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Hello family, 


long time lurker, been a fan of this forum for a while. Consider "anti-fashon". But I stay

Gucci down to the socks. mostly in a JE tee and some Nudie jeans any pair of Nike. 




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I'm Lena, 26 yrs, and LOVEEEEEEEEEEE shopping :)))

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Hi all.  I'm a first year law student from Florida.  I go to law school up north, and realize that living in South Florida my whole life has left me a little short on classic menswear.  (Okay, as in I don't have any!).

I'm starting to hit the thrift stores...

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Hi everyone, It's Jim Pham. Just graduated in December and have started working in the beginning of this month. I come from an Asian country so my dress style is zero to none. Recently I have been opened my eyes by my brother (a true fashion geek).


For the last 20 years of my life, I had only worn jeans and t shirts, now I am trying to dress more professionally even though my job doesn't require so. My recent favorite shoe brands are Allen Edmonds, Magnanni, and Santoni. Still need to update lots of stuffs in my closet. 




Jim Pham.

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hi everyone, i'm ridzhuan from sabah.. regards
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Welcome all

You'll find the site has enough knowledge to spend months of reading on back posts alone
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Hi all, I'm gustavobradley from Edmonton. Excited to contribute to the SF community after lurking off and on for so long

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Hello, long-time reader, first-time forum member.
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Hi guys,


I'm Ryan from Eastern Canada. Looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you -- though I feel like I know many of you, given that I've been reading the forum's pages for some year and a half or so.

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I'm Mihir. I am an engineer in San Francisco, so I tend to be over-dressed if I wear slacks and dress shoes. I'm certainly not as dapper as many of you! 


I have a mostly walking commute, so I started getting into better footwear (Allen Edmonds and Cole Haan) with the intention of having something I can use, resole, use, repeat for years. I've been browsing this forum for about a year as a lurker, and just joined so I can start contributing and getting style ideas. 

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Hi Guys!


I'm Hubert and I'm a fashion blogger. I mean that might sound really annoying or generic, but behind that I'm just a 17 year old Polish student living in England, interested in classic men's fashion ;) You can check my blog out at  


I look forward to discussing with you guys :)

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Hello everyone;

Thank you for allow me join your forum. My name is Paul, the owner of a tailoring company i do not know if it is allowed (Ambassador & Smart Fashion) That is why you will read Ambfa. I live in Bangkok(Thailand). And i love read, discuss and go out sometimes, but i do not really have times.

I think it is enough as presentation.

I am still reading the rules of the forums to better understand how is work.

Thank you once more to allow me join your group.

Have a nice day.

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I live in London so in theory have access to lots of choice, but, I have a preference for simple designs, well made, in black and preferably made in Britain.

I have recently found the shoe forums very informative - may be about to invest in some Cheaney Harrington Oxfords for work- so hope to contribute as well as learn.
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Hello everyone,

my name is Alex and I'm a new member here on SF (well I've been reading the forum for a while but it's my first post).

Well, I'm from France and fairly new to the "sartorial" culture (mainly because until recently I was a student and thought I couldn't aford such suits :(

But, I've been reading a lot and now understand that you can be "broke and bespoke" not litteraly but you can still make pretty good deals.

So, after reading a lot about suits fitting, canvassing, napolitan shoulders, etc... I feel ready to reach a whole new level



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Hi Guys !

I'm Paul from France.

Very glad to be there.

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