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Hello, just joined. I'm an American expat living in Brussels. I've been lurking on the Classic Menswear forum for a while and wanted to use some of the additional features of the site. So, here I am.

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Name's Dan,


Rocking kick ass outfits is ma jam and hobby, as is kayaking and hiking. Joined Late 2014 and wanting to ask you good folk, if there is a thread which is dedicated to taking care of ones clothing and yeah keeping em in that mint condition as best as one can do!


Peace out

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Hey Guys Im BuzzAldrin and before any of you ask if I actually made it to the moon inside of a washing machine....yes the moon landing was staged ...lol jk ! Im a watch enthusiast and love adding new things to my professional attire such as suits, pocket squares, ties, etc. Watch buying and selling is a passion so if you are interested in doing business or just talking watches please feel free to message me! 


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Hello all,

Been perusing the site for a while for advice but only just recently joined. I'm pretty interested in classic American-made workwear, especially jeans and boots, and English country clothing as well. Some of my favorite brands to sport in those areas are Gustin denim, Red Wing boots, and Barbour jackets to go on top. I don't have too many reasons to dress more formally than that, but I do enjoy taking the chance to do so whenever I can. Allen Edmonds, Loake, and Hugh and Crye are a couple of the brands I own and love in that realm.

I look forward to using this valuable resource as much as possible!

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Hello all,


Just came across styleforum because one of our customers mentioned you guys in an e-mail conversation.


I'm Joost and i run www.thehuntingensemble.com. We're a Dutch based (web)shop and we sell brands like Norse Projects, Our Legacy en Han Kjobenhavn. 


I hope that I can make a nice contribution to this forum with my background. We started five years ago and we have the necessary experience and skills regarding fits and fabrics in the world of casual menswear. In addition, I hope to get inspired and get new ideas for our shop due to the reactions of the people on the forum.

If you have any tips or advice for us please let me know. I hope I can be of added value to the forum!





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Greetings everyone,


I am Tohté and currently living in Seattle, Washington. I have been familiar with StyleForum, as a casual browser, for some time now so it's about time that I created an account. I like understated clothing styles, finance, and tea.


As I develop my style and wardrobe, I hope to contribute to discussions and offer some of the goods that I have moved on from for sale.



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Hello! Funnily enough, I am another Seattle resident. I have had an interest in clothes for a while now. Not necessarily an interest in the fanciest clothes or the most precious, just in figuring out what I like. It is fun to see what other people like, too.


I am not likely to be a prolific poster, but Styleforum seems like a great place to learn and contribute what little I can.

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Recently moved to San Jose, CA, and just started taking bespoke clothing seriously in the last year or so. I am expanding my wardrobe as I need to, and only making solid decisions going forward. I recently purchased my first proper sport coat with the help of this forum and couldn't be happier with my choice.


This forum seems to be one of the more common site results in my fashion queries so I figured it's time to join as I continue to expand my closet. I imagine I will mostly be posting specific questions about wardrobe choices that I cannot find existing answers for. Being a noob, I don't have a whole lot to dish out. Maybe in time!

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Hello everyone. I'm from Malaysia. Recently got a suit made and joined this forum to ask questions and better my style.
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New member, long time reader. I live in the San Diego California area. I do blue collar government work, and my every day work wear are rental uniforms that look like a gas station attendant or something similar. I like raw denim, small manufactured clothing, and work wear style, and this is my typical non working attire. I wear suiting if it is appropriate. I enjoy seeing other opinions on fashion and style, even if I don't personally agree with them. To each his own, and I probably bend and break a lot of rules, but I've never really liked rules. I'm actually a pretty friendly guy so don't hesitate to ask me anything or comment on something I might post. 

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hello, I am from Spain, and I have some problems with the english language, in any case I will do my best to understand you and contribute... :fonz:

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Greetings from Gotham,


I've lurked around for some time, now that I've been wearing business and business casual attire on a regular basis and have been getting things tailored to fit properly.

I'm still trying to figure out if a charcoal blazer I purchased is beyond the "orphaned" suit jacket X-D

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Hi, I'm Mike from Chicago. I was a motorcycle/mods n rockers guy for a long time and wore pretty casual jeans and t shirts. I'm starting a new more sharp style and have been looking for ideas and clothes for a while now. I recently picked up a brown houndstooth vest with a cream and brown striped shirt that I love and feel very comfortable in if that is any indication.

I look forward to learning more here, looks like an active site!
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I am travelguy782,


 Straight, single male, travel nursing around the US and doing a little adventure exploring when I can. I enjoying being nurse and helping people (although it is exhausting). I like good comfortable yet stylish boots.  I am from the southern US but currently in southern Oregon. I also have interests in science news, airplanes, travel and technology.


Thanks for having me.

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Hello! I'm an artist, which you may have guessed by my name.  A painter, more specifically.  I live in south central Nebraska. I'm very dedicated to painting and I intend to make it my life's work.


My wardrobe now consists of a small, but growing number, of respectable looking clothes, and painting clothes.  Not much use for casual looks.  I'm either working or trying to look at art, sell art, meet other artists, etc.....  you get the idea.


I actually found this forum through searching for information about White's boots, which I wear when I paint.  Since then I have found it to be an interesting place, so I figured it was time to contribute instead of being a peeping tom.


I see No Man Walks Alone has a thread here, which is awesome.  I found out about them from the blog Die, Workwear.  It seems the writer of that blog posts here to, if I'm not mistaken.  


I also found out about the company Post-Imperial around this time last year on a blog who, if I'm not mistaken, the writer posts here too?  Maybe a Swedish guy? I really need to pick up some Post-Imperial stuff soon.


Anyways, glad to be here.

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