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Hi guys,


my name si Florian, I'm a french 23 years old student in Montreal since the beginning of the year. I've lurked SF for a while and decided to be a full member.


My outfits are kind of banal but I like to keep that way: simple. I have a couple of denim (Edwin ED47 and APC NS) 3 years old both. I will upload some pictures if someone give me the link of the denim porn thread (if exists ?).


My favorite online shop are Asos and Topman, cheap & stylish stuff for students. I used to buy a lot from those shops when I was in France and I'm looking for similar websites in Canada and the US.


During the next summer I'm gonna be an intern in a computer network company. I've already buy two suits on SF (great deal as I expected). I will post on WAYWT thread too !


Due to my french native language, my Shakespeare language level may be bad and I apologies.


See you around !

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I'm Ivan. I'm new here.. I love shopping and hopefully this site can facilitate my hobby :) Cheers...

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Hey I'm 28 and got into the fashion blog craze via The Sartorialist book and has since got out of hand since then. I have an honours degree in Molecular Biology but currently don't use it as I am too busy running a nightclub. My job allows me to wear unique business attire on a daily and nightly basis. For this reason I have gravitated towards the likes of SARTORIA PARTENOPEA, BOGLIOLI, L.B.M. 1911, CORNELIANI, and BORRELLI. Working in a bar environment has expelled any hope of wearing non denim pants due to wear and tear and kneck ties can be a life threatening hazard if worn! I started my spend more buy less fashion philosophy with Eton shirts, to this day I still have the very first one that I purchased second hand 7 years ago!


  I have lurked around SF a little over the last couple of months and decided it was time to get amongst it and add my two cents where necessary. So here goes nothing!

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I'm new to the forum. I'm an urban designer and dress is fairly casual as we are out on site a lot reviewing projects. I appreciate being able to review items here before purchasing them.

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Hi everyone, I'm an assistant buyer at a premium department store in The Netherlands. My favorite brands would have to be Rick Owens, Rad Hourani, Damir Doma etc. but I also love to shop at COS and other minimalistic brands.



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Hi, my name is Dag. I`m 32 and live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I´ve recently developed an interest in fashion and fine clothing.
Shoes especially!

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Hi folks,


I'm Des from the UK, into watches (Bremont a favourite), fountain pens (Pelikan) and shoes (just got into Loake and Cheaney).  Relaly registered as I've been reading the forum over the past week, but am looking to get into fashion made in the UK that fits a 6'8" frame! :)

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Hi I'm a new poster

Abide in Scotland in my 50s been into the whole  Bootboy,Revival Mod,Skinhead all my life have a passion for all Quality British made clothes

bespoke by choice but not always .

Recently have been buying from Jump the gun ,Mikkel Rude also Dna Groove  but also wear Freds and Penguin Docs Cheany's and Loakes

Love the suited and booted look ..................have been  involved around the scooter scene for 30 odd years and have always owned a scooter

also a MG

very into the retro look I'm getting on now but love to keep it SHARP.........................

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Hi, names Sly.

Just joined here, will be reading a lot as I'm trying to improve my image.

I'm 18 and live in a small (ish) town in the UK.

Also does anyone know where i can get a pair of these?


I know they're called 'yele haiti' Earth keepers, cant find anywhere to buy them from though...

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Tom from NY. Working with Bloomberg.

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Hi all.


Im a 32 y old man living in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. Im married with my lovely wife who thankfully doesn't have as expensive clothing habbits as I doessmile.gif

I work for the justice department and do a lot of traveling.


To work i wear a suit, shirt, tie and black shoes. Besides that Im a denim kind of guy and wear my jeans as much as possible. Favorite brands are LVC, LEE 101, Indigofera and Nudie. Always RAW demin. Other than that I prefer brands with a history and good quality such as John Smedley, SNS Herning, Eton, Stenström etc.


My real craving though is for boots. Favorite brands here are Red Wing, Crockett and Jones, Loake and RM Williams.

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Hello, I'm 24 yr old guy working in IT consulting.  I'm into powerlifting, drums, guitar and metal music.  I'm on here looking for style advice because my style sucks. 

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Hello, I'm Dan from Boston.  

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Im an anaesthesiologist in my thirties, I live and work in Poland and I hope to show you some proofs of Polish decent craftsmanship since I take delight in bespoke tailoring. Apart from my sartorial fascinations I do enjoy French and Spanish wine, Indian cuisine, classical music and the immortal sounds of Rammstein.

I would have belonged to the Wide Foot Fraternity if such had ever existed. Through years I have learnt to share my life with my feet which are nothing but a beauty. I do appreciate every suiting me nice pair of shoes...

Thats my introduction. I need time now to go through the forum pages.

Regards, Andre.

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Ross, living in Chicago but from Louisiana.

I'm the Product/Creative Director for threadless.com, a crowdsourced t-shirt(/other stuff) company. Love buying quality over quantity(except with t-shirts, I want both). In the process of revamping threadless' higher end select line to be 100% USA made... and also a bit more styleforum savvy. 

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