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Another frequent lurker signs up!


All my life, I've been dealing with the issue of finding good clothing in short sizes, and as I age, short becomes short and stout. I browse a lot of men's style sites, and this one seems worth joining. I am always looking for sources of quality short men's clothing in eastern New England. A lot of my wardrobe was a good fit for the thin man I once was, and I'm going through a phase of replacing a lot of it, and taking the opportunity to upgrade the quality at the same time.


I have little or no interest in current trends in fashion. I have my own pretty well-developed sense of my own personal style, which suits me quite well, and and tends toward classic styles rather than what's popular lately. I run the gamut from old jeans and a T-shirt to black tie, depending on the situation, and in the dressier situations, I like to look sharp. I don't care much for pedantic "rules" of style ... when someone on one of these forums writes that such-and-such a rule is "not negotiable", I tend to chuckle and move on to a different thread. I follow the dress codes requested by my hosts, as a gentleman should, and when necessary, I abide by dress codes that apply to my work. That can range from jeans and T-shirt to black tie, which is a lot like my life outside of work! But other than the requests of my hosts and requirements of my work, I usually don't care if people think I'm breaking some rule. Well, I guess I consider the views of the lady I'm with, as well, but if I think I'm well dressed and she disagrees, maybe we're not right for each other.


-- "Moe"

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Greetings everyone.  I'm wiarumas and I'm new here.  I've been lurking a while and decided to join.


I'm mostly interested in dress clothes as they are my work attire - even in my casual wear, I'm always wearing a collared shirt whether it be a polo or button down.  I'm not big into fashion as much as I am interested in looking appropriate for work.  It started as a chore but grew into a hobby.


Right now I'm a bit of a bargain shopper (relatively speaking - opting for Land's End shirts over Brooks Brothers for example).  Hoping to slowly but surely replace them with higher end stuff as I progress through my career.  :)


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Hi I am Brendon a Bespoke Cutter and Tailor in New Zealand and I joined and posted my first post today.

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Hey call me Blandmoney, I'm new to styleforum but an old frequenter of sites such as Superfuture and Hypebeast.


I'm a medical school student, but art and fashion have always been pursuits in my life. 


Fashion-wise I find my style to be diverse, while I love my tailored shirts, slacks and suede shoes, I'm also found of Japanese denim and limited run sneakers.


My favorite labels are A.P.C, Burberry, Evisu, J. Crew, Uniqlo, Reiss and Ralph Lauren Polo.

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Hi everybody:


This is my first post. Firstly, so sorry for my english, I am not native speaker and I usually make a lot of mistakes... my apologizes in advance.


Well, I am from Spain and I hope to learn a lot about clothes and shoes. I like too much shoes fashion, I usually buy online or in outlets stores... I am always look for a good value items for the money, not the best, not the cheapest... in the balance. I have several pairs of shoes by Loake (1880 range) and Lottusse (an spanish firm which use goodyear construction in many of its models).


Kind regards!.

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Hi Everyone,


Longtime reader, just joined the site. Living in Washington, DC and I am excited to start posting and learning more.



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Hi all,  I'm Mike.


Over the passed few months I've made the active decision to improve my style.  I thought It was about time that I took part in a style community forum.


I'm looking forward to getting/giving advice and I hope we can all help each other improve.


Thanks all,


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Hello everyone my name is John and I have a clothing addiction, 47M USA, longtime lurker of the forum just joined today.  Thanks to this forum I have had a regime change in my wardrobe.  I have replaced the old stand bys with Ermenegildo Zegna, Brioni, Borrelli and Isaia to name a few.  I am not rich by any means so I shop for the sales but I prefer to pay more for something that is well made and will last.


Look forward to hanging out here and learning even more.

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Hi all, I've always had a penchant for fashion and design and love to engage with others who know a thing or two about both.


I've followed Hypebeast and A Continuous Lean for a while now; thought this should be a part of my daily dives as well.


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Hello all,

I have been on the site numerous times and decided to join. My personal style is in flux and this is one of the places I come for tips. I live in Florida and start law school in a couple months so I have begun to work on my closet. I come here for direction and hope to learn and have some fun along the way. 

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I am Power. Nice to meet everyone here on the forum!

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Greg aka Sartorial Prowess here. Some say I'm the best dressed Engineer on the east Coast. I'd like to think I have some sartorial acumen. My love of style inspired me to start my own fashion consulting firm.


Nonetheless, I'm here to seek wisdom from a myriad of fashion conscious gentlemen, share my experiences in fashion and to have a good time. I'm here to lose my mind, gain some insight and spend money. My closet runneth over with haberdashery, and my mind is as wide as the Nile River; so share brethren, share, I say!



Yours in Style,


Sartorial Prowess

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Might as well be social also. I am new to the forum, but am a longtime Redditor and spend a lot of time on MFA also, if any of you have been there.
Besides the specifics, I am from Austin originally and am learning the ways of being a denim aficionado after acquiring a couple pairs of Naked and Famous and a pair of Nudies a while back, spoiling my taste. Now I am unable to wear some of my old clothing as a result, for better and worse. Also my shoe collection has expanded drastically and overall my appreciation for clothing and the individuality of shirts, etc. has risen exponentially

Besides that, and reading Esquire and AskMen plus lurking here and elsewhere, my style has evolved leaps and bounds over the past few years. Now that the experimentation phase is mostly over with, I am more or less developing a classic style as my money will allow me to invest. Hopefully I can learn even more here and refine my wardrobe and taste further
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Hey everyone, I'm Dan, 23 years old. I've been lurking on here for a few months and decided to join. 


I'm a commercial and editorial photographer located in Pittsburgh. I'm from Milan, Italy so naturally i love style and fashion fing02[1].gif


I would describe my style as urban, formal, and simplistic. Recently I've been attracted to the grunge and leather style. I like jackets and demin a lot. I'm also into automobiles, motorcycles, and guitars.


Glad to be part of the community!

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Hey guys I'm not new to the forum but haven't really posted anything on this account, but I also make leather goods looking forward to future post
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