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Hi everyone, 


My name is Byron, and I currently reside in Vermillion, SD. I currently work at the National Music Museum. In my free time, I enjoy collecting fine musical instruments, playing the harpsichord, piano, and a bit of bass trombone every now and then. I just recently became a real "adult" so I'm trying to get my life together style-wise! Looking forward to learning what I can!



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Hi everyone,


Recent lurker of styleforum, decided that it made more sense to register so I can actually participate in discussions.

I'm 23, recently relocated from the midwest (lived in MN and WI for most of my life) to the Boston area for a new position in enterprise technology sales.


Job calls for business casual bordering on professional but in my own time I'm most interested in keeping up with streetwear trends (ie: John Elliott type of style, not big into the Supreme, Bape... trends). Also have interest in EG products (is that a big surprise?) and own several pieces but I'm mostly a passive onlooking on the style in at the rather than immersing myself completely.


Looking forward to contributing to the forum.



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Hi all,


Bernard here. 


I've been a regular visitor/lurker to SF for a while now and seen some great discussions/threads and wanted to get involved. 


My spending budget is somewhat smaller for clothes than it used to be as I've got a family living off one salary so I'll be looking for the bargains and the tips.  (Add to that living in Sydney, Australia and the budget starts to reach the negative figures.)


In any case, hi all!



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Hi Benard, welcome and good to see another Dad looking to style up on a considered budget. Have used online fashion retailer ASOS of late, theyve had some good sales of late FYI.
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Heya shoerejuvenator,


Thanks for the welcome note and the tip on ASOS.  I'll check them out.

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Hi, I'm 45 and have never owned a decent pair of shoes. I'm here to change that. I'm tired of wearing low-quality, ill-fitting clothing. I'm ready to step up my wardrobe to "grown-up" mode.
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Greetings, all. I'm Olaf from Malaysia.
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Hello, I'm Fernando. I've been reading you quite a lot but without registering. Now I've decided to do so since I've some problems which I didn't find answered. Just hoping to learn and add to the community. 

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Jared here. Long time reader, first time poster.


A few years ago I transitioned from a casual workplace, to one that is quintessential business casual. I started reading Style Forum to try and stand out, without standing out too much. 

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I'm Arthur from Paris france.
J'me into the quality/elegant clothes since 2/3 years.

Thanks for all the sharing
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I am TastyWave, and Im here to promote a new brand I recently stumbled on. Streetwear has been my obsession for many years now, from Stussy and Supreme to Nike, but I think these guys at are on some next level style clothing. Check em out.

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Yo. Been browsing sf randomly for a few years but now I need an actual place to discuss clothes, because reasons. I was hesitant to start visiting a new forum at first (having everything in one place is convenient) but I guess I gotta.


Brands I like/wear: Acne, Our Legacy, Norse Projects, APC, Wings&Horns, Steven Alan, Lad Musician, Journal Standard, etc.


Always interested in mixing things up and learning new stuff. Oh and I like watches a lot.

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Hello everyone,


I've been lurking on the site for a couple of years. I'm really interested in classic style and look forward to learning more as an active member of the styleforum community. I am a theology professor at a small school in Central Ohio and before that was a pastor and church planter just outside of Indianapolis. Anyway, just glad to have the opportunity to take part in the conversation.





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just signed up from the UK. mostly interested in casual wear (EG, CP company), but like a well cut suit too.



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Hey guys, 

51 year old husband and father of 16 yr old son. Oh and our dog Annie. Been lurking on the nicks and whites threads since last winter. Found this place by accident looking for other boots made in US besides Chippewa and Redwing. My Chippewas were worn out after 16 years and a resole. Bit the bullet on Nicks last summer. I'll be posting pics later.


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