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Hi all,

You can call me Guy, though I can't promise that I won't think your being condescending. I started lurking around this past spring. I work at a Museum (though I'm in my mid-20's and that's subject to change soon), which means a jacket and tie is overdressed (I still wear them when I can) and I have some opportunities for semi-formal dress. I joined because I needed tuxedo/dinner jacket guidance and found that, as is usually the case with any subject, I couldn't just learn a little and be satisfied; I need to become as much of an expert as possible. I love the pursuit of individual style, I love fashion when it makes clear reference to history and tradition, I love suits, i can appreciate good shoes, I love learning, and I hate both large armholes and most brands' sorry excuses for "slim fit."

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Hello people. Im Arthur, I'm from Los Angeles, i'm addicted to leather goods. Boots are awesome, my favs brands are Nicks, White's. i'm a welder. 

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Hi I'm Space, I joined today looking to buy some clothes, I'm in Belgium at this moment.


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How's it going guys, new here. I have been lurking in the Suitsupply thread seeing what you guys talk about and I have to say you all are very knowledgeable about fits and fabrics. I'm pretty impressed. I work at the Soho store, so seeing what you guys talk about is interesting to me. If any of you have specific questions about the product, a fit, etc please let me know or shoot me a PM with the question. I'll most likely be focused on the Suitsupply thread, but may make my way around the rest of the forum as well. Thanks dudes

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Hey all, I'm an Australian man-child about to start my first full time job and looking for appropriate footwear. Figured this would be a nice place to start! :D

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Hello, I'm an entrepreneur living and working in Ukraine at the moment. I recently became inspired to try bespoke tailor-made clothing because the clothing choices in the malls are quite poor here (and everywhere in general, to be honest, but even worse here), and also because labor is generally cheap here so I can get the top tailor in Ukraine to make me a bespoke shirt from Thomas Mason fabric for $150.


I have already learned quite a bit from lurking here before I signed up, and looking forward to learning more and being inspired to create new shirts, suits.... I even want to try hand-made shoes if I can find someone really good!

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Hi there, I recently discovered this forum while researching an item of clothing for eBay (where I sell - though mostly women's clothing). I love the  forum where people show the treasures they found in thrift stores, because that's one of my passions, too!


In brief: I'm a homeschooling mom/author/eBayer/crafter/woodworker/jackette-of-all-trades, and I think I'm going to really love it here (though I'll probably lurk more than I post).

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I'm ksbluesfan.  I'm a 50-year-old guy who lives in the suburbs of Overland Park, KS (just south of Kansas City, MO).  


I came to SF because I noticed that there are older gentlemen here who have incredible style.  I could use a little inspiration.


My job doesn't have a dress code because I work from home.  While I could get away with wearing pajamas all day, I prefer to dress in what most people would consider to be business casual. When my wife and I go out to dinner, I like to wear a sport coat and slacks.  I try to follow traditional rules because I didn't know these rules existed when I was younger.  That means I don't wear linen or seersucker before Easter or after Labor Day, I don't wear brown shoes with black pants, my socks match my trousers, and so on.  I would love to be a dandy, but neither my budget nor my lifestyle would allow it. I rarely wear jeans, shorts or t-shirts (unless I'm working in the yard or at the gym).  I have trouble finding clothes that fit well because I'm so thin (5'10", 145 lbs, 36 regular).  I probably could use a good tailor.


I won't post very often, but I will browse nearly every day.


Thanks for having me.

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Hi all, I'm Janesh from India and new to the place! Look forward to chatting and getting stuck in :) Have a good day! Love all things fashion! (strange for an Indian I know!)

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I am wiki and I don't know how to use this forum , does this forum only discuss clothing style ? 

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No there are many subjects to talk about!

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Hey I'm Greg, from the UK looking for some design advice!
What better place than this forum?
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Hello Greg

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Hi! I'm clearly one of the few new member's to follow new member protocol and have jumped to this thread to introduce myself. I've been in the fashion scene for a few years now, have dabbled and window shopped forum activity but have never been an official forum user. I'm hoping this experience will not dampen my spirits and passion for style. Looking forward to learning from you all! Thanks.

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Hi, i am Jack. Shoemaker. bag maker, upholsterer, mechanic and recently truck driver. Leather is my passion, if i could i would wear it all day like Winnetou.

Love this site. I wish i have more time to dig it. Cheers !

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