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Hi All! Well after reading here for awhile now, I decided to make an account to maybe write down some of my inside thoughts and comments on forum! From CANADA!

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Hi All, I've been a long time reader of the forum and love all the comments and contributions. I'm looking forward to a very stylish 2016!

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Hi all - have been creeping on the forum for years for shoe advice, decided it was finally time to sign up and ask questions directly!


Thanks for all the valuable input.



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Hi there everyone, I ve been following this forum or quite some time now and I am trying to adjust my closet and get a better styling.

Mainly attracted to Suitsupply's items lately !


See you around

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Hey guys, 


I've just joined the forums and I'm a complete "newb" when it comes to style.  I've taken a new job as a Public Health Director and it requires me to be a lot more "professional" in appearance due to the high number of meetings and conferences.  I'm really interested in ties, sweaters and great shoes.  I have started a very modest collection and hope to grow it further with the help of everyone here.  


Other than that, I'm interested in music, specifically the guitar (been playing for 23 years), sports (Cincinnati Reds), craft beer, exotic foods, the outdoors, technology/smartphones (Android devices), cars and various other oddities and interest "peakers".


I have a beautiful wife and new baby girl that I love dearly.


I look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone, so feel free to contact me as I love the interaction.    




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Hi all. I'm a big fan of Aldens and I just joined the forum. Happy 2016!

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Hey just joined, looking forward to checking out this community and seeing some of the fits around here and maybe post a few of my own. 

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Been reading the forums on and off for years, but only just got around to registering last week. I'm a 38-year-old graphic designer with a love for fine watches and fine clothes. I love chunky boots and chunky knitwear. I hate the current fashion for slim fit or skinny trousers, as I can't find any that will fit over my thighs. Finding alternatives to my PRPS Baracuda jeans is my first priority! Look forward to interacting with you all.
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Hello all, 


I'm Inazuma, a french man living in Paris. 


I read this forum for years. 


See you in the posts. 

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Hello everybody,


my name is Giacomo, I was born in Italy but moved to Thailand at age 17. Now after 15 years of living in Asia I'm moving back to Italy permanently, mostly so my 3 year old son can grow up closer to his grand and great grandparents.


I've been an entrepreneur my whole life, and now that I'm back in Italy but my company is back in Thailand, I will start a new business in Italy.


I'm here looking for style ideas and educating myself.


Thank you all who make this forum possible,


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young guy signed up to keep up with everything, get involved and share stuff // (from Belgium, Antwerp)


hello fellow fashion killers :foo:

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Been reading a lot of informative posts here. Nice finally to sign up. Thanks!

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I'm Tom,

Tommy gunn is always my chosen username due to a background in boxing and love for Rocky films. I'm a person stylist/shopper working in London.

I know a fair bit about denim as I taught myself how to make a pair of jeans using selvedge denim, however my style is constantly changing. My wardrobe is made up of all the basics.. Navy blazer, navy suit, black suit, white shirt and good jeans along with pieces from Rick Owens, The Viridi Anne and other avant gard designers.

Constantly looking to learn more about menswear and other life skills!

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Hi, James from Melbourne. I am currently trying to learn as much about rejuvenating men’s leather shoes as I can: reshaping, resoling, recolouring, high shining etc. I go to bed thinking about shoes. I wake up, thinking about shoes. I have come here to learn as much as I can, improve my wardrobe, and hang out with some likeminded folk. Cheers. 

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Hello Gentlemen's 


I'm Leona, I'm from Bali-Indonesia, now I live in Tokyo, 

I'm doing Mba in fashion Business in Bunka Fashion Graduate University in Tokyo, and focusing on menswear,

I use to do menswear design, and I have showcased my collection in a fashion week back in 2013, I don't make clothes anymore,

but still want to work in menswear industry, so I want to learn everything there is about menswear (which is a lot omg so many, but whatevs I love menswear!)


Been lurking around here for a while, but too shy to post stuff >.< so yeah I'm a total Newbie


I love christopher raeburn, julius, john elliot,todd snyder, I still like 

and hangs in Isetan Mens, among other places in tokyo (my second favourite is Ueno, mostly for the food, and Denims)


I speak Japanese (not fluent in honorifics but fluent enough to politely bullshit my way out of troubles)

would love to meet the style forum gentlemen's, and if any of you is coming over to Tokyo, feel free to pm, lets shop or just talk about clothes over beer and yakitoris、

I'm a short chubby girl, so any chance i can go window shopping with my dudes I'm going!


looking forward to know you all!

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