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I'm DM66. I live in NJ about 20 mins outside of NYC. In the last sentence I used two abbreviations and those maybe the only 2 abbreviations on this site that I have figured out. My next "search" will be a glossary of terms and abbreviations used on this board. A slight exaggeration, but I've spent some time scratching my head as to some of them listed on here. I am not a member of MENSA nor have I ever had to ride a special bus before, I just need some more time "lurking". Posting about my upcoming wedding has made me realize 2 things so far: 1) I haven't gone about it in the best way. 2) I have a lot to learn. Which brings me to quest to find the best white dress shirt for my wedding day..........wait, I will do a search first to avoid looking like a lazy newbie. I WAS wondering though if it should be a TP, BB, RRL, XYZ, FCC, AAA or a SBD. Forget it, I'll look it up.


I was a golf pro for 10 years, but have been a commercial real estate broker for the last 10. I'm 40 years old. I bought a pair of Santoni shoes for my wedding and realized that on this board that its not quite as special of a purchase as I thought!


Regarding style, I'm considered a pretty good dresser by most, but compared to the members on this board I would consider myself about a 23 Hdcp. (golf term).


This along with my other relatively expensive hobbies should keep from purchasing my 1st home for another 8 years.



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Hello everyone! I'm Shidi from Malaysia.

I just dicovered this forum a week ago.

Just interested in buying and some quality reading about fashion especially denim and shoes.

Cheers! :)

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Hello all


I am based in London and have been following this forum for awhile.  I have however only just registered. 


This forum has been an absolute treasure trove of information, that has helped me make informed decisions as I took my first tentative steps into the world of bespoke suits and shoes.


To all the posters that have so generously shared your knowledge - many thanks!




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Hey, I've been a lurker here for a couple years and I've just decided to sign up a while ago, unfortunately I'm still learning a great deal and don't have much to contribute, being a 20 y/o college student who is just learning how to dress fantastically! Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to contribute some ideas and opinions of my own to this forum.

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Hello friends!  I am a young attorney living in Westchester and working in Midtown.  This is a great site and I really enjoy learning, observing and discussing the aspects of being a gentlemen.  We're all works in progress and I look forward to using this site to better style & myself. 



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Hello everyone, I'm ope and I live in Vancouver.  I've been lurking on the forums for a while but have only recently created an account.  My world ranges from business casual to really casual, not much cause for formal dress but I do like to dress neatly.  I like to read the forums here for ideas and advice and to save me from big mistakes from time to time.

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I'm sfochild, I live in NY, and am going to be a senior in HS. Not particularly keen on sharing more about myself unless directly asked, in which case I'm likely to be as honest as I can be


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My name is Jason, I'm the owner of Usually I like to throw on a tee or polo and jeans, but living in sunny Miami, FL makes me throw on a pair of shorts more often than not. I also enjoy throwing on some Brooks Brothers on occasion.  I'm also in my last year of undergrad majoring in economics.

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hi i'm yjeezle.
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Hey I'm vcomdoc. I'm 30 y/o and a 2nd year resident in internal medicine. My older brother is a member on here and decided that I don't dress like a doctor so he came to Cleveland where I live to go thrifting. Now my wardrobe is updated and I think I've caught the thrifting bug. It's nice to come on here and see what brands to look for. Today's adventure involved a Michael Kors shirt, Armani tie, and slacks from Gap, all for around 10 bucks.
Can't wait to learn more from the pros here!
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Hi all,

I'm from London - love my ties, cufflinks, suits, shirts and shoes (in that order!)!

Forum looks great - looking forward to getting involved.

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Hello, everyone.  I was referred to this site by a co-worker of mine and from what I can see I know I'll be spending a lot of time here.  A friend and I started a blog called called The CuffLink about a month ago and we're trying to build some steam and get some comments.  Feel free to check out the site, follow us on twitter @cufflinktweets, and we'll be sure to enjoy the very fashionable conversation that takes place on styleforum.  Thanks :-)

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Hello everyone, my name is David (probably obvious because of the username) and I'm from New Jersey. Stumbled across this forum while googling for advice on suits and shoes. Glad to be apart of this forum and hopefully I can provide some help while learning from the experts.


Edit: Have a question. Since I'm new, new threads I post need to go through moderation. How long does this process take?

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My name is Josh, This forum was introduced to me by a friend of mine: Charles Alexander, tie specialist.

I would like to use the style forum to share my vision of "stylish" and learn more about fashion thanks to other members!


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