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I'm Leandro, haven't been here in a while

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Hi, I'm WillWork4Coffee. I work in a medical field and wear business dress during the week. I live close to Boston so lots of good thrifting available which has become a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby lately. My main addiction in life is good coffee ergo the handle. 

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Hello everyone, I am KF from China, a beginner for men classic wear:)

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Young single professional in Toronto. Debt free and not tied up in any large investments (i.e. I don't own real estate). Low net worth and am not self employed so that is not changing any time soon. Have a modest amount of disposable income and would like to make quality purchases since you can only wear one outfit at a time. Made an account so I could sub to the Toronto thread. Will likely find other sub-able threads over time.

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Hello from the North East of England! I'm not sure if I'm having a mid life crisis but over the last few years I've been very interested in leather jackets. Mainly been buying on eBay, not finding the perfect jacket then 'collecting them' until my better half makes me sell them. I've been lurking on The Fedora Lounge soaking up their advice etc. I've heard a lot of references to this site when one of the classifieds on here finally got me to sign up. Pleased to meet you all and hope I can help.

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Hey Everyone, 


Just discovered this forum, I'm a Chicagoan who is passionate about Shoes (Allen Edmonds); Suits, Denim, Watches (Rolex). 


Looking forward to contributing as much as possible!

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Hey everyone,


Long-time lurker, first time poster here. I've been using this site as a helpful reference guide for years - ever since I first started a job that required business dress. I figured now is as good a time as any to join in.


I'm currently living in New York and I have had some excellent success thrifting great suits. I always try to keep my eyes peeled for a good deal. 


See you around. 

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Hi everyone,


Long time occasional lurker, finally got around to making an account to post/buy from the forums. Recently left the Navy, currently back in school in uptown NYC. Will be exploring the thrift stores and sample sales in the city frequently!

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Hey everyone.


A chef from Rochester, NY here. I have followed some menswear blogs for a few years and have attended some Pop Up Fleas and sample sales in NY.


Obsessed with Mark Mcnairy, Imogene and Willie, Best Made Co. and Hickorees/The Hill-Side, Red Wings and Uniform Wares.


Trying to learn more about expanding and maintaining a well rounded wardrobe. Sometimes on a budget.


Nice to meet all of you.

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Hello, I'm known as bro Pete as I am a pastor in a small town Baptist church in central Texas.  I came to the forum looking for a tweed "office jacket" so that I don't have to heat up the whole building when I am here alone.  I would consider myself nominally wardrobe literate, in other words; not so much. 

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Hi all together! 

My name is Jason, I am British and more into the more classic section of this forum, although I am not an expert and still have a lot to "learn". What I am looking for in this forum is like-minded people to discuss about what is "wrong" and what is "right" according to dress codes all around the world, not only to define the Do's and Don't's, but mostly to hear and learn from other aficionados' opinions. So if you look for someone to discuss a topic or to hear an opinion, feel free to private-message me.

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Hi Everyone,


I'm a recent university grad and my first job is in a high end menswear store located just outside of Toronto in Oakville called "Blazer for Men". I've been on a 3 year journey of really appreciating menswear to lead me to my current job so if you're in the GTA I would love the opportunity to serve you or help you find a wardrobe that suits(my terrible play on words) you , hit me up. Been using the forum for a long time through my brother and thought it about time to join myself. 


Looking forward to contributing and to learning from you guys

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Hello there!
I'm new here and happy to become a part of this community.


I am part of, an up-and-coming business directory for Nepalese businesses and I thought I'd become a part of this community to tell the world a little bit about Nepalese style. I think I will mostly hang out in the "Buying & Selling" section.

I have already been through some of the posts and comments and hope to contribute here and there.



- Chris

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Hi, I'm a 21 year old guy from Sweden. Shoes were my gateway drug, now I spend far too much time thinking about clothes in general. Being on a rather restrained budget, I tend to save my cash until winter and summer sale season and when I buy at full price I typically make sure I get maximum bang for the buck. A recent purchase I am very happy with is Suitsupply's navy cashmere overcoat.

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Hi all,

As you probably know, I'm new to the forum. My name is Kelvin and I'm a fourth-year business student at the University of Toronto. My passion for classical menswear came about because, when I was younger, I joined the cadet program - a para-military youth organization. Cadets really emphasized personal presentation and this is what made me pay a lot of attention to details that many teens my age would be unaware of.

I didn't start caring about how I dressed (mainly due to lack of financial resources) until summer of 2014. At that time, I had one poorly fitting black suit from Tip Top Tailors and these ugly black loafers my mother bought for me back in China. Now, I'm much more confident in how and I act and dress and I owe it (mainly) to Reddit and Instagram. I joined SF because I wanted to explore potential opportunities for learning and I'm also interested in a career in the menswear industry. :)

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