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I'm Dan, been lurking for a while and finally joined up, seems like a really great community (not to mention stylish) so hopefully I can join in!

Based in the UK living with my fiancée and work in an office - perfect excuse to suit up
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I'm Omar, also a long-time lurker on the threads, especially Viberg and NMWA. I just graduated from college and I'm in the life stage with a small amount of discretionary income and no dependents, so started investing in quality clothing.


Made the mistake of purchasing a designer $1,800 field jacket (blowing through graduation money) before realizing that certain men's style magazines are geared towards advertorials instead of genuine product recommendation. 


Slowly improving my wardrobe while suffering from impulse control.

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Hola All!


I'm Archie, and like Omar, a longtime lurker on here.I think I originally stumbled in here looking for Nudie sizing in 2005 and have been back once a month here and there. 


I've accumulated a nice collection of suits, Italian leathers and raw denim in need of repair. About to move to the DC area from the Midwest. My background is in Creative strategy and content production so my wardrobe is pretty diverse—which is great, but expensive!

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Hey everyone, my name is Glenn. I've been lurking a while and often search for product reviews. Not surprisingly, many point here. I've learned a lot and have definitely stepped up my game. I like linens in the summer, as well as polo's over khaki and boat shoes. Love the New England clean prep look when it's summer. Fall through spring, I'm playing with the English country style. Cheers!

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Buongiorno tutti,

Been loving SF for a good few years now, lurking one might say, but finally took appropriate measures and registered.


Will primarly use the forum for inspiration and the odd opportunity to buy and/or sell some items.


Name Kim


Location Sweden


Age 29


Occupation Sales rep


Height 6'1

Weight 180 lbs


Shoulders "53"


Trousers 32


Feet 8.5 UK

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Hello all,


I've been scanning the site for a little while now, just starting to enjoy fashion and upgrading my wardrobe.  Originally from L.A., currently in the Chicago 'burbs.

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Hi - have lurked a lot on various threads and finally signed up. Lived in NYC for almost 5 years, married with a kid at home. Fashion has been a hobby for a few years. Also really into sneakers.

Favorite brands are a mix of streetwear and designer:

Norse Projects
Common Projects
Story et Fall
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im a 6'6 skinny motherepher from california.

clothes were a challenge once my pant length was larger than my waist size. i get the superwide larger size BS that comes with being tall and skinny.

i live in northern california in the sticks which is isolated from any stores or people that care about streetwear or the culture.

ive given up on the malls. since fashion has moved toward the front ive found some brands that fit my tall skinny size.

I have an interest in repurposing a lot of my clothes to make them fit and use the designs that are no longer on pieces of clothing.


i lean towards streetwear brands. been a long time supporter of LRG. i think from 6th to my sophmore year in hs i exclusivly wore it. sorta obsessed. 


apologies for the scatteredness. i wouldnt say I know too much about fashion but have been following the trends since I can remember picking out my own clothes. always have been interested.


i am also searching for brands that have not been played out by every hipster teen tryna wear what these rappers are wearing. I almost hate telling people I like streetwear because they stereotype me into a hypebeast for supreme and bape and hundreds. I like streetwear because of the fit and casual comfortability of them, but its a task seperating myself from the hipster/bandwagon. I like local brands. thats where ive found most of my luck is going to different cities and messing with the streetwear shops there.


thanks people.

peace x love

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I'm a Father of 3 living in the US Midwest, raised near Philadelphia, PA. I have very little fashion sense, I prefer fashion-unconscious, but I have always had a strong personal style because I realize the effect it has on my attitude and performance. I prefer classic styles and vintage clothing with a story, especially a connection to my family, and I will stubbornly wear a piece until it disintegrates.

My family was in the shoe business for over 65 years, both my parents and my aunt and uncle sold a full range of quality shoes, specializing in orthopedics and children's corrective shoes. My father was also a cobbler and opened his own shoe repair shop when the shoe store closed in the 1970's. Sadly, they have all long since past. I have learned a few things from them about quality shoes, but ultimately I chose a career path as a mechanic.

My father was born in the early 1920's, and grew up in an era when men took their appearance seriously. I always admired Dad's classic sense of style, and I'm looking to learn more about the elements that made him such a sharp dresser. I'm hoping StyleForum can help!
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I'm John.


This is my first post here although I have been lurking the forums for a good many years. I've learned a lot from this place.


I wear jeans most days; suits only when I need to. I like timeless utilitarian type clothing, the kind of pieces you buy once and wear for years until they become threadbare. Brooks Brothers, plain raw denim, and a good amount of J. Crew occupy most of my closet. I also have a large number of American Apparel shirts because they're plain and they fit me, despite my general dislike of that company.


I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of you and becoming a part of this forum.

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Hi guys,


I'm Ron, and I'm retired and living in FL.  I've been impressed with the knowledge and the quality of the questions and replies on this site.  I'm a big fan of Oxxford (champagne tastes on a beer budget!), and I hope to learn lots from the forum members.

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Hello all! 


My name is Clint, I live in Columbia, Missouri and work for the state. I'm 23, graduated from the University of Missouri, and am an avid rugby player. I wear a suit most days to work, and thanks to the fair amount of lurking around here am beginning to learn all of the style crimes I've been committing! When I'm not at work, I'm in jeans, sneaks, and the watch passed down to me from my pops and his pops before him. Look forward to getting even more insight into classic menswear. Cheers!

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Hi all,


I'm Chris and I live in Montreal, Canada (although I've juggle between Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto in the last few years). I'm 25, and about to graduate from Industrial Design at Carleton University! 


Really looking to establish my style a bit more (even more so given my future field of work) and definitely looking to learn from you guys (I've been lurking for a few months before signing up). I'm currently mostly wearing casual shirts, chinos, T-shirts and the occasional jeans, but I'd like to get into classic menswear a bit more.

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Hello, I'm MosDefinite. I'm just a man with dreams of becoming a very dapper and well established one. So let's all get together and relay our knowledge of style. Thanks. 

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Hello all,

I am an outworker for some of the west end bespoke shoemakers, I've been drawn in to post about the Tuczek discussion  over on Classic Menswear and I'm generally interested in bespoke footwear and high end shoes and boots.

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