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Thanks for the welcome, casadisartoria. I will check out Attanasio's blog and do some searching here on the forum.
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Hi all, my name is Rino. First of all I apologize for my poor english but .. I live in Italy. I'm 59 years old and I'm interested ineverything about clothes, fabric, shoes and men's style in general

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I'm Carolyn and I work in the shoe industry. I am interested in men's fashion because my husband doesn't have any! My main purpose for posting on this forum is market research about shoes. What shoes do you like or don't like? That sort of thing. I hope you will help me answer those and other questions. 



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Name's D. Very new here (new lurker, new poster) and not quite sure in which role I'll remain but I will have a few questions coming up for everyone to weigh in on. 


I turn 24 tomorrow which should be fun. I work for a public university and therefore don't get paid near enough but the nature of my position gives me the opportunity to travel all over, which is quite fun. Love talking about travel, music, and food and politics, as well as tailors and watering holes in butthole parts of the world. 



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Hey Fashionisto/Fashionistas! My name is Sim, and I'm a Marketing Student who loves fashion! I love putting together outfits for my friends and family. My schedule is extremely busy, and have been trying to find a way to reduce my time on putting together an oufit. Luckily, I found this amazing website called, where they sell reversible clothing that can be worn 2-6 different ways, and can be worn from day to night! I have already purchased several items. Check it out, and I promise you will love it !

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Hello ladies and Gents, I finally found a forum where I can gain more knowledge about fashion and putting an outfit together. I've seen amazing things on this site and hopefully I can learn about all designers, and not just the "big" name designers. I am a outerwear wear guy! And yes I like Burberry coats. But now that I'm here, I can learn a lot more.
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Hello from Europe.


I'm originally from NYC but have lived in several European countries plus South America.

I've always been interested in fashion and think my fashion sense isn't too bad but I realize I still need to exchange ideas. In many areas I still don't have a clue, especially when it comes to accessories.


When it comes to designers I have the most experience with.


- Dries van Noten

- Paul Smith

- DSquarded2

- Comme des Garcons

- Diesel

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Hello All,


I've lurked here for a while, and started investing in the some of the basics, but going to start looking for some feedback to make sure I'm on the right track.  I work in a big-city industry where a professional presentation is very important, but as a programmer where it's generally considered not at *all* important.  Looking to go from "guy's a bit of a mess, but he's a programmer, so you'd expect it" to "that programmer can unexpectedly rock a suit" and I consider myself maybe about half way on that path after about 2 years of travelling it.  I'm in my 40s so this kind of project is overdue.



And I'll start with a test image.


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Been lurking this great site for years now, but I never found good reason to sign up - I guess I simply had nothing to say!



Nevermind, I saw a great item on buy / sell and thought I would sign up at last  -  thanks for having me guys.

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Hi All, I am BillH.  This is the first Forum I have ever joined; to be frank I am lucky if I can even find the internet ("Oh, the files are IN the computer"!?!).  Everyone has been so welcoming thus far and I appreciate it.  The last several months I have found myself into buying clothes which has raised many questions, mostly about fit.  Most of my questions will pertain to how a particular garment may fit and what type of alterations are/are not possible.  Who knows though where my interests will take me as I just started buying clothes for real.


Thanks again for welcoming me,


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Hi All,


Just a few points about me:




-early 30s

-StyleForum lurker >2 years

-into food and wine

-currently living in a sartorial wasteland

-convinced of my own genetic predisposition toward dressing well (or at least trying)


Now I'm finally here, having decided there is only so much one can learn by lurking. Only time will tell how active I become on StyleForum.

Thanks to all the members who have already, unwittingly, helped me to develop my personal style.




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I've been a lurker here for about the past 4 months and finally decided to sign up for an account.  A couple of years ago I decided that instead of using my new years resolution to punish myself and give something up, I would use it as an excuse to learn something new...last year it was cooking, this year its dressing like a (semi) adult.  A bit about myself:


- mid-30's male

- I work in higher education where my wardrobe can run the gambit from casual to suits and even formal wear depending on the event

- grew up in New England, which explains my penchant for a traditional prep style 

- looking to grow my business wear wardrobe and my "in between" wear for my ever growing list of adult functions (1st birthdays, networking events, dinner parties, etc.)

- found this hub from reddit's r/malefashionadvice, where things is a bit more modern and streetwear for my personal tastes

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Hi everyone,


I'm Brian and I'm 22 years old from Ottawa, Ontario.


I'm currently in my final year of a business and marketing program. I love finding cool companies that are under exposed but show lot's of potential and help them get noticed. Paid or unpaid, helping good honest business owners promote their products is something I enjoy doing. Hit me up if you need any help!


I love action sports. Mainly skiing and surfing. My dream life would be spending every winter skiing bottomless pow and every summer chasing barrels and good surf. I am working on making this dream my reality by the time I hit 28.


As for my style, I'm definitely "balling on a budget". I respect the classics and love throwing on a suit but you can usually find me dressed in a minimalist aesthetic with some surf, skate, and outdoorsy undertones.


Tasteful and understated is how I hope you would describe my wardrobe.


I look forward to spending time on here.



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Greetings folks, decided to sign up after lurking for a while as I think I've been bitten by the couture bug :crackup:


It all started so simple with the Balmain H&M collection as before that I only used to look and not actually buy as I couldn't afford to. After picking up a few of the pieces I was astounded by the difference that it presented in terms of cut style and most of all feel compared to the regular High Street stuff.


After that I was hooked and started picking up what I could here and there before diving in the deep end and signing up here.



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Hi all,


I'm Bryant, 24 from New Jersey. I've lurked here for a few months now, and figure why not-- might as well jump in.


I'd say my style is pretty standard (jeans/button down/decent shoes), but has become more refined over the past few years (finally got a tailored suit, lol).


Having enough money to build my wardrobe is something I've really been relishing, and I'm looking forward to learning more (and sharing what I know!) in this space.

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