought my first Harris Tweed jacket (Taransay) and I'm looking for suggestions on what shirt/trouser combo would work with Loake brogues.



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My name is Bartholomew, I live in St. Helen's Island.

Cheers you guys.

Also I predict this thread will be a magnet for spam.
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My name is Engelbert Fondeldiche & I strongly disagree with this statement ^


haha I actually had to edit this link ^ First I just typed in tinyurl and it didn't show. Way to defeat anti-spam defenses! Go, me!
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Sup SF?


Been lurking for a while.


Finally decided to register.

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Hello everyone. I'm new in here.

Hope to find and learn many stuff here.


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Hi, I'm Ian. Graduated and working for an architectural design company. I'm into trad recently, after being with some Japanese denim for years in college.

Glad to be here


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Hello. My name is Peter. Been a lazy neckbeard slob for all my life. Decided recently that I was going to do something about it. I had no idea about style but always look to enthusiast forums to provide assistance. Can't afford 90% of the stuff here haha but knowing where to start should be a fun experience.

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Hi there.  I'm Oli, I live in London and run an online men's clothing store here in the UK which specialises in British streetwear brands.  I trained and qualified as a Lawyer before deciding that life was too short and that wasn't the way I wanted to live it.  My favourite brands personally are Addict and Boxfresh.  I Look forward to meeting you all on here.





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