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Originally Posted by aidanchappell View Post

Hi all,

My name is Aidan and I’m based in Brisbane, Australia. As a sartorial and entrepeneurial enthusiast, I have founded a MTM label as well as a menswear blog - entitled, Cabal & Co and The Sartorial Journal respectively.

Cabal & Co is a recently established MTM business which seeks to couple artisanal integrity with modern sensibilities - as such, we operate as a travelling tailor and visit clients at a time and location of their convenience. Our fabric collection is exclusively Italian milled and includes Vitale Barberis Canonico, Cerruti and E. Thomas.

The Sartorial Journal has garnered in excess of 20,000 Instagram followers organically since its inception in January, 2016 and deviates from the monotony of traditional menswear blogs through the marriage of authentic, insightful content and our exacting focus on quality artisanship.

I became a member of style forum as a means of furthering my knowledge on sartorial menswear and to engage with like minded enthusiasts - both those located in Brisbane and internationally.

If you have a spare moment, I’d encourage you to peruse the following pages relating to my business and let me know your thoughts:

Cabal & Co:

The Sartorial Journal:


Hey guys,

Great blog I must say and very insightful posts. Just saw this post here on SF but I did reach out to you guys a while back on Instagram to say hello, via PM but didn't get a response. Hoping to continue the conversation with you there or over email. And wishing you great success on your sartorial journey.

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Hi everyone,


I'm Pete from Montreal and I've decided to "up my game". This seems to be the place to get good info, cop some style influences and share in the perils of daily dress.

Nice to see pics of humans here rather than the Pinterest "too-small on too-fit" looks.

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Antoine here. Finally joined this forum after seeing interesting online threads. 


Looking at streetstyle and clothes on social media is my biggest vice. 


I hope I can make my passion a business someday. Or just be able to earn and spend more on it.


Looking forward to meeting other passionate fashionistas here!

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Hi, my name is Aldo and I am a Neapolitan living in London. I work in a formal/semi-formal environment and that means dressing up three or four times a week. Initially I hated it but now dressing up is a pleasure rather than an obligation. In the past two years I have been doing my best to improve my wardrobe, buying mainly RTW. Looking at this forum - alongside other sites - has been a great source of inspiration for my purchases. Since the start of this 2016, I have a larger budget and I am thinking of moving towards bespoke clothing. Hope to use the forum as a compass to navigate the bespoke world.

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Hi there. I am Achath and live in Switzerland. Married with kids, I wear suits 5/7. Love Italian and French brands mostly such as Attolini, Kiton, Marinella, Bontoni, Arnys, Charvet and Berluti. I shop in stores everywhere and I do my e-shopping on Mr. Porter, Barneys and JCrew for casual stuff. I have been following quality discrete fashion most of my adult life but this is the first time I join a style forum. Hope it will be fun!
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Hello gentlemen,

My name is Eric. I'm a 24 years old college student going into my junior year this fall and live in California. My favorite color is green and after watching numerous videos from Real men real style, alpha m, and teaching men's fashion I have improved my dress attire greatly. i.e. Color coordinating, how to escalate or deescalate attire for the occasion etc.

I usually wear long or short sleeve button up shirts depending on the occasion and trousers ranging from dress pants to jeans and shorts. I still need to buy a suit! Haha. In addition, I have a few watches from Nixon, G-shock, and fossil.

Ultimately, I'm looking forward to learning and contributing to the forum from time to time, and doing more thrift shopping as well.
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Hey all, Ed here. Just stumbled across this forum whilst searching to see if it's acceptable to wear a bowtie with a lounge suit...! I'm planning on doing it anyway.

Anyway, been looking for a decent style forum for ages.

Take it easy
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Sure you can wear a bowtie with a lounge suit, Ed, especially if the bowtie is colorful!
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Hello all!  I'm brand new on here and my name is Ethan.  I'm 29, straight, and single.  Need to step up my fashion game but also on a reasonable budget.  Thanks in advance for all the shares/posts!

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Hi all smile.gif

Have browsed here for info now and again when buying used clothes - and thought I would try and sell a a hooded Deerskin leather Dior Homme jacket I no longer need on here instead of Ebay for once!

Shall be posting some pics to see if anyone knows some more info about it first - it's hard to get hold of any archives on line!

So there you go - that's me. Talk soon smile.gif

Oh and I am English, 43 with too many kids, and I like tennis and listening to music on expensive hifi equipment! smile.gif

Kind regards
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I am Thomas. 


I joined a week ago, mostly so I could buy things in the BUY/SELL area. 


But I'd like to become involved in the community here, after I spent a while lurking about. 


I work in sales, live on the East Coast. I'm an instant gratification kind of guy. Next to art and music, spending money is my greatest hobby. Sales is a good profession for me- once basic necessities are paid for, every sale I make translates to... more clothes!


My favorite shirtmaker is Hamilton, 2nd in place is Turnbull and Asser. My favorite shoemaker is Vass. I also like pants by Howard Yount and Epaulet, ties by Charvet, After buying my first pair of Vass off StyleForum I will likely only buy from Vass. 


I have a wide collection of shoes- Crockett and Jones, Carmina, Alden, Grenson, Tods, John Lobb. I'm selling many of these shoes to clear space in my closet, get rid of things that don't fit, and generate funds for new Vass shoes. PM me if you'd be interested in any of these. Shoes are all size 13. 


My grail piece is a pair of full brogue wingtips by Yohei Fukuda. Or a pair of cordovan brogue wingtips by Vass. 


Cordovan is my favorite leather. 


I am dismayed by the poor quality of most clothing, and the horrible style most men sport. In protest, I wear quality and stay stylish. 

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I'm Jeff.  I like men's style but where I live in Colorado, it's mostly jeans.  I retired early from the Fortune 500 business world but still like to stay in touch.


I love great shoes and have a number of pair from Alden, C&J, John Lobb, RL, Lucchese, Ferragamo and others.


I've clicked on Style Forum a lot of times over the years but finally got around to subscribing.


Looking forward to reading your posts.



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Following instructions here,

I'm a traditional menswear guy, mostly interested in suits/ties etc...long time lurker, might start posting. Love the classifieds and advice I see on the site as well as WAWT threads.
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Hello All,

 Long time lurker and finally joining so I can try and buy some things. I don't talk a lot in forums (or in my daily life) but I do like to read and learn. 

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Barrasquino here.


Mid 30's, married with kid

Menswear enthusiast with a knack for aesthetics

Most of developed taste came to me through the internet - which I'm greatful for

Blue is the favourite color

Brown is the shoe color

A fool for Italian style

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