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Hi guys, I'm Quin and I'm a 26 year old law student in New York City. Have been browsing the forums for a bit, and decided it was time to make an account and start participating.

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What's up, my name is Tirage and I'm from the bay area. Been lurking for a while and ready to start contributing!

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Hi All,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! My name is Eric and live in Atlanta, Georgia! I find myself on SF a lot after Googling questions about menswear. I decided it was about time I'd sign up and participate. I've always been into clothes and style but got more into it when I had to dress up business casual for my first real adult job. I'm also a materials engineer so I'm fascinated with the materials that go into shoes and clothing. I'm lucky enough to have Sid Mashburn in town to help me dress well. My current obsession is Alden Shell Cordovan. Nice to meet y'all!

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Merry Christmas everyone!


My name is Sam and I am a brand new member of styleforum. I am looking to contribute and find some good information here.


Thanks all!

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I'm NEWPXSN from Canada. I was introduced to this forum few years ago by a friend of mine.


I have a few streetwear/fashion pieces to sale so I thought it might be a good idea to register and post them on the marketplace.


Happy holidays.

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I'm Mats currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Have been a long time lurker at this forum and thought it was time to start having an account.


Probably have a rather unhealthy relationship to Carmina’s cordovan shell shoes sneaking in one pair at a time. Formerly addicted to Allen Edmonds and Brooks Brothers that brings back sweet memories from a few years the SF bay area.


You will probably see me the most in various shoe related threads to start with 

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Hi everyone,

Just joined today! Starting to get into more fine fashion, like watches, shoes, and suits. I'm based in Tokyo, so hopefully someone can help me out with information on mid range ($400-700) shops in town.
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Hi all, I found the site in a good rabbit hole for men's boots. Great stuff.
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I live in Paris (France), I've been lurking for a while at this forum, now it's time for contribution.

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My name is Kyle, I'm an avid enthusiast of fashion, fitness, and footwear. I recently started a new blog that will, hopefully, show you my passion.


Check out it out!



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Hello All,


I have lurked for quite a while but now believe it is time to join the discussion.


So, here it goes: my name is Clearwater.  I’m an attorney by training (but am a doctor by hobby) and wear a suit everyday. I am a clay pigeon’s worst nightmare, I schedule my New Year’s plans around the Sugar Bowl, and I use Absalom! Absalom! to teach my child proper sentence structure.


My clothing taste is ever evolving.  I have abandoned my penchant for custom shirts and suits relatively recently.  Since then, I have been relentlessly hunting OTR value.  I also chase tailoring perfection to a degree that I am certain is unhealthy.


I look forward to years of spirited discussion with y’all.



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Hello everyone, my name is Matt. I have been lurking on here for a couple weeks and decided it would be fun to join. I'm 23 and I have been progressively getting deeper and more interested in style and quality products since college. I enjoy piecing together cohesive outfits. I love quality leather goods, especially shoes. I am always on the search for high quality and sharp looking clothes and shoes.

I hope to continue educating myself with your help and look forward to conversing with the community here.
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Hi i am ajaye from new delhi india. I see 2 threads for introduction here on this site. I posted in the other one first.
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Hello everyone my name is Vadim i'm 20 years old living in U.S. only recently have i decided to make smarter wardrobe decisions, and while asking google questions i stumbled upon this forum; I been using this site for quite some time, specifically the "Sales" thread, and decided that it's finally time to get myself more engaged in the conversation and ask some fashion related questions.!

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Hello everyone.
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