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Hello everyone, my name is Fortuna.


I am 23 years old, married, and currently live in San Diego. I work as an electronics technician for the United States Navy. I am new to fashion and I hope to be learning and contributing to this forum more and more throughout the years!

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Im Jania , im brasilian and i represent the marketing department of exottika fitness. We have the most fashionable workout clothes for gym, indoor outdoor activities.we use the best quality of supplex imported from brazil but all our production is in USA made only but we use brazilian patterns.i love fitness Fashion an If you need any assistance from exottika i would have the pleasure to help you. This is my main email

This is our website :, still improving and updating few things....Thank you  Fashion lovers

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I'm Calhoun, a single guy living in Minneapolis. Looks like you've got a good group here. But what do I know? I'm new.
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Hello im Dmarques, i love syle and good items.Lovely forum.

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Hi! I'm Roledo from Toronto, and I'm selling my FAIRLY NEW (Bought June 28, 2016), NEVER BEEN WASHED, size LARGE, DARK GRAY John Elliott Hooded Villain !














I emailed John Elliott's support if I there's anyway I can exchange my LARGE hoodie for a MEDIUM even though I bought it from a stockist. Unfortunately they can't, though she recommended me to post it on styleforum's JE's Official Thread. Hopefully my hoodie will find a new home! =D


Thank you!

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Just wanted to share handmade pocket squares that my wife made to help with our medical bills!

Let me know your thoughts, and honest feedback is welcome. Woud love to help the community dress their chest.

Show some love! :) Follow us at @cordiallymade


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Hi, my name is Rishabh. I am an Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer. I have been a long time lurker of styleforum and i have finally managed to acquire an account. Its a pleasure to be here. I have always been passionate about classic menswear and find that its deeply rooted within me. Even though my profession calls for being extremely conservative in dressing, i tend to experiment alot with colour, pattern and texture for an exaggerated yet understated and classic look. I do enjoy reading, understanding and experiencing technicals of menswear products as and when i find the time. Hobbies and interest include listening to jazz; watching movies; playing playstation games, talking about classic menswear and elegance in general. Hoping to learn and contribute to this amazing forum.
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Hi I'm Jimmy I'm from Phoenix AZ and I came a crossed this site and was impressed so thought to give it a shot.

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I'm Smudger. A self employed designer having worked mainly in transport design. Previous jobs include the interior for the Virgin Galactic spaceship, but my focus is now producing animated visions of the future for some well known brands. My only crossover into the world of clothes would be designing sports shoes. But the central passion that brought me here would be British craft. I generally just wear old Levis and Norwegian jumpers but am very particular about my british handmade shirts and shoes. I live just down the road from Northampton which has driven my passion for shoes. I love my Crocketts and Tim Littles but am fanatical about all thing Trickers. I have more than any one man needs, but that does not stop me seeking more. I have browsed this site for a year or two but now it is time to take an active part.
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Hello, I'm Laykan from the Washington DC Metro area. Lover of all things men's fashion and also a Stylist/Consultant, hope to learn as much from you all.


You can check out my blog at

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Hey. Im chicof and just looking for some insight on vintage fashionabkes.
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I appreciate clothing and beautifully crafted and designed things in general, like woodworking and landscaping.

For the past few years, I have been working with my business casual style for work. I am very skinny (5'11 and 135 pounds), and I've struggled with clothes that are too big. I've found J crew extra small slim casual shirts seem to work, except I need to wear them using magnetuck (fantastic product for keeping shirts tucked or they would never stay tucked.

I'm frequently complimented on the colors and patterns I choose for clothes. I generally feel comfortable with this, but I'm not good with fit. I would like to submit photos and hopefully forum members will be willing to share advice on the fit.

I'm looking forward to participating.
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Glad to be here.  Recently moved to Australia, found this forum from google.  Generally, business casual but suits and ties are pretty common.  Interested in men's fashion and shoes.  I've done a bit of leather working as a family business and have a casual interest in building men's dress shoes.  Looking forward to browsing the forum.  

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I'm Elle


I kick back in Perth, Western Australia.

I cant say i'm not interested in the world of men's fashion, hence the reason my ex partner had so many expesive items of clothing in our cupboard new and unworn for so long

I can say they are a total waste of space and bad reminder to me now days- if you guys out there 'get my drift'

So get em while they're hot boys- i'm sure any one of you could make them look ten time that :)


No, but please take a look - all items are NWOT (New Without Tags) unless otherwise stated, even still they'd have only been worn once and then drycleaned.


Thanks - I hope I can make at least one persons day with what i have to offer :)



Much Love



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where abouts in australia are you?


A friend of mine has all things needed for a leather making business that he has never gotten up and running- i suppose he just hasnt found the right man for the job.

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