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HI I'M Piergiuseppe Castiello, 

i have one company very important in italy and we sell the most italian brands in all the world also in stock and lot!





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Hey everyone, I'm RedPawn.


- Former expat, currently based out of NY

- Working as a consultant, publicist and freelance designer

- My style is generally formal/preppy


Looking forward to finally posting here after years of lurking!

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Dforest on all forums.

Work at nrml clothing,

i probably wont post too much here 

sell me some gear in my WTB thread.

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I'm Neas. I live in NJ about 20 mins outside of NYC. In the last sentence I used two abbreviations and those maybe the only 2 abbreviations on this site that I have figured out. My next "search" will be a glossary of terms and abbreviations used on this board. A slight exaggeration, but I've spent some time scratching my head as to some of them listed on here. I am not a member of MENSA nor have I ever had to ride a special bus before, I just need some more time "lurking". Posting about my upcoming wedding has made me realize 2 things so far: 1) I haven't gone about it in the best way. 2) I have a lot to learn. Which brings me to quest to find the best white dress shirt for my wedding day..........wait, I will do a search first to avoid looking like a lazy newbie. I WAS wondering though if it should be a TP, BB, RRL, XYZ, FCC, AAA or a SBD. Forget it, I'll look it up.

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Greetings StyleForum, it's a rare treat to find a Forum with a community vibe but you seem to have it. I live in London and have a weakness for Air Max 1s, selvedge denim, shirts, good quality street labels and APC amongst other things.

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Hey guys,


Caustic Man here. Just found this place and it looks like a gas. I am an American currently living in Dubai and I have a passion for all manner of men's fashion. Glad to meet ya'll.

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Hi, Kevin from Miami. It's summer 10 months out of the year here, so looking for lots of warm weather clothing advice.

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Hello everyone!


I am from Newport Beach, SoCal. Been lurking around for sometime now, amazing info!!!


Im very new at this "trying to look better," so much stuff to read and think about and at the same time, so little money to experiment with....hahaha



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I am a college student in San Diego and looking better my wardrobe.

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I'm Kodai from Japan.

I'm looking for cool clothes.


Let me know if you have them.


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hello :) my name Reinhard from Den Haag :D


I wish to improve my knowledge and innovation in suit making :)

I have excellency in the art of suit making, so if you want a great luxury suit with more acceptable price, let me  know ;)

I could give a luxurious suit with best materials available, bespoke for you (or not, if you desire so). I could tell you what's you need (style, colours, and so on) lets say a consultant when comes to fashion :D 


feel free to ask me guys

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I'm Matt. I'm in my mid 20's and live a double life.

I'm a sales consultant for large IT Firm, but also am going to school to become a travel journalist.

I'm here to get tips, advice, and inspiration to dress myself in a manner that is not only comfortable in both settings, but accentuates my dual personalities. I want to be professional as a journalist and worldly as a business man.
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I'm Kirk. I currently work in an Advertising agency (creative environment) and though us artistic people usually go for comfort, I prefer to go for style and presence.


I have been visiting styleforum for the past year, and finally decided to join in on all the fun. I am looking to continue learning about the do's and dont's of mens attire, and hope that one day I can be as helpful and knowledgeable as some of the members on the board.


Also, I have to get in on this trade thread, have lots of great stuff I need to get rid off (Good stuff), and it seems like fun.

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My name is Max. I live in Brazil and I'm in the senior year of college. I'm a noobie, and I'm just starting to build a professional wardrobe wich is why I came to this place. Lots of good advice and really helpful people. I hope this forum stays here for a long time helping others as much as its already helped me.

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Fellas, nice to meet you. I'm new to Style Forum as a member but have been following the community for some time now. I have been a clothing enthusiast since as early as I can remember and glad to be on this forum officially.  

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