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I'm Brian.  I have too many clothes and so am trying to empty my closet.   

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I'm Mike. Long time lurker here (probably since before I even registered in 2010).

Never posted much, but have learned a metric shit tonne about men's clothing/style from all the great folks on here. Great place to spend time on the interwebs.
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Hi I'm a long time lurker of the forum. Learned a lot about men's formal shoes and clothes and bought a lot of shoes subsequently. I now need to off load some of that :) 

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Originally Posted by Awinburg View Post

Good morning. My incentive to join was born out the fact that I've always shopped solely at Brooks Brothers. However, as I've stepped out of military uniform into office attire, I've had the uncomfortable feeling that this not the Brooks Brothers of 30 years ago as I began purchasing their suits.

Hello I like you was in the military (Army for 10yrs) and no work in the men's high fashion sector and joined the website to get a better understanding as to why I keep seeing the same thing every day walk into my stores.

Anyway, the Brooks Brothers that you might have known 30yrs ago is still there however, you will have to know what you want. Meaning the fit of the old sack suits, peak lapel, pleated pants are there however, you will have to ask for them. Even the shirts ( old heavy oxfords) are there too however, you have to ask for them. There are 4 kinds of suit silhouettes Madison (full cut) Fitzgerald ( American athletic cut) Regent (English slim cut) Milano ( Italian slim cut) the same goes for their shirts with Traditional, Madison Regent, Milano. Again, you have to know what you are looking for and if all else fails then go MTM on both the suits and shirts and have the fit and the look you want exactly. For the love of good please do not spend 2500 on a nice suit and put on a pair of cheap 100.00 shoes. Nothing gets me up set more then to work with a gentleman to get him looking his best and he comes into the store with a pair of slip-on dress shoes or a pair of cheap J&M, Cole, Bostonians he picked up for 85.00 at Macys on clearance. Spend the money on a good pair of shoes and they will serve you well. At best a pair of of Allen Edmonds if Peal & Co, Alden, or Edward Green is too far out of your budget.
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Don't think I've done this yet. 


I'm a tall, mid-forties musician from DC and I'm happy to be here. My style interests include fedoras, tall sizes, and low rises. J.Crew needs to bring back the 484 unhemmed option for me with a quickness. 

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I'm Nate. I'm here just trying to keep my finger on the "style pulse". I love getting new ideas watching others dress. I am kind of a wardrobe minimalist. I don't want a lot of clothes, but I want good (not necessarily GREAT) quality clothes and I want to put them together well. Thanks, in advance, for the help.
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Hello I'm Tony. I am from Florida, in the states. I work in the medical field and have no style sense that's why I'm here. I want to build a classy wardrobe. If you see me doing something dumb, let me know.

Best regards,
Tony Pelican
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MOK from Australia. Glad to join the forum

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I'm Josh. Just recently started to up my style game and stumbled upon Aaron Marino's Alpha M and Antonio Centeno's Real Men Real Style YouTube channels. Now I've decided to branch out and expand my knowledge base by lurking here.:)

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Hey guys my name is Ryan and I'm new here. Awesome forum and glad to be apart of it!

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Hello gentlemen,


My name is Arthur and I live in Paris, France. I am 33 and working in academia (so far at least).

I have been quietly reading SF for a couple of years now, and I have really enjoyed the ride. I enjoy doing extensive research on clothing before I buy anything. Threads on Alden, Carmina, Meermin and C&J have been extremely useful to me. I am also on the lookout for vintage quality menswear such as odd jackets and hats. 


Long live the art of permanent fashion!



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Hi all, nice to meet you. My name is Raphael I live in Chowchilla, California. I'm 25 years old and I make bespoke made-to-measure shoes. I've heard about Styleforum a lot throughout my years in my training and apprenticing with my Father in San Jose, Ca. I could never get myself to get used to visiting here frequently up until recently. Anyway I make shoes, and my father and grandfather both were bespoke shoemakers and bootmakers most their life. My dad has been in the shoe repair trade alongside making custom shoes for people that were interested in San Jose,Ca where I grew up since 1977. I started working with my dad Roberto in December 2008 up until now, doing repairs and doing what consists of he "making" process of shoemaking. Now after seven years I am looking to be setting up my own workshop in Chowchilla, Ca within the next 3-4 months smile.gif

Well... There is a lot more stories where that comes from but that's the jest of it! Glad to be here!
Cheers, Raphael Herrera
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Hi Everyone,

My names Tavon Davis and I'm the creative director for a contemporary sportswear brand called Victory Lap. I've followed Style Forum for many years and really enjoy the conversations about menswear on here. Forgive me in advance as I'm new to posting on this particular forum. Since I know several gentleman on here, I can't think of any other place to have a dialogue and discuss something that we're all pretty passion about... mens fashion. I'd personally love the opportunity to chat with some of you in person about your thoughts on menswear, what's inspiring you and your dress? etc... Feel free to visit our site or stop by and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have related to or unrelated to our brand. Thanks very much for your time and Happy Holidays everyone!


Tavon Davis

Victory Lap | Creative Director


108 Bushwich Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11206

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Hi all, my name is Jeff and I live in Southern California.  New to the forum here.  Been lurking for a few weeks and have just joined.  Lots and lots of great information here.  :)

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Hi.i'm kim . Live in s,korea, 52yrs. just ordinary salary man after retired Navy. Goooood to meet you all~  :))

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