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Hello! I'm Greg and I'm about to begin my 15th year of teaching elementary school in Connectict! I am also about to celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary and I have 2 boys (9 and 4 years old). Being on my feet all day has led me to the conclusion that investing in good shoes is a must! I wear Viberg, Russell Moccasins, and yuketens. What led me hear was a search for Viberg Scout boots in Chicago Latino leather.
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I`m Paul and many questions about clothes are usually answered here mainly Slp. I have a passion for street wear and denim. 

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Hi SF!!


I'm Jorge Malo. I live in Monterrey, Mexico and I'm 28 years old.

I love and enjoy menswear, wine, food, drinks, jazz and blues, movies and series and my girlfriend!

I have a business called Hnos & Co. (, we handcraft neckties and I try to run a blog (I really don't know what I'm doing though haha) called mnswrmx, mainly on instagram.


My mind wanders a lot, so I'm hoping to share some of those thoughts and see what people have to say!


Have a great day everyone!

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Hello to everyone and thnk you, LA Guy for you welcoming!

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Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm been an image coach and personal shopper for ~8 years, which is a great job. But I'm just here to learn and get better at being a good resource. I'll contribute when I can. I try to do my CE on Fridays, which is when you'll probably see me around.



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Been checking this site for a while for advice. Thought I'd join, mainly to ask questions of far better informed types than I.


I live in Toronto, and do pretty much all of my clothes shopping here.


Have a few shirts from House of Salgado, a ton of shirts from Trend Custom Tailor and a couple suits from Zeglio, a pair of shoes from Leatherfoot. So that's kind of my vibe I guess for that sort of thing.


My job doesn't require me to dress as such but I enjoy great fitting and looking clothes of all types, and I figure if you're going to dress a little more upscale, you might as well be comfortable and do it right, otherwise why bother?


So that's me!

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Greetings SF! I've been reading the forum for a couple of years now and have just joined the board to ask some questions, learn more and hopefully contribute at some point.


I'm 26 years old, live in Rome, and wish my pockets went far deeper than they currently do to make the most of the fantastic tailoring tradition Italy offers :)


I wear a suit 5 days a week at work and mostly trousers and sportcoats on the weekend.  I own a couple of suits and sportcoats from SuitSupply and Boggi, as well as some bespoke gems made long before I was born by Battistoni and Belsiana 19, and am currently trying to build a more fun and versatile wardrobe.


Hope to learn more yet, and many thanks to everyone for all the invaluable information posted here.

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Hello my friends.


I really need some tips for interview outwear... freshly out of campus, I have a lot more the learn


The gents here have great styles and I wish I can on par with them in the near future.

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Hi all

I am Jean-Marc from Toulouse.

I have a passion for English shoes and I am here to get information from the English speaking community.


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Hello everyone. I've been a reader of styleforum for some time. Today I finally joined to ask folks' opinions about putting together some basic pieces of clothing, and doing so stylishly. I look forward to many more conversations over the interweb.
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I've been reading some posts here about MTM clothing. Since I need some advice on the subject I decided to join.

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Hello everyone!


I've been a consumer of styleforum for years and finally decided to join and contribute.


I live in Nashville, TN and work in a creative industry, so there's a lot of leniency in what is an acceptable wardrobe. I prefer a slightly dressier and clean look (classic colors, simple ensembles, tailored fit, etc.). I typically wear jeans, button down shirt (dress or OCBD), and leather shoes. This often makes me the most put together person in the room. I have an extreme fascination with sport coats and sweaters. I hate trainers unless I'm in the gym or on the pitch. I'm not afraid of aging and I'm secretly happy to have a smattering of grey hairs. I'm a southerner and strive to be a gentleman treating every one with respect and kindness. I pray that my son rejects black nike socks, under armour tees, and flat bill caps in lieu of chinos, polos, and topsiders.

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Moved to Amsterdam late last winter. I found I had a lot more time for fashion blogs than I did back home. I found the Forum through the thread "mod to suede head" and have been hooked ever since. I love and hate it! So I joined. I mostly read the classic menswear threads so far. I like mohair suits, silk knit and grenadine ties, bass weejuns, Fred Perry and Levi's, among other things. I don't like brown shoes ( although some of you here can make brown look amazing) and have come to hate the word patina. like I said, I love the forum and have learned so much already.
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Like many in this thread, I have been lurking for months and finally decided to join. Styleforum has already helped take my wardrobe, especially shoes, to the next level with style and quality - cheers.
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Hi all, I'm Jake. I have family in the menswear business, but I'm in Criminal Justice by trade. I'm also addicted to ebay, and have been lurking to try to learn how to tell real from fake and age items
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