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Hi, I'm a 21 year old guy from Sweden. Shoes were my gateway drug, now I spend far too much time thinking about clothes in general. Being on a rather restrained budget, I tend to save my cash until winter and summer sale season and when I buy at full price I typically make sure I get maximum bang for the buck. A recent purchase I am very happy with is Suitsupply's navy cashmere overcoat.

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Hi all,

As you probably know, I'm new to the forum. My name is Kelvin and I'm a fourth-year business student at the University of Toronto. My passion for classical menswear came about because, when I was younger, I joined the cadet program - a para-military youth organization. Cadets really emphasized personal presentation and this is what made me pay a lot of attention to details that many teens my age would be unaware of.

I didn't start caring about how I dressed (mainly due to lack of financial resources) until summer of 2014. At that time, I had one poorly fitting black suit from Tip Top Tailors and these ugly black loafers my mother bought for me back in China. Now, I'm much more confident in how and I act and dress and I owe it (mainly) to Reddit and Instagram. I joined SF because I wanted to explore potential opportunities for learning and I'm also interested in a career in the menswear industry. :)

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I'm Carol from Chaska MN, previously Anaheim Hills, CA. I came upon this group while researching warm gloves for winter and am happy to have found it. Aside from an unrelated career position, I've worked for Nordstrom in different capacities and have done personal color and wardrobe consulting. I love cooking and baking and especially love Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, and enjoy decorating in a simple but meaningful way for these and other holidays. I saw those beautiful ebelskivers on someone else's introduction. One of our Christmas morning traditions, I love making them and eating them with syrup or jam and butter. Wonderful little invention, those evelskivers! 


I appreciate what I've seen so far of this group and know I'll enjoy it. I just hope I can be a help to someone else in some way, shape or form. ;-)

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Good morning. My incentive to join was born out the fact that I've always shopped solely at Brooks Brothers. However, as I've stepped out of military uniform into office attire, I've had the uncomfortable feeling that this not the Brooks Brothers of 30 years ago as I began purchasing their suits.
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Hello! I came by way of sufu. I'm mostly interested in technical outerwear. Currently *obsessed* with Acronym.

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I'm Harry, I come from nothern England, but studied in London where menswear became an ever more interesting distraction (now back in the north and most people think I look like a twit).


A background in engineering and photography have fed my appreciation for both the aesthetic and construction elements of well made garments. Styleforum has long been a valued resource, especially as an avid thrifter.

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Greg, central Arkansas, bargain hunter.  Current obsession:  Caruso (or obscure items made by Caruso).

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Hi, guys,I come from China. I work in a watch factory, sell watch ourside china. It is called Foreign trade sales.

I am a mother.

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