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Hi Guys !

I'm Paul from France.

Very glad to be there.

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I'm Ivan, from Indonesia. This is my first post. I joined this forum because I can get a lot of information and updates about men's clothing. 


Nice to know you all.

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Hi, I'm Justin. 


From Minnesota but living in Beijing the last 8+ years. Started a made to measure label, Principle M. Being in China, I usually only read threads but had to join so I could participate in this Friday's green jacket challenge since I love them! See you all around!

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Hi All, I'm Mick from New Jersey. New to this forum and looking to rework my wardrobe. Being just over 50 its time to toss all of my logo tshirts and ill fitting polos. Also just bought my first pair of decent shoes, and looking forward to the forum.
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Hi all, I'm Scarcarous, originally from Norway, but currently living in the UK. Finally joined after just looking around here for a long time. I love chunky knitwear, both because of the aesthetic and because of the functionality (considering how cold it gets here). 

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I'm Cameron, electrical engineer from Scotland. Recently been taking a big interest in men's fashion and stumbled on SF when looking for reviews on loakes. Looking forward to digging through all the threads looking for wisdom.
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My name's Austin, I'm originally from the US but I've been overseas for a long time.  My dip into style started after an incredibly regrettable trip to Men's Wearhouse.  After leaving and feeling greatly unsatisfied, I committed myself to finding right and better ways to dress, and ways to spend my dollar wisely.  I've been lurking and using advice from here for nearly a year, but I felt like it was finally time to create a profile.  I find myself purchasing in the upper-middle-range right now, and typically stick to stuff from places like J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, etc.  


Right now my big push is getting together a Black Tie set.  I've got the Tux, shirt, and shoes, and I have a bead on the accessories I'm intending to purchase.  

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Aaron and Antonio have a lot of great insights into men's style, and also have very different approaches! They also collaborated to create Stylecon.

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Hi All,


I'm Jack from New York, currently living in Washington DC. I've been interested in style and fashion for a long time, and of course that has lead to many highly regrettable purchases and ensembles.


I've recently been working to reduce my acquisitive impulsiveness, bring consistency to my look and focus on quality over quantity while trying to introduce comfortable and natural more 'dressed up' looks to my casual work clothing. That has meant transitioning from almost always being in jeans and a button down to integrating sport coats and odd trousers and the occasional suit, doing so in a way that doesn't look to affected or 'costumey' has been tough. A difficulty only exacerbated by the fact that I am large, (6'6" and ~260lbs) so finding good fits has not been not easy.


My interest in clothing goes back a long time, but I think my real passion was first stirred when I went with my uncle to visit his tailor in London on a family trip (my extended family are English) and saw the rapport they had, the subtle detailing they both reveled in, and then got to see the final product a year or so later. The confluence of that relationship, the craftsmanship, the reveling in subtle choices (many that would be known only to the tailor and the wearer) expanded my view of style from being focused on 'looking cool' to being defined by living in a way that was driven by conscious choices, presence and confidence, always flirting with the line between appropriateness and originality, and finding clothes to reflect that.


I think many of the major trends I see discussed on SF I've made forays into, be it very 'Trad' american dressing (I have two MTM sport coats I adore from J Press and a few custom button downs from Mercer), more traditional British tailoring (a bespoke midnight blue DB dinner jacket from Fields English in DC) the Neopolitan explosion (a late comer with a suit coming from Sartoria Formosa vis NMWA as well as intending to jump in on the new Eidos pre-orders), footwear from the better respected american shops (Alen, AE, Oak Street Bootmakers etc.) and forays into some of the new online MTM offerings (two suits and two sport coats from Knot Standard and shirts from J Hilburn.) So I hope I can add something to the forum from my experiences so far.


Glad to have finally stopped lurking and joined. 

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Hey people,


Been lurking all day, figured I might as well join up. I started improving my wardrobe 5 years ago or so, going from nothing but t-shirts, skinny jeans and chucks to something more age appropriate(I'm 27.) Now I'm a raw denim nerd, own too many leather boots, and have a low-key watch obsession. Still very much working on expanding on what I have, as I tend to only purchase a few quality items a year, budget permitting. I'll be browsing the deals threads quite a bit, I'd imagine. Dappered brought me here.


Anyway, seems like a great forum. Looking forward to learning more and perhaps contributing a bit myself.

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I have been an interested reader of this site for quite some time and I finally decided to register and take part more actively. Thanks for offering your wisdom and advice.

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