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Hello! Long time lurker but finally decided to sign up for an account.  I love coming on here to read about what's trendy, where to find specific items, and also to occasionally buy and sell!





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I've been lurking for a few months and decided to join. Mainly for the Allen Edmonds threads. Love how everyone posts pics of their shoes. This is a great place to expand your style. Love it.

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Hello , I am Frank, I am very happy to join these forums and I hope to learn a lot, thanks.

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Another lurker here finally signed up. Thanks to many great posts and articles on Styleforum I have gone from having virtually no clue what to buy any more to having a virtually limitless shopping list :happy:.

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Hello all,


My name is CJ, and I represent my streetwear clothing line, inFini Clothing & Apparel. I am originally from Los Angeles, California, and moved to Gwinnett County, Georgia, about 11 years ago. I am 21 years young to this day. I'm blessed to have a gorgeous and wonderful girlfriend of 3 years (will be 4 in a month) who supports me in everything I do. I attend the University of Virginia where I am pursuing a New Media Art degree, but am currently away from the university for the next two semesters. I also used to play football for the university on full scholarship since high school. Thankfully, I will be able to focus solely on improving my clothing line and professional career during my "break." I have interests in also doing video and music production not affiliated with my clothing line eventually. 


inFini Clothing & Apparel was created by my best friend, Marquise Wise, and I in June of last year. I would love to get him on the forum as well but he is pretty busy with his job trying to raise money to support our clothing line's needs, so I will probably post on his behalf. He is a previous student of University of Tampa where he studied Graphic Design shortly. We have been friends since I moved to Georgia some 11 years ago. Our style is unique and our designs are 100% original, all the way down to our logo (which I hand drew, font and everything). I'll include the link below if you want to check us out and also our tumblr so you can get familiar with our style. In short, we support and convey everything urban, with influences from hip-hop and rock to sports. Hopefully, we will be vending at the A3C Hip-Hop Music Festival and Conference this October, so if there are any fellow ATLiens on the forum be sure to come to the festival and check our tent out. If anyone has any advice for us it would be greatly appreciated as well as any critiquing (my feelings wont get hurt so don't hold back please).


Thank you for your time for whoever reads this,

CJ Moore

inFini Clothing & Apparel

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Greetings from Elva.

And I feel glad to be a member of the forum.

I joined here when I see a post about the natural shell buttons.

My family is engaging in producing natural shell buttons and accessories for over 20 years.

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Hi all. You guys can call me whatever you like.  Since I'm new I'm not really partial to any nicknames.  A little background info on myself: I'm 23, fresh out of college, and I live in Texas.  I work at a refinery, so unfortunately my work attire consists of entirely fire resistant clothing.  On casual occasions, I wear mostly khakis or navy pants with button-up shirts, but I'm looking to expand my wardrobe (hence why I'm here).  I like Brooks Brothers' clothing and a google search of such is how I discovered this forum.  However, I like what I've seen so far in my limited exposure to this forum.  I have a navy blazer which needs to be tailored, but I will soon be in the market for a few new jackets and trousers as my friends are beginning to get married.  I would also like more outfits to wear to more formal dinners and the occasional visit to my company's corporate headquarters.  Despite only having limited knowledge of style now, this knowledge was non-existent in the very recent past, so please take it easy on me.  I'm here to learn.

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Greetings to everyone, 


I am Victor, and my shop is called


We are based in London, at the moment we carry Lost and Found, Lumen, 10sei0otto, Obscur and Gothmos and we have sale up to 70%.


All the best, 



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Hello everyone,

Supr3me here. Long time lurker, finally decided to join in.

I love leather goods, bags and boots.

And lastly, I'm a big believer in the cost per wear school of purchasing.
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Hi everybody, I'm a legal scholar based in Paris and working between France and Germany. I teach undergraduate and graduate law students and work with several IT projects. I like dressing sharply and I can appreciate a hint of vintage in one's outfit. I like modern literature and I happen to be an unconditional Tom Waits fan.

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Hi Everyone,


My name is Miguel, and I am a relatively newbie when it comes to shoes. I am eagerly and slowly, with no rush, upgrading my shoe closet to have the basic/essential shoes that are good and maintainable for a few years (or number of years as is the case with my Allen Edmonds shoes that can last a long time with some tender love and care :)). I look forward to participating in some cool threads and learning more about shoes and other brands and learning how to dress in fashion and shopping smarter with no superfluous purchases.


Thanks again!



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Greetings, group


Have read posts for a while, decided to join up. Mainly an adherent of Alden, EG, and LVC, but I can be relatively easily talked into anything.


Always excited to expand my perspective and edge those style horizons out. 

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Hello all,


I am Ophnell. I have a new found passion for dress shoes, and formal / business casual / business fashion.  I decided to join the board because so many Google searches I entered focused on questions I had about shoes and miscellaneous fashion topics that sent me to the Styleforum website.  As my opinion and tastes are still developing stages I will mainly use these boards to learn from people with a lifetime of experience and survey the varying perspectives.


I hope to partake in some great discussions on fashion, shoes, and the like.



Kindest regards,



Ophnell Cumberbatch


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  Hey SF crew,

     I guess I should introduce myself since that appears to be customary as evidenced by this thread. I have been interested in clothing since a young age mostly through skateboarding, hip hop, snow boarding and the likes, but I convinced myself it was worthy of spending extensive time and income on clothing about 4-5 years ago. I spent about a decade before that point obsessed with rock climbing and ice climbing. I pursued that to its near end many times and now my main activities tend to revolve around ultra marathon running, nursing, hiking, fashion, music and art. 

    I mostly post in Streetwear & Denim and I lean heavily towards fashion that is either inspired by function or even truly functional, but I think that many designers cant seem to wrap their tunnel visioned minds around combining beauty and usefulness well. I basically just hope to grow my style and share the asinine and near hypocrisy of mens fashion with a bunch of know it all fools on the internet. Cheers you funny fucks.



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Name's Filip I'm 19 years old and a long time lurker of SF. Finally I've found the time and courage to become a member here! :) 

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