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Hi guys,

I'm Arnianor from Switzerland. I am completely new to the world of bespoke and the like, but eagger to learn.

Thanks to everyone for their time and patience to create this mine of information, answering questions and sharing expériences.

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I'm Mort, been snooping here for awhile thought I'd make an account and give it a try! :laugh: 

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Hi everybody!



I'm Henri, one half of the creative group H.W.Cognate and part of the ace team we have at Sfäär Store. We are big menswear enthusiasts, make it elegant, of the best materials and give it some attitude - we'll love it! 


I felt that being part of this great community would further develop our knowledge of timeless goods. Especially the little details you get to know about different brands, be it the iconic Indy boot story or the tale why Momotaro jeans have pink selvedge line. 


As we have quite a big selection of great brands in Sfäär Store, we would be glad to share our thoughts about different fits and cuts of the items if anybody is in need.



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Hi, I'm Michael. I'm 34, and live in Tampere, Finland. I'm currently finishing up a PhD in economics.

I have a longstanding interest in watches and have been getting more interested in clothes and style over the last year or so. Dressing up is very uncommon in Finland, so my interest in menswear is rarely expressed beyond wearing the occasional blazer. In the past year I have bought 3 suits and that mostly stay in the closet. I only get to suit up when I travel for work and suchlike, which is a shame. I mostly wear jeans, a decent button-down and sneakers. My girlfriend is pretty suspicious of my sartorial inclinations, modest though they may be.

I'm looking forward to learning from the collective wisdom of the forum.

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Hey dudes, I'm Niklas. 22, Sweden, studying psychology.


I've been lurking /fa/ on 4chan for I don't know how long but feedback in waywt:s is incredibly toxic and criticism is rarely constructive. I've heard good things about this place so I figured I'd take a look

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Hi, I'm Joseph. I'm an 18 year old student in from the U.S. I've lurked here for a little bit, but I'm mostly trying to find my style so I might not post a lot initially. One of the reasons I came here was because I'm interested in Japanese fashion and you guys seem to know a lot about it.  I'm pretty excited to participate!

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Hi I am ASH. I have been looking at SF often but never posted much as I was into more formal attire and love fine shoes, watches, fine cigars and wines and spirits and anything that are made by craftsmen and made with passion. Some of the brands I appreciate and have in my collection are Edward Green, John Lobb and Alden and C&J. My fav watches are IWC, JLC and fine pcs such as Zenith, Panerai and Breguet.

Now I am into fine raw denim( Naked&Famous, BraveStar, PureBlueJapan and Samurai), and SF has some great reviews and wanted to join the club to discuss the finer things in life.

Looking forward to learning and appreciating these fine clothes and accessories for many years to come.

Thanks in advance.

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What up guys, the names Roman and I try have been try to vary my style as much as possible! I feel as though I've exhausted major brands and would love for you guys to help me out with a few different brands! :fence:

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I am curious and elegant.

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You are also very welcome smile.gif
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Hello all,

I am in my 30's , and after working construction in my 20s, I am very happy to be wearing suits to work every day. I try to get great deals on Ebay, and think I have been pretty lucky lately. Unfortunately, for all I know my closet is filled with fake Italian suits... though I only stick to a reputable seller... glad to be here though!
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Hello everyone!
I'm Marver here,Just addicted into gentleman classic wear.
I'm 30 married with 1 child. Currently a trader and do a lot reading on how to sharpen my look.

Just added myself a fine pair mens footwear from Grenson.Would love and addicted to get more. 
Hence this is a awesome and great place for more information and trade place.


cheeers everyone!

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Hey guys,


My name is Bennett, I'm 28 and currently live in North Carolina. I've been a lurker on the forum for 6 or 7 years at this point now and figured I would finally sign up to ask the Allen Edmonds gents a few questions I have in preparing to attend a wedding. I work in a science lab so I don't have a strict dress code that I ever have to abide by. I'm partial to Rogue Territory denim, 3sixteen shirting, and Red Wing Boots so that's generally what I have on most days. 

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I'm Dan, and I'm here for the Yohji thread.

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I'm Josiah and I live in Tulsa where no one knows the difference between Men's Wearhouse and Savile Row and almost anyone would call a corduroy sport coat a "Suit."


I'm a college student and as broke as the Titanic (too soon?) but I know good style and I get exceptional value from thrifting.


I've been avidly lurking here since the spring of 2013 and finally broke and got an account so I could ask some questions pertaining to my upcoming wedding, since searching the forums only gives answers to questions that have already been asked.


Good to be here!

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