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Originally Posted by fafahadyan View Post

hey all SF member:D

i'm fafa, from Indonesia, i like jeans, sneakers, n boots.

lets make some friends:fistbump:


I'm here too, well rather transplanted here.

Know any places that sells shoe care? I cant seem to find anything past kiwi or that Ace hardware brand around here.


Anyways I'm Al and I'm obsessed with shoes.

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DMloop, just go to here, i suggest you to use venetian shoe cream for boots care, more affordable than shaphire :D

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I'm Daniel, Swedish diplomat, currently based in Geneva.


I have had an interest in menswear for as long as I can remember. All kinds of clothes actually, but the tie is especially close to my heart(!). Even if I have been into menswear for a long time it is just recently that I have chosen to embrace it and make it more of a hobby. That's why I started the blog Diplomatic Ties together with my wife who is an excellent photographer.


I have no particular ambitions with the blog in the sense that I'm not looking for another job or making it commercial. Rather it is just a testament to my love of menswear (and to some extent photography in general).


As a new member here I don't really know what to expect yet, but I think I'm looking forward to it all the same!

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I'm Phillip, long time lurker.
I really enjoy reading the forum and thought it was time I participated. Love shoes, watches and pretty much anything style related. biggrin.gif

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Hi, I am Juliana, I am new to this forum. I live in Manchester. Looking forward to a great time on this forum.
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Hey guys, literally just joined. Love this site already. Sort of just looking to expand my horizons. Started a new job in New York city and I'm looking to change up my style a bit. Hoping to pick up various style tips and great brands from everyone here on the forum. Thanks.
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I am Kathleen new user to this forum.

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I come from Vietnam, and i work for a footwear company, you can see more information about us at http://www.naturallyfootwear.com/en/about-us/about-us-2.html

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Hello.  I'm Matt from Long Island.


For most of my life (I'm 47), I didn't give clothes much thought.  The fact that I was fat for most of my life contributed.  But recently I lost a great deal of weight, to the point where I had to replace my entire wardrobe.  I thought "Since I have to start over with this new body, I might as well do it right."  So I started looking around the net to find out what to buy and what to wear.  That eventually led me to Put This On, which led me here.


I've been lurking for a little while.  But I signed up for The Proper Kit, and if I'm going to meet some of you I should show myself.  So here we are. ;)

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Hey everyone, I’m Fred from Houston.


Currently an MBA student pursuing law school. I’ve been interested in men’s fashion since high school, but the last few years of working before coming back to school finally gave me the financials to start building a cool wardrobe. Hard to say about my favorite brands, but John Elliott and Drifter come to mind for casual stuff (tees, hoodies, sweats, etc.).  For dress clothes I tend toward Paul Smith (suits) and Santoni (shoes), but I also snag a fair amount of aftermarket discounted button-downs from Scotch and Soda and similar brands.


I hope to someday find my way into the men’s fashion (tech) industry, but until then I guess I’ll just hang out here. Glad to finally make an account - like plenty of others I’ve been checking out the site for a while.



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Hi guys!


I'm an Austrian business student. I like art, fashion and tech!

I have been a long time lurker and finally decided to join to be able to participate ;)

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Hello all!


I am a photographer and I consider myself a dapper gentleman of sorts.  I love bourbon whiskey and anything leather.


I am looking forward to sharing my photos and getting to know more people here!

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Hey everyone


I am from Canada and just wanted to check out this site and hopefully get some fashion advice.


Look forward to hearing from you




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Hi guys,

I'm Matt from the UK - recently started working in a professional job and want to learn more about gentlemen's clothing. Have been reading the forum for a few months and found really good advice so far.

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Welcome to all the recent newcomers. I'm the greeter of sorts around here.

We look forward to your contributions to the forum.
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