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hey all SF member:D

i'm fafa, from Indonesia, i like jeans, sneakers, n boots.

lets make some friends:fistbump:

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Hey, I'm Soupytwist. Recently transplanted to Denver. I worked in high-end retail and now I'm just chilling, figuring out what's next.


Brand interests range from Carpe Diem, to Acne, to SLP. 


I've lurked on the forum for a few years and decided it was probably time to just make an account. 

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Originally Posted by fafahadyan View Post

hey all SF member:D

i'm fafa, from Indonesia, i like jeans, sneakers, n boots.

lets make some friends:fistbump:


I'm here too, well rather transplanted here.

Know any places that sells shoe care? I cant seem to find anything past kiwi or that Ace hardware brand around here.


Anyways I'm Al and I'm obsessed with shoes.

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DMloop, just go to here, i suggest you to use venetian shoe cream for boots care, more affordable than shaphire :D

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I'm Daniel, Swedish diplomat, currently based in Geneva.


I have had an interest in menswear for as long as I can remember. All kinds of clothes actually, but the tie is especially close to my heart(!). Even if I have been into menswear for a long time it is just recently that I have chosen to embrace it and make it more of a hobby. That's why I started the blog Diplomatic Ties together with my wife who is an excellent photographer.


I have no particular ambitions with the blog in the sense that I'm not looking for another job or making it commercial. Rather it is just a testament to my love of menswear (and to some extent photography in general).


As a new member here I don't really know what to expect yet, but I think I'm looking forward to it all the same!

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I'm Phillip, long time lurker.
I really enjoy reading the forum and thought it was time I participated. Love shoes, watches and pretty much anything style related. biggrin.gif

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Hi, I am Juliana, I am new to this forum. I live in Manchester. Looking forward to a great time on this forum.
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Hey guys, literally just joined. Love this site already. Sort of just looking to expand my horizons. Started a new job in New York city and I'm looking to change up my style a bit. Hoping to pick up various style tips and great brands from everyone here on the forum. Thanks.
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I am Kathleen new user to this forum.

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I come from Vietnam, and i work for a footwear company, you can see more information about us at http://www.naturallyfootwear.com/en/about-us/about-us-2.html

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