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My name is Ben. I live in Austin Texas. I'm a creative director at a product design firm. Reading Put This On was my gateway drug into this whole world. I suppose finally joining styleforum is an indication that I'm committed. :)


Austin is a pretty casual town. Forgoing flip flops is seen as dressing up and wearing a sport coat is downright odd. Nonetheless, I love clothes, so I'm glad to finally join styleforum and be among like-minded folks. Given the casual nature of Austin and my job, I rarely wear suits. I'm heavily influenced by the Tumblr crowd: Put This On, C Benjamin, and L.A.S. I like to mix traditional menswear with casual items like denim and sneakers. I'm a big fan of Billy Reid, Howard Yount, L.B.M 1911, and Grenson.



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Hey guys,


I'm new here.


Is there anybody can tell me how to add my signature? Thanks in advance!

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lsst81 here.  iowan.  suit to work each day and here mostly for ideas on suit and shoe brands.  mostly allen edmonds during the week and bespoke or near bespoke suits from a shop in the southeast.  casually, i'm a nice loafer or boat shoe, linen in season, jeans and etc. out.  midwestern relatively small town --> nothing too wild.

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Hi chaps, 


I'm just graduating college in England and got sucked into the realms of the site when searching out tie and PS combinations.  I get the feeling i'll be here a lot, especially in the thrift forums!



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Hello all. Keith Z. from Princeton, NJ. Just joined the forum tonight but I've been a reader since my Sophomore year of high school. I'm a college baseball player and an intern at advertising agency. Check out my website at, and hit me up if you'd like to know more

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Hey guys I'm in Sydney, 23 year old male...34 waist and just joined the site....cant wait to get stuck in :))

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Hi Melquiad here!

I've been following some of the threads here for some time, educating myself. I really appreciate all the wisdom, humor, and expertise I've found here.


Just recently bought my first pairs of AE and Alden. They are semi-casual oxfords (since I work in the academia and I prefer a combination of relaxed elegance and approachability), but they sure look nice.


Also been learning about factory seconds, Alden irregulars, semi-annual sales, etc. thanks to all of you!



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hi SF! I'm ed, 22 years old from Indonesia, please help me through this urban style jungle.

peace and cheers! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by willpower View Post

Danish Pancakes

those are pancakes? they look like takoyaki! bored.gif can i please have some? if you let me, i'll promise to learn how to say "thank you" in Danish.


hello, everyone. i'm Peppy and i love wearing:

  • skinny ties
  • Oxford shirts
  • corduroy jackets


with my skirts. i don't like wearing pants! pants are evil...facepalm.gif

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Howdy All,


Jeff here.  Basically, I started getting interested in dressing well fairly recently.  My wife has always been into well-made, stylish clothes and has been preaching to me that it's better to invest in quality and take good care of your gear forever.  My wife's advice finally sunk in after a trip to London a couple of years back when I picked up some wingtips at a consignment store for 50 GBP because they looked and felt great.  After a couple of months of comfortble use and compliments, I finally got curious enough to google, and found out that they are a well-respected brand- Crockett & Jones.   Shortly after that I bought a Hickey Freeman suit at the Barneys Warehouse Sale and the difference between that and the crappy suits I had been wearing was night and day.  Since then, I've become much more interested in dressing well. 


I work for a non-profit, live in Brooklyn, and have a kid on the way, all of which is to say I'm not exactly a big spender. So I'm interested in finding quality at my price points.  I've been lurking around this site for a while, and finally decided to dive in.

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Long long time lurker! I'm trying to graduate from my "I'm a mac" style that I have sustained for way too long (middle-school to post college) to a less boring/more grownup style.

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Hi guys,


I've lurked on the site for over a year now, but finally decided to make an account and join. Feels good to finally post.

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Hello everybody

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Welcome, welcome.

I've been around for a while, but I don't think I actually introduced myself officially.

The name's David. I work and study, study and work.

From LA, studied in Boston, studied in Beijing, worked in Cleveland, and I'm working in Palo Alto now.
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Hello everyone,


just joined today - a long time lurker though :)


I like tweed, the boston celtics and coffee.


I live in the UK - see on the threads :D

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