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Hi, long time lurker...mid 30's in Finance. Try to stay away from fads but always remain in good taste. Learned lots from here. Looking forward to learning more. 

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Hello everyone, I've been lurking for a few years. I just pick up my first good suit (RLBL navy windowpane). Lets all make 2016 a kick ass year!

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Hi all,
I am Thomas, 33 and I live in Tokyo. I don't know much about clothing and shoes but I have been interested in high quality dress shoes recently and I found an infinite source of information in this forum. Thank you all for the messages posted until now and I hope I can also bring something after I get some experience.
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Hi all, and best wishes for 2016!


I'm a young Belgian lawyer (splitting my time between Brussels and London) working for a major British law firm, mostly doing finance law and m&a. I studied in Belgium, the US (NY) and London, so have been around quite a bit. Mostly interested in classic menswear. Have seen some great things on this forum and look forward to seeing more

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Hey SF, every other fashion discussion board is dead so here I am :confused:

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Hey stylish people!


I'm a 23 year old guy from England. I have a little design agency here, and I love vintage clothing, fine tailoring in particular. I'm often obsessed with things for about a week (philosophy, spanish food, robots, fell running). I travel a lot, and I'm really interested in anything a little bit out of the ordinary.


I posted a pair of my shoes, in another thread, I love them! So check them out, I hope there will be many more posts to come :-)

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And what a way to start the year that is! Welcome :-)

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Hi Tom, welcome to the forum. if you ever need any help sourcing anything in particular, let me know :-) It's amazing what I find when I know what I'm looking for!

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This one too by the looks of it mate :-(

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Good Evening Gentlemen, 

I'm Glenlivet, a 23 year old automobile enthusiast and writer. I'm here to learn a thing or two about style as part of a self improvement binge. I've browsed your forum briefly, and so far I feel a bit out of my element. The terminology totally eludes me, and the concepts are more advanced than I expected, but I look forward to soon being able to understand what on Earth you're all on about. 


To new friends,

Mr. Glenlivet

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I am Chris, just moved to Dallas from Chicago. I am 35 and have worked in the men's clothing industry for the last 16 years.
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Thanks for your honest introduction - how refreshing! I'm in a similar boat: I'm not well off but once in a while I like to treat myself to something of high quality. I joined here to learn of the best trends and style choices for when I do want to splurge.

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Hello styleforum!


  • I am an early 40's father of four in salt lake city utah. 
  • I love the outdoors, family and travel.
  • I recently realized a desire to simplify my life by enjoying less but incorporating the things I do use of higher quality and comfort.
  • What brought me here: allen edmonds had a Christmas sale and I purchased two pairs of long branch wingtip boots. Golden brown and black. They had to make both pair because of my size so I am awaiting the delivery. I came here looking for information on how to care for my investment.
  • I hope to find more information on where to find things of quality that are worth what I trade for them.




"Today is good day to have a good day"

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Hi all. I'm samkl, and I just bought my first suit--RLBL navy with a "microcheck" pattern. I too, like Ijaji90109, can't splurge often, but when I can, I like to splurge on high quality things with great materials and craftsmanship. I'm new to this scene, so I'm eager to learn all I can!

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Hello. I am in my late thirties but my style "movement" began only a year ago. I recently became a customer of Kent Wang, and his content is what brought me here. I think the user-submitted photos are awesome and motivational.

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