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Hi all, 


I'm Johan, 25, in med school and, like most it seems, have been creeping here for about a year before finally signing up. 


When I get interested in something, I get very interested (mildly obsessed is probably a term my gf would use. Is this a typical man thing?). It kinda started with watches, which led to shoes and spiralling downwards (upwards?) into most menswear/quality stuff. My style is not very dressed, but clean (no logos if I can help it). Reckon a classic leather jacket will be my next project. 


I will probably trawl both classic menswear and streetwear here. 


Look forward to take part in some the discussions and to learn more about menswear and style! 

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Greetings, gentlemen



At the ripe age of 38 I have finally decided to begin dressing as a grown-up.


I used to be a street wear victim. Lots of jeans, chinos, sneakers, track tops, and Gore Tex outerwear. No more. Still in the process of learning about fabrics, styles, brands, and construction methods, I frequent lots of thrift stores in search of luxury bargains. So expect to "meet" me in the Classic Menswear forum and the Buy & Sell area.


Besides being a freelance journalist & photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, I'm also a DIY guy. My wardrobe closet, my tie rack, and shoe shine box are all home made. If the trend continues, I may soon start doing clothes alterations, too.


I hope to learn a lot here and share whatever I can.


In my wardrobe so far after ten months of thrifting:


Suits & coats: Armani, Zignone, and Polo Ralph Lauren; a Cerruti 1881 tuxedo; an exquisite sports coat by Raffaele Caruso Sartoriale Parma (just went to the tailor for a fitting). Plus one of the few things I bought new, a brown-red Corneliani sports coat, which is a true joy to wear.


Ties: About 50, mostly silk, some in wool. Highlights include Zegna, Hermés, Sambrook Witting, YSL, and Roger L. of Paris.


Shoes: Oxfords; penny, horsebit & tassel loafers – the Gucci ones are the beauty of the bunch.


Casual pants: Brooks Brothers, Hilfiger, Sunwill, and a wonderful pair of burgundy PT01s.


Shirts: Mostly colours and patterns. Some nice ones by Zegna, Corneliani, Boss, Valentino, and Stenströms.

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Hi people,


this is Marco. Italian born and raised, from Milan. I enjoy men fashion, first wearing then watching and finding inspiration on social media (see IG) and then I guess reading it on forums.


I discovered the magic world of Styleforum from random googling, in particular i was looking at leather care for my new Canali shoes and I came across a fantastic post. 


By far this seems to me one of the most accurate spot to talk fashion on the internet, so after reading now I would also like to give me two cents where i can :slayer: - also this emoticon is awesome.





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Hi, I'm Paul, I'm British and dyslexic so I use words longer than I can spell! I stumbled across you guys while looking for a pair of retro adidas trainers (gazelle hemp) and have since noticed they look like they've been archived.... :-(

So...... I'm a divorced dad of two trying to look my best on a budget. (Which I'm wiling to blow if the hemp gazelles show up) The wardrobe is a huge mix of my old stuff, second hand stuff and some disposal gear to mix in. I'm a jeans or shorts man who enjoys a smart casual shirt. My wardrobe is dominated with vintage casual soccer wear. So retro polo shirts, tracksuit tops and trainers which I might have to bin soon as those retro brands are returning to the mainstream. As I'm 42, perhaps it's time to develop a more mature style.
My most recent fashion aim is to wear more cords before they hit the mainstream :-)
Oh and I'm wearing a watch again for the first time in 18 years, the time was right. Or is it the the time is right!
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Hey There!


My name is Connor and I am a college student looking to stand out and look sharp. For my business school application essay, I told the committee that I wanted to become an entrepreneur and own a business selling men's fine Italian leather shoes. 


I am currently discovering my personal style which is trying out the rolled raw denim, leather boots,and a stylish watch.


I love biking to school and around the city with an vintage 80s road bike. I am looking for a balance in my clothing of functionality and style. My favorite shorts are Bonobos for this reason.


Excited to learn more about men's fashion and be a part of the community!  

