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Hello, my name is Julian and I'm from San Diego, CA.


Just looking for some tips on casual yet stylish shoes that are comfortable to wear but look good with khakis or jeans.


I'm into horology and motorcycles too.  Oh, and I'm married and my wife and I have a 14 year old son.



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Hi everyone

Found my way here via the forums on Dappered.  I'm an ex-pat living in Central America, so finding new ideas for mixing up warm weather styles is my main interest (sweaters aren't really a thing here, unfortunately). I'm mid-40s, happily married with one son, and I work primarily as a consultant. 


Looking forward to learning from the community here and hopefully I'll be able to add something of value once and a while. 


All the best!


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Hello From the Ruhr Area of Germany!


I mainly joined this forum to get some inspiration on ivy style clothing.


I really enjoy digging for nice vintage clothing and currently i am trying to cultivate my own style, mainly a mixture of ivy influences and european subcultue, for example the mod scene.

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Hi all, I'm Matt. I got called out for being a 1 poster looking for a review of a place so I guess I should introduce myself.

I'm nothing fancy, just a college kid trying to look his best in an age of sweats and comfort. I'm a brother of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.

I don't join forums usually, but after looking around here I think I will stick around for a bit.

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I am a 23 year old carpenter that got fed up with wearing t-shirts and work pants about a year ago
After coming across this website about a year ago, it inspired me to dress better off the job
Now I wear MC whenever I'm not working and I'm looking forward to learning whatever I can from all of you
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Hi I'm York, new to the forum. I joined because I'm updating my wardrobe and this seems like a great place for inspiration. Will probably be listing and browsing the classifieds. Cheers! 

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I'm AJ, a late-comer to dressing in things other than jeans and t-shirts. I'm currently reinventing my wardrobe along with other lifestyle changes into something more classic and traditional. I've already learned much from this community and hope to learn more as well as share in the future.



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Hi, I'm Kathy and I'm here because my brother is an antique dealer and he has gotten me interested in vintage clothing. I love doing research on the designer and era. I found this site doing research on a pair of Ralph Lauren men's jeans. The have a silver metal (small) RL on the front pocket and a larger silver metal RL on the back waistband. They have a button fly with silver buttons stamped Ralph Lauren. The label inside is black and has just Ralph Lauren. The info lable say made in Tunisia and thy have a Barneys New York sales tag. Does anyone have any info. on these. I would appreciate any at all. By the way I love this site.
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Hi All,


My name is Robert and I have been following the menswear industry for about 10 years now. 


I had small seasonal stents with both Brooks Brothers and JCrew as I enjoyed helping people and getting discounts to rebuild my own wardrobe.


While I have read about 50 menswear fashion and style books, I always give me knowledge credit to Alan Flusser and 'Dressing the Man'.


Now I am 6 months into owning my own men's clothier called Rusted Oak in downtown Valparaiso, Indiana, just an hour fro Chicago.


I am here to learn and grow from the many people that have an interest and passion for the industry. 



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I'm Drew.  First time/long time.  Reading this forum has opened my eyes to so much about men's style that I had never known before, like how crummy most of my shoes were.  Now, I have shoes I can be more proud of.  Shoes are important.  It's the first thing a woman notices....

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hello my name is Sacha I am 19 years old and I live in France near Metz. I love to be well dressed is why I registered on this forum
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Good day everyone.

I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself.

Registered to learn more about male fashion.

And to learn about matching clothes, colors and styles.


Born Norwegian but i currently live in Sweden.

Attending school there to get some Microsoft certificates.

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I'm Andrew, and I swear I don't have a problem with shoes! I'm a buyer for luxury menswear store outside of Boston, and am always up for a discussion on what's new, what's timeless, and which is better..
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Hello all, I'm Calvin. Been reading for a while, just absorbing a ton of great info. Finally registered. I have only recently opened my eyes to developing my sense of style and have the members here to thank for.
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Hi guys, I'm Humus - I mainly joined for the buying/selling aspect, but I always enjoy lurking and reading the threads.

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