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Hi all!


Member for a few years and long time lurker, thought I would take the opportunity to finally say hello.  Hello!


I've been interested in men's fashion since college in the late 90s.  I even worked in a couple of high end men's clothiers and hat stores.  I am currently switching jobs so I am looking at a wardrobe make over.  So I guess you could say I am starting to get serious about my wardrobe.  I've been purging a lot over the past couple of weeks and looking at intro suits, MTM shirts, and shoes etc.  I've found some great suggestions and advice lurking here so I'm excited to participate!


Oh, I maintain a tumblr: Dappered As Shit.  It is mainly a photo archive of things that catch my eye; colors, textures, inspired ensembles, hats, as a resource for inspiration for my own wardrobe.  I keep links intact so you can follow where the images are from.  I am quite picky about what I post.  I also post occasionally on Modern Renaissance Man.  It's mostly cultural stuff that I am interested in or has defined me; punk rock, Star Wars (huge nerd), art, the African-American experience, movies, nature and foxy ladies.


So, see ya around!



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Hey guys, long time reader of the forum here, but new poster! My name is Jake, I'm 18, heading to college at UW Madison, and I like to look good (doesn't everybody?). I love raw denim, dress shirts, and shoes. Some of my favorite brands I've encountered and worn this far in my time spent on fashion include Allen Edmonds, 3Sixteen, Naked and Famous, Wolverine, and Penguin. I hope to learn a lot and improve my style by being more involved in the community here!

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Long time lurker. Just want to say thank you all for all the questions each and every one of you answer and the guidance you guys offer.


I work with a TV station in Albuquerque, NM (not actually on TV. I do statistical analysis and political sales for the company). 

Brooks Brothers, Charles Tyrwhitt and J. Crew are just a few of my favorites.


I recently started a movie and TV review/ Game of Thrones podcast that is now on iTunes and Google play. It's called "We Drink and We Know Things." I promise you will feel either laughter or a great sense of disappointment upon listening


Cheers and thanks again!

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Hi! i'm Bon and I ask a lot!
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I'm Redacted. I used to have another account on this site, which I sincerely hope isn't against the rules. I don't have the login information anymore, and I wouldn't use it if I did. A couple of years ago, I got very hostile with some people I disagreed with, and I acted like a complete jerk. That account is also connected to my real name, so I'd prefer it quietly faded away. I'm back because I'd like to have people I can talk about clothing with, and because I've graduated, gotten a job, and can afford to buy some of the clothing we discuss.

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Hi all,
I'm Marco, 42 y old. I'm from Italy and I live in the NE, not far from Venice. My small town is renowned for its ham, called 'Prosciutto di San Daniele'. I have been an IT technician for many years, selling and repairing personal computers, but you never know what life has reserved for you, so here I am for a new start in my life.

I'd like to move to the USA and I've already started my own company there, in Tampa.
I manage it from abroad, since it is an e-commerce, somewhat related to style and fashion.

Italy has numerous craftsman traditions, for example the industrial districts of textiles, glass, ceramics, iron, leather, food, etc. Such a small country that for centuries has given birth to so many geniuses and artists, who with their work, innate talent and products have contributed over the years to creating what is now a universally known brand for its quality, unique design, luxury, style and prestige:  ‘Made in Italy’.

Nonetheless these jobs, and these workers, struggle to survive. Technology, digital advancement, low cost mass production, high fixed costs, bureaucratic difficulties and credit lines are amplifying and accelerating the death of an artisan industry that is still accustomed to a slow pace, and pen and paper instead of pc and tablet.


This is where I'd like come to play...
Everything starts with the desire to bring prestige back to all those ancient artisan traditions of our 'Bel Paese' which have for years and decades helped Italian products become THE products par excellence.

Imagine being able to wish for a product made exclusively for you, a unique piece, perhaps coming from your own imagination or a drawing you made. Made in Italy, by true Italian artisans, and labelled 100% Made in Italy.


This is what I'm working at.
I have followed some custom-made projects for customers requesting leather briefcases, belts, ... and it's very exciting because it isn't a 'virtual work' generating intangible results. I stay close to craftsmen, looking and learning how they transform raw material into a work of art.


I landed here to SF to talk about style and to learn what Americans like and what they are looking for.

In conclusion, I hope to be a useful resource for this forum and to bring our full contribution.

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Hi there. I'm Rob from Australia and I've been lurking here for a couple of months due to my new-found love of Goodyear Welt and Tricker's Boots. I've found it a great source of knowledge and want to get into the MTO action.
It's nice to be the wrong side of 40 with 3 kids and still give a damn.
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Hello all, my name is Nacho, and I am glad to be with you.


I am primarily interested in men's night and homewear, and leather slippers. I have a blog and IG profile, hope you like them. I'll be glad to advice on any of those issues.





Thank you!

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