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I'm Braden, I just recently starting focusing more on my fashion and general appearance. I'm in my last year of university and I'm not really sure what else to post to introduce myself! Just let me know if you want to know anything else I guess!

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Hi all,


Posting from the UK.


Self confessed Harris Tweed addict. Also love my shirts, ties and pocket squares.


Been lurking for a while and looking forward to contributing.



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Hello.  I'm a new member but I have been reading the forum for a while now.  


I'm relatively brand-loyal once I find something I like (Hermes for ties, Ferragamo for shoes, Montblanc for pens, Apple for electronics, Leica for cameras and Moleskine for notebooks).  I like wrist watches too.  


I work in a business casual environment but I choose to wear suit every day (no tie unless I'm meeting clients).  Most of my suits are made-to-measure Brooks Brothers and a couple of bespoke from Gieves & Hawkes.  I have about 30 suits currently on rotation but, as my wife recently pointed out, all of them are indistinguishable from each other as I don't venture outside of grey and blue, 2-buttons and notch lapel.  


I travel 35-40 weeks out of a year for work (US, Europe and Asia).  I'm based out of the midwest.  Outside of my normal job, I like to eat, read and take photographs.  I decided to officially join this forum to see if I can learn to venture out of my comfort zone, style-wise.

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Hi all,

I am a New member to this wonderful forum. My name is Tony and I am from the UK and like to dress smarter than the common norm in my line of work.

I do like my shoes and have already gained many ideas from this forum before joining. Unfortunately it is a guilty pleasure of mine.

I look forward to being part of many discussions in the future.


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Hi! I'm Preston, I'm an audio engineer and student based out of Fort Collins, CO(although I'm often in San Francisco and Austin as well). I'm a long time fashion enthusiast but have only recently allowed myself the confidence to dress more boldly. I tend to lean towards classic looks and patterns, but on lean, modern cuts. I currently own a very small wardrobe - a few nice coats(although a few need alterations), a couple pairs of trousers, and one complete(matched) suit, along with a number of accessories. Hoping to ease myself into a full wardrobe of good suits.

Can't wait to chat!
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Hi, my name is Andrew from Tulsa, OK. I currently travel the U.S. for work. I've always enjoyed style and men's fashion, particularly dress clothes and dress shoes. I started with a low budget and bought cheap stuff and made it look as good as possible. I started working for brooks brothers and then took on a part time job with Patrick James West Coast. Both companies greatly influenced my style and knowledge of menswear. I currently wear custom shirts and suits from R. Douglas Custom Clothiers in Sacramento. A fabulous company. My current shoe brands are Allen Edmonds, Magnnani, and Santoni. As far as ties, I typically wear Robert Talbott, Brioni, & David Donahue. I'm interested in exploring other brands and labels. Excited to find this great resource!
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I'm Grantiod. I'm a 17 year old high school student. I knew about styleforum for a time now, but only decided to make an account now. I'm pretty new to fashion. The best clothes I have are either hand-me-downs from my dad or clothes my mom's bought for me over the years. They include a blue blazer, a very large tweed jacket (3 button suit but missing 1), various button down shirts, some ties, and khakis.
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Hello Style forum, I'm Dylan. Here from Atlanta, G.A. USA
a friend of mine told me to check it out so here I am hopefully learn a few things!
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Hey Guys,


I"m Mikey from California.


I use to be very dressy with slacks and dress shirt.  Maybe as i'm getting older, more relaxed now.  Jeans and t shirt most of the time.


Love jackets and coats though!

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Hey everyone,


I'm Alan from Torrance (near LA in CA). I have never really been into fashion, I used to wear whatever was the most comfortable. However, since I am getting started into a relatively conservative work environment, I wanted to go the extra mile and dress for the job I wanted.


I started following both this forum, as well as few others, because I needed to purchase a suit. With the new suit, came new shoes and I found Allen Edmonds. I am now hooked, and looking to buy my third pair. The first being a Merlot Park Avenue (for my charcoal suit) and I just got a Bourbon Carlyle delivered.


I used to just buy whatever was cheapest and easily accessible. However, I have learned (the hard way) that better quality outweighs any savings I may initially get.

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Hello Everybody.... My name's Marco.


Eventhough I've been lurking for a long time... I just decided to join the forum just now.


As the name suggest I'm Italian born but living in Dallas, Texas..... any Texans here?




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Hi All, 


I am Geoff from Batch Men's. I am a cofounder and designer. We just started on SF a few weeks ago. I have been in the industry for 15 years but on the women's side so I have not been in the SF community. Originally from Vancouver Canada I moved to NYC to get my education and cut my teeth. 5 Years ago I moved to Florida to take a job at Chicos designing knits. 7 months ago we started Batch with the simple goal of making mens shirts for guys like "us". 

I do not fit into the streetwear nor traditional mold. As a designer I had the standard uniform of dark denim jeans (apc, rrl, levis capital e) and a crisp white shirt, usually a non iron. And any sneaker like shoe in leather, cole han nike air combos used to be a favorite until they stopped. DKNY blazer or jill sander in the fall. Now I am reframing what that uniform means being out of the corporate day to day. 



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Houdy you all!....


My name is Juan Carlos Echeverry, im new here and i am from Bogota,  Colombia , South America.... I live there as well.


IM a BOOTS freak, and i dont own a single pair of common shoes..... just boots.... boots for every occasion.

Most of my boots have been imported from the United States, Canada, Italy or the UK, as local shoe makers make VERY HIGH QUALITY shoes but dont have any designing skills and dont have any sense of style whatsoever... so it has been a waste of time looking for nice boots here.


My style is what i would call cool.... mostly black and blue distressed slim fit jeans, heavy cloth pants,  lumberjack shirts, black Tshirts, loose sweaters Leather jackets, parkas and ..... BOOTS..... dress, cassual, vintage, hiking, military, loggers and work boots... I also have a huge collection of Leather Converse Chuck Taylor boots (more than 35 pairs).


About two years ago, as it was so hard for me to get decent boots here in my country,  i decided i would learn how to design and make my own boots, so i started investigating and studying.... i learned how to make Shoe Lasts via 3D software and how to mill the 3d file  to get the phisical last....and after that, i started designing boots for me.

About a year ago, i decided to hire a professional shoe maker to hand make the boots i have been designing in paper.

I have produced two pairs of boots  AND I LOVE THEM.... there are two more in production right now.... at first i didnt know if the idea was going to surface at all, but it is surfacing and i like what i see.

From now on, thanks to the results i got, i will only make my own designs instead of buying them from international brands.

Im studying shoe making anyway as i would like to actually MAKE the shoes myself, with my own hands.... it really isnt that hard though.... i will update this info if i make it.


Thanks in advance for reading this.


Best regards.

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Hi, I'm Justin. I'm 30 and live in LA. I grew up skating and am into street style, denim and streetwear.

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Hello All
My Name is Jake
I favor traditional, pedestrian, nay utilitarian men's wear.
Picture 1950's Army Air Corp uniform pants in tropic wool, canvas shoes , and a thin short sleeve Korean Tailor style Mod shirt. That's my Idea of cool.
Daily I wear a Pullman Brown Uniform set.

My Favorite Footwear must be my Nicks SmokeJumpers
I love those boots

I have a Pair of Russell Moccasins Boots also just a completely different type of wonderful.
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