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Greetings, greetings! I got the inbox message as soon as I posted my first thread, so apologies for that. So happy I've found this website, I am a college senior (graduate in about a month), and have dipped my toe wanting to plunge into having a nice sense of fashion! Glad to be here, thanks for having me!

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Hi! My name is Derek and I don't know much when it comes to clothing but I am eager to learn. Sorry in advance if I ask obvious questions :)

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Been interested in clothes for a while now, not so much fashion but more the history, how they are made, and the people behind the businesses. I've recently found some fantastic companies (Equus and Sam Hober) with the help of styleforum, and signed up to get more involved.



fx-83GT Plus

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interests in fashion include creating a wardrobe of darker menswear with artisanal pieces and learning more about designers' histories. currently in the process of paring down my wardrobe in exchange for fewer higher quality pieces.


- ntoo

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Hi everyone,

I am a working-class "traditional" American. I've outgrown my scooters, steel-toe brogues and misunderstood labels.

I've been lurking these forums for a few years. As I have been designing my personalized capsule collection half way between country and oi. Let's call it "Good ol' b'oi oi!"
Or Cowboi Oi? Anyhow...

Salty, because I live on the coast of SoCal and spend my free time either in the water or on PCH riding my moto back and forth getting shit done.
Ranga, because I'm a big hairy ginger.

I joined SF specifically because I've got a boot problem and I noticed there were others here like me.

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Hi! I'm Sara! I'm thirty years old and hooked on to this forum! I have been lurking around for a while but thought it is time to finally introduce myself and hopefully become part of the community! :D I am a co-founder of a leather accessories design company and I've been gaining some invaluable insights from here! Looking forward to interacting with all of you from now on!

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Heyo my name is Martin, I'm trying to up my style game, for many reasons. I consider myself a southern gent, and bourbon is my passion. I've never had an eye for fashion, and I'm really trying to impress someone--what do yall recommend most

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Hello Style Forum,


I'm new on here, and new to the internet men's wear community.  I have about 7 years experience in the fashion, and men's wear business.  In 2009 I started making my own jackets, and was offered a job with a company called Rogue Bespoke. We sold in the best stores, like Maxfield, and many A list customers, such as Mick Jagger, and Yoko Ono. I worked there for 5 years, and stayed in school during this time. I went to LA Trade Tech to learn to sew, make patterns, and I completed the tailoring program there. Then I went to FIDM to do a business program. I then met Andrew Ramroop from the Savile Row Academy, and Maurice Sedwell online. He invited me to come to England, and study with him for six months.  I then was invited to do a course called Innovative Pattern Cutting at Central Saint Martins.  After all this education, and experience, I am starting my own bespoke tailoring business in Los Angeles. 

I look forward to meeting you guys. Please let me know if I can help with anything.


Charles Goyer

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Hi guys,


I'am Jaddon and I have joined this site to learn how to improve and refine my image within business and evening events.


I have been on a journey of self improvement for the last few years and as all journeys it all starts with refining your mindset. I am now in a position in my life where I would like to improve my image and also meet like minded people.


As the Director of a business I socialise with other business owners and professionals and need to present myself accordingly.


I look forward to meeting you all.


regards, Jaddon

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Hello - I'm Al B4B and I am just starting to build my wardrobe. My favourite piece of clothing are definitely shoes, but I want then to get better with shirts and suits and all the rest! From what I read around here I am sure to I will be finding a lot of suggestions - and I'll be happy to offer my 2 pennies to whomever can find them helpful
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Hi, my name is Josh and I live in Long Island. I like looking stylish; having picked up new ideas while browsing SF, I'm now looking forward to participating.
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Hi! I'm Trakx Mashington. Lover of fashion and art. New here.

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Hello All,


Like many others I've been reading and learning SF for awhile now and I'm amazed at all the helpful people in this forum. In the last few months I have spent way too much on new clothes, shoes and other accessories. I've learned alot between this site and some of the youtube channels that talk about style and fashion.

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Hi everyone,


My name is Vinny, and I am based in Brisbane, Australia. I am the co-founder of a menswear blog, and a made to measure brand.


I am quite new to the scene, my MTM brand Cabal & Co has been operational for just over a year, and my blog, which is entitled The Sartorial Journal, has been active since January.


Both have been quite well received thus far, and The Sartorial Journal has in fact organically accumulated over 20,000 followers in the last 4 and a bit months which is heartening.


My partner and I strive to provide insightful, authentic content on our blog, and seek to fuse modern sensibility with distinctly classical undertones with our MTM brand.


We both are self-taught, and bear no formal fashion education. I'm looking to continue to expand my knowledge base via Style Forum, as well as to get in touch with like minded individuals in Brisbane, which is regarded as being slower on the menswear uptake than Melbourne and Sydney. 

If any of you guys get a second, I’d love to get your opinion on my business and blog.


The Sartorial Jouranl 


Instagram: @sartorialjournal




Cabal & Co

Instagram: @cabalandco

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Hi all,


My name is Aidan and I’m based in Brisbane, Australia. As a sartorial and entrepeneurial enthusiast, I have founded a MTM label as well as a menswear blog - entitled, Cabal & Co and The Sartorial Journal respectively.


Cabal & Co is a recently established MTM business which seeks to couple artisanal integrity with modern sensibilities - as such, we operate as a travelling tailor and visit clients at a time and location of their convenience. Our fabric collection is exclusively Italian milled and includes Vitale Barberis Canonico, Cerruti and E. Thomas.


The Sartorial Journal has garnered in excess of 20,000 Instagram followers organically since its inception in January, 2016 and deviates from the monotony of traditional menswear blogs through the marriage of authentic, insightful content and our exacting focus on quality artisanship.


I became a member of style forum as a means of furthering my knowledge on sartorial menswear and to engage with like minded enthusiasts - both those located in Brisbane and internationally.


If you have a spare moment, I’d encourage you to peruse the following pages relating to my business and let me know your thoughts:


Cabal & Co:


The Sartorial Journal:




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