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I'm Carol from Chaska MN, previously Anaheim Hills, CA. I came upon this group while researching warm gloves for winter and am happy to have found it. Aside from an unrelated career position, I've worked for Nordstrom in different capacities and have done personal color and wardrobe consulting. I love cooking and baking and especially love Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, and enjoy decorating in a simple but meaningful way for these and other holidays. I saw those beautiful ebelskivers on someone else's introduction. One of our Christmas morning traditions, I love making them and eating them with syrup or jam and butter. Wonderful little invention, those evelskivers! 


I appreciate what I've seen so far of this group and know I'll enjoy it. I just hope I can be a help to someone else in some way, shape or form. ;-)

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Good morning. My incentive to join was born out the fact that I've always shopped solely at Brooks Brothers. However, as I've stepped out of military uniform into office attire, I've had the uncomfortable feeling that this not the Brooks Brothers of 30 years ago as I began purchasing their suits.
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Hello! I came by way of sufu. I'm mostly interested in technical outerwear. Currently *obsessed* with Acronym.

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I'm Harry, I come from nothern England, but studied in London where menswear became an ever more interesting distraction (now back in the north and most people think I look like a twit).


A background in engineering and photography have fed my appreciation for both the aesthetic and construction elements of well made garments. Styleforum has long been a valued resource, especially as an avid thrifter.

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Greg, central Arkansas, bargain hunter.  Current obsession:  Caruso (or obscure items made by Caruso).

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Hi, guys,I come from China. I work in a watch factory, sell watch ourside china. It is called Foreign trade sales.

I am a mother.

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I dress men one at a time...I live in Raleigh NC. My company offers custom clothing (shirts, suits, trousers and sports coats) at better than retail prices. If you live in NC, VA or SC I can help you. If you live outside of these areas, I will try to find another stylist for you! My website is jodieluke.jhilburn.com.
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Hi Guys,


 I'm Katie a Fashion Brand Promotion Student at University of Central Lancashire.


I LOVE menswear and have featured many menswear brand in oast projects.


I can't wait to soak up your knowledge on the matter.


With this course and my love of menswear, I need your help!


I'm currently doing a review on Premium European Brands: Stone Island, Moncler and Paul&Shark and would love for you to spare 2 minutes and have your say in my survey (https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PWRZ6GW).



Feel free to ask any questions, I hope you don't mind me asking this and that I haven't offended anyone.


Thank you for taking your time to read this!




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Good evening Gentlemen,


I am ready to create a new wardrobe.  I am a 32 year old big & tall man.  I would like to emphasize the & part of that.  I stand 6'7" and weigh 350#.  I wear a size 17 shoe. And my arms are actually a little short in relation to my overall stature.  Needless to say I hate shopping. 

Up until recently, I had no real need to look to nice and just made due with some chinos and polos as a middle school math teacher.  But alas I have made a jump to the corporate world and view my trajectory as rising and I want to look the part.  I live in a small town, and have gone to a few tailors around here for a few suits but have never been really pleased with the final product. 

I want , wait, need help.  I am on a budget as I cannot afford a full bespoke wardrobe.  However I have noticed numerous online MTM designers and was wanting advice on dealing with them. 

Furthermore, the size 17 shoe is an issue.  It is difficult to find stylish shoes in my size, and when I do my budget seems to get in the way.  So if anyone has any advice on that front as well I would be greatly appreciative.

Thank you.

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New member of this forum.


Pima1234 is my handle on The Gear Page and Fractal Audio Forum.


My primary interests lie mainly in the guitar world. I'm an aficionado of quality guitars and related gear. Long time teacher and primarily classical guitarist by training with a Master's degree from West Chester Univ. of PA. I have served as a faculty member at various colleges, and managed my own instruction and recording studio for many years until recently. Recorded 3 classical guitar duo albums last decade as 1/2 of The Pedrick-Hutson Guitar Duo. Then got married, relocated. Two kids, just relocated again. Been recovering from an auto accident back in March, still in PT and dealing with some lingering issues, trying get in shape again, and seeking to find an excellent position in music (ideally) as a music director, professor, professional instructor, etc. Also pursuing casual study (for the time being) in coding and trying to understand the principles of computer programming.


Only recently made the jump into quality footwear and have much to learn about that and other quality clothing. Glad to be here, and excited to take it another level.

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I'm new to the styleforum. 

What should I do with this overcoat?  1969 Oxxford Clothes A&E King's Vicuna top coat.  My sister would like to sell it but don’t know how much to ask for it.  The linen ticket says it was tailored in 1969 for James Medici (could this be the infamous antiquities dealer Giacomo Medici?).  Thank you in advance for any information/suggestions you have for me, if you don’t mind.


Respectfully, Rhonda

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Hi all,


I'm a thirty-something Graphic Designer from Sydney Australia. I've joined the Styleforum community to share my interest in seeking out good quality clothing, shoes and accessories with like-minded folk.


Being from Down Under I can get a little patriotic about RMW boots. Oddly and annoyingly (given our warm climate) I also love the pursuit of new jackets, which I can wear for only one or two months of the year!


I'm looking forward to sharing some good conversation and ideas.


All the best,


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I'm Edward, but call me Eddie. Lover of all things cool and garish :D

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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, call me Alex.


I have been reading the forum a lot in the last years. One of my favorites when I need information about styles or clothes.

Yersterday I saw an interestind Add in the sellers corner, so I decided to join the forum to be able to communicate with the seller.


I am a member on several other forums like Stilmagazin (Germany) with similar topics.


I am fan of classical, conservative taste I suppose. I like exclusive materials and finish.


My favorites Brands includes mostly european homed luxury brands, each having their speciality.


I use my rare spare time hunting for uncommon yet classical items.


Should I find some time, I will beginn posting in some sections rather then just reading like I did until now ;)

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