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I am Adam and I live in Calgaryland, but have lived around the world in areas like USA, Russia, China, the UAE, and of course Canada. I am 26 now and a graduate of international business, marketing, and trade. I work as a consultant. 


I made the decision to try and dress nicer a year ago after a sales associate influenced me to purchase an expensive and crappy blazer that could not be tailored to work. I have a background in training for Architecture, so I'm a bit of a designer at heart and I know what I am looking for in my style now.


Unsure if I have any favourites just yet. I love the clothing I have from Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford, Canali, Smedley, Isaia, or even Ecco, Polo... as long at it fits nicely I tend to be happy. I tend to go for a cleaner style that looks effortless and for the most part I like the notion of quiet luxury. I do not want an item to scream a brand name. I'd rather it compliment, not distract, from me.


Other interests: I am an expert skier and beyond athletics I practice photography, arts, reading up on business, psychology, and astronomy and I love my coffee.


I am here to improve my understanding of the menswear area and perhaps find some good deals.



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I am Charlene. I am a menswear designer. I style and design clothes for mens, mostly in classic menswear. I also design and make mens accessories for my own brand. I am interested to learn more about menswear in this forum.




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Hello everyone,


My name is Jihad (quite the unfortunate name to have these days). I'm 23 and have recently started my career in the science filed. When I commit to something, whether it's my work or personal duties, I am sure to give it my all.


I have always been interested in dressing as a proper gentleman should back in my high school days, but never knew where to begin. I have been a long time lurker as discovering this forum has been incredible help for me in the recent year, so I decided to create an account while I amass my wardrobe. Although uncommon in the science field, my interest is classic menswear on a daily basis in and out of work.


I thank you all for the advice and help and greeting to everyone!


Thank you!

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Hello everyone.


I live in Spain, I am here to learn. I like dress pants, jeans, suit jackets, brogue shoes, winter boots, etc.


Thanks to all

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I'm Suzanne, a menswear fashion graduate from Scotland who now works in the watch industry.

I'm here to share my knowledge and offer advice when it comes to all things horological

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I am Alex The Orphan. I am in my mid-thirties and have reached the point where I can live comfortably without working.  Unfortunately, my wallet grew up in the project, so it has a problem with insecurity and it likes to throw money at everything. I am here to seek help for my wallet. Hopefully, together, we can teach my wallet to stop throwing money at everything and be more classy.

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Dear Gentlemen,


I am Daniel, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I came across with this forum while I was  looking for information about traditional and high quality umbrellas. As I really liked all what I read from you, I signed up immediatly.


As a way to synthesize my interests, I think is important to mention that my parents are from Italy, so, part of my heritage is the taste for style, and now, as mid age man, I started to wear according to my age. I think that the two more elegant men in the world are  Matteo Renzi (the Prime Minister of Italy) and the actor Daniel Craig (his first name and mine are just a coincidence).
It is a really pleasure to share with you my experiences, and, looking forward to learn from you too.

By the way, please feel free to correct me if you find any inconsistency in my English skills (I'll appreciate your help, also, in my second language).





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Hi, I'm Bernardo. I'm Originally from Spain but located in London. I'm in my early 40's.

I landed here when I was doing my research to renew my wardrobe. I'm reading a lot and getting very helpful information from this forum.

Thank you
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Hello all!


I'm Will, 24, from South Carolina but now located in Colorado. Brand new to the community (and must confess my style knowledge is barely more developed than my s.f. account), but love reading the incredible wealth of knowledge here.


Only recently gained employment (writing/marketing) that allows me to indulge/cultivate the interest. Grew up in Southern style/culture, but really developing an affinity for the Americana-meets-international style that seems to be popular in the Rocky Mountain ski/resort-towns. Studied 20th Century American Lit. (esp. Southern--hence username) in college/grad school, so I'm a real sucker for the romance of classic style. 


Looking forward to learning a lot, and hopefully contributing something of value in due time!

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I am Bartek, aged 41, and I live in Poland. My preferred style is smart-casual,I would like to renew my wardrobe, but being totally out-of-proportions I want to explore some MTM options, and I’ve found this forum extremely useful in this regard.


All the best!

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