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Good morning to all of you, I'm Andrea from Italy. I'm the owner of a new clothing store located in the center of Bologna. :) 

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Hi. I'm Benjamin of Boston and I enjoy custom coats and balmoral boots. Other interests include tea, spirits, cooking, board games, and history.

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sup y'all,
been on styleforum before but have dove deeper into the forum recently. I like to stay current with the street wear culture via HYPEBEAST, HighSnobiety and Modern Noriety and of course styleforum. Im a big fan of the minimal movement that's going on at the moment. Some of my favorite brands consist of Visvim, CP, Fear of God and its defusion line FOG, H&M, APC, LEVI'S, Mighty Killers, Vintage rock tees, TOPMAN, And Uniqlo to name a few. looking forward to see what styleforum has to offer!
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Hi All,


I am a shop owner with a passion for and sells RM Williams boots and other Australian made products.


I hope I can help answer some questions regarding these great products with over 50 years experience in the footwear industry there is a lot for me to give back to the community that also loves these products.

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Hi all,

I fell into love with RM William boots - after owning boots from several different brands. 

Unfortunately there is no shop in my neighborhood - I only can purchase them via online order.

So luckily I traced this forum. Hopefully here I will get some suggestions in regard to color and sizes.

Looking forward to get my first pair of RM Williams!

Thanks for all help & suggestions.

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Hey there! My name is Tyler Phelan. I just stumbled across this nice website while looking for a fast and easy way to discover new clothes and styles. I'm 20 years old and currently employed at Bauman's Fine Clothing in Little Rock Arkansas.
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Hey everyone I'm new here just dropping by to say what's up!
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Hello all, I'm Marco - 34yo italian guy. After working for years in digital marketing in Milan, I've moved to Sydney to make my career more international shaped. I've worked in digital marketing field and now I'm doing the same job in the education industry.


In terms of clothing I've always sticked with mainstream brands (Brooks Brothers for shirts, Armani or Tommy Hilfiger for chinos, Fred Perry for polos, etc) but recently I've discovered the "new" world of handcrafted menswear and accessories thanks to an italian startup that makes handcrafted shoes. I simply loved it and I've found it as a way to define my own personal style, while keeping high quality products - without paying the luxury price.


I'm here because I hope to read and start interesting discussions around men's lifestyle, possibly discover new brands and help me to shape up my style.


I'm also thinking about starting my own business so I would love to understand what you gents look when choosing a brand/product instead of another one.



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Hi all!
Im used to getting up and putting on my grunge clothing, hitting up the coffee shop and back homebefore heading to work. Well lol until one day i found a forum under reddit mensfashion, scopednthrough it and found clothing that would hit my age range, 43, but still let me look good without looking 16!

Me? 43, m, 5'11", 180 pounds ish.
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Hi all, passionate about textile and especially Japanese clothing, I look forward to sharing with you on the subject.

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Hello! After travelling the world, working here and there in the public health field and living out of a duffle bag, I have settled down enough to start building a wardrobe. While currently in law school, I recently secured a job with a big law firm—the most exciting part of which is that I can now afford to experiment with my style. I'm building up my wardrobe with the basics at the moment. This forum has helped guide me in this endeavour. Once I have the basics, I'll be looking to this community for inspiration!

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I decided to join as a member after finding many advices about dressed shoes here.
IT manager in banking in Hong Kong, I have a lot of freedom for dressing. French, I try to find nice shops in HK even if I miss Paris.
39,I want now to invest some time to find my style and invest smartly in good items starting with the shoes.
I expect to pass this knowledge to my two daughters later.

thanks in advance for your help.
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My name is Michael Mendak. I am an owner of a new starter: . It is a small (at this moment) online shop with a menswear tops. Mostly well known brands on a market but it is also w house of AKE - our own brand. But about me... I am a keen of the stylish clothes, plain fabrics and a good quality - still looking for a shops with a clothes for bigger and taller (2 m and 130 kg ;) ). 


If you want to add some advises or sugestions... or maybe talk about a order details, you can join my thread:


I will try not to make a big mess on a forum. I can promise not to add a spam adds.



Michal Mendak

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French guy here, I'm 35, and got tired of buying crappy (quality-wise) clothes and shoes. I try now to go for quality and craftmanship, and hope to get style advices here to help me get the best of my new outfits!

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Hey, I'm an 18-year-old student in NYC who's just starting to get into men's fashion. I'm usually found wearing ill-fitting Uniqlo pieces head to toe.

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