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Hello forum members!

I am a professional in my middle years. I wear business casual in my workplace and became tired of chinos and buttondown shirts. I decided that someone my age should and could do better. I started lurking around here a year or so ago, but decided that it was time to commit. The forum has already helped, for which I thank you all. Still, I'be a lot to learn.....
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Hi, I'm Johnathon and I'm from Canada.


I've just started wanting to improve my style around a year ago. I'm still putting together all of the basics but I find it quite tough because I'm short. 5'3" and 138 lbs. I've also played sports for almost all of my life so I have a bit more of an athletic build which makes it hard for me to find clothes that fit. I've been trying to lose some weight so I can fit into small sizes. It's already a challenge for me because I live in Canada, but being short just makes it even harder.


I'm 20 years old and I work in an office where the formality ranges from casual to business formal. Ideally I want to be in that smart casual to business casual to business formal range.

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Nice forum. I often find styleforum through internet search results coming from tailoring. 

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Hi Lads.

Great forum, very informative, thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm 32 and live in Scotland with my Wife and 6 month old Son. It was actually becoming a father that made me think about taking fashion more seriously as I have pretty much dressed the same since university, too 'young' you could say. I liked nice clothes and 'good' labels so always had a fair bit of Paul Smith, RL, Boss etc... but also too much A&F, Hollister, Superdry (everywhere here) etc.. Up until a year ago I would happily wear cargo shorts and a graphic T out for lunch or to the pub. Cringe.

So I've ditched most of the college clothes and want to dress smarter for most occasions, cargo shorts are for camping trips or cutting the grass only!

I'll get some photos up soon and see if you guys can give me some advice on what fits to ditch and what is ok. Like I said, I want to be smart casual, even going to a bar (although not often these days!) or the shops/lunch with my wife and baby (more likely!) For work I was always a suit guy but have started to add pocket squares to my look - amazing the attention this gets!

I am wondering though, I'm not a 'football casual' - FAR from it but I do have a really nice CP Company Bomber and a Aquascutum rainmac that I love. Do you think these items need to go for a smarter off duty wardrobe?


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My name is Kyle. I am a designer and a DJ. I love fashion, and this website looks very inspiring!


I am from England, but at the moment live in Spain, and just Djing :)


Hi to all of you!! :) 

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Hi Everyone,


I just joined. I'm looking to improve my style. I think the biggest area I can improve in, is finding clothing that fits well. I feel like most of my clothes don't have the right fit. And also, by cleaning out all my older not stylish clothes. I tend to keep those around for to long. 


Also another area that I'd like to improve on is in casual clothing. Summer clothes, shorts, golf clothing, gym clothing, beach/pool clothing. I feel like I have a lot of improvement to make in those areas. As most of my warm weather clothing isn't up to par. 

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Hello im Wayne. New to the thread.
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Hello From Canada,


New to the forum and have found it very useful for all the tips!

Bought my first pair of Allen Edmonds and will be posting a pic in the AE thread.


Will be mostly trying to update my wardrobe with quality pieces.



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Hi folks!

I'm Markus, I'm new here, but I had time to read some threads, I'm surprised that threads about politics and crimes are very popular here. I don't like politics and rarely follow news. I like movies and clothes, hope I'll be amused here=) I want to know what people wear and where to buy cheap clothes and to be stylish=)

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Howdy y'all,


I'm RitualWink (iralanwitnuk on other forums)... I've been active on other forums for a couple years, and I kept hearing about SF but never checked it out. I have a strong grasp, I think, on my personal style that revolves around a japanese-inspired, second hand store look. In the past few months I've started making some clothes that fit my look. I like making music, coffee, and clothes, and I look forward to getting further involved in this community..



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Big HELLO to this amazing forum! 


My name is Sascha Venus, I'm a menswear fashion blogger from Germany and my passion are suits and all that belong there.


I'm 21 years young and currently living in Germany. 


I'm the founder & owner of and am working with several brands in the menswear section through Influencer marketing.


I'm also part of the Union Brothers which is a group of four dandy gentlemen, including myself and we're representing our nations at Fashion Weeks and Fashion Shows. United through style and you are all warmly welcome to join our unity.


I'm happy to be a member here for now and I'm looking forward to some amazing posts and threads to discuss on and share knowledge.





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Guten Tag, Gentlemen


My name is Oskar. I am 37 years old and live in Berlin with my wife and baby daughter. As you can sense from my picture I had a fairly early start to coordinating colours in classic outfits. In the 35-ish years that have passed I have done a full circle from the initial classic days via decades of crazy (as in seriously crazy!) seasonal high fashion adventures back to a more grown up, classic style today. I have read a fair bit in the forums here and elsewhere over the years and signed up today to ask a question in the Sicilian tailors thread. I sit on a bunch of fabrics to take with me when I go there next week to get stitched up...


I'm sure it was automated, but thank you anyway, Fok, for the welcome note. Nice touch and tone.


See you around!


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I've been a lurker here for a while, always looking at information to get a sense if a new purchase was worth it.  This forum was actually fairly instrumental in several purchases over the past few years.


Time to pay it forward!

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Hello, this is Sarah. Newbie here. Looking forward to having a good time with all the members. 

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Hello to the nice forum,

I'm guy, from California. I'm 20, a chemical engineer. I've been looking into this forum so long for shoes and tailors, but never join in before. I never met tailors before since I'm still a student and do not have that much for clothes, but I do own some RTW from Thom Sweeney, Timothy Everest, Boglioli and Isaia. I also have some shoes from Edward Green, George Cleverley and Gaziano&Girling. I'm a big fan of Edward Green. I always take advice or do some searching before I make a choice.

Thank you for this nice forum and the gentlemen in here

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