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Hello Everybody, 


Been lurking around the forums for a long time, finally created an account and joined the community. 


I'm a Electrical Engineer Manager at Smart Grid Company and we are pretty casual, jeans and Polos mostly, as long as you are not in short we are usually ok. 


Recently I've been interacting much more with clients, partners and high management so my dress have to be bump a bit. 


I've been working slowly without breaking the bank building a solid based wardrobe. so i've been looking around the forums for advices and guidance.



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I'm Madison, in SF, now on SF. Been lurking for quite a while, figured it was about time I finally post something. I won't try to explain myself here, but I'm looking forward to being more involved around here.

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Hi! Names Masnoon, 23 year old mapping analyst out in Scarborough (east end of Toronto). Style is a mix, mostly urban with a little hipster in there. Got a love for shiny expensive things so I'm here looking for more ways to blow my money. Love belts, sweaters, and boots. Not well versed in formal or business attire so trying to improve that. Starting a clothing line next year so thought I might as well join the discussion. Nice to meet y'all.

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Hi All,


Been a long time lurker here and have enjoyed reading a lot of the threads (especially the epic Whites Boots!). Love boots/winter coats and anything that's built to last and improve with age. Finally had a good enough reason to post something, and hope now that I'm in I'll find plenty more.

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Hi my names Adam,

I'm creative director of Adam Roberts Bespoke. I love the site and try to give as much of my expertise I have gathered over the years onto any anyone that wants to listen haha

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Hello All,


I am from the Dallas area and just joined. 


Taste tends more towards modern sleek but with a classic touch. I may be one of the few here who cannot stand cap toe dress shoes.


Hope to learn much and try to help a bit as well.



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Hi Everyone, 


New member from Hawaii here. I'm normally a pretty casual dresser, but into a variety of styles. I like the idea of wearing suits but I only own one and I don't have many chances to wear it because my job doesn't require it and I live in Hawaii. Five years ago, I never would have guessed I'd be willing to spend as much money on clothes as I do now, but here I to spend more haha

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Hey guys!

I've been lurking around on this forum a lot recently, and I've finally decided to make an account! My name is Kevin and I'm currently living in NYC. Early 20s, and definitely still a novice in terms of dressing nicer. Look forward to learning more!
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Hi folks. Been lurking for a minute. Now I'm "out." Or in? Anyway, I've had a fairly long career in retail management. I've taken a break for three years but will be looking for jobs again this fall. I'm currently stepping up my suiting game, but it's difficult as I'm 5'4", have a 27" waist but abnormally big lats. Not ready to go bespoke yet, although I've considered taking a weeklong trip to Hong Kong. For now I am trolling the boys sections of men's stores looking for high pockets and narrowish lapels and generally paying over $200 for tailoring. I've had the best luck so far with Brooks Brothers and Polo, but am open to suggestions.
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Hi everyone. I got to SF searching for advice on footwear and been reading the Viberg thread for some months now. I dress very casual but I'm fond of quality and durable items. Look forward to start improving my wardrobe, from the bottom up. Cheers.

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Decided to join after occasional browsing (mainly the Trickers shoes thread) for a year or two.


Would not regard myself as stylish in any way but I admire the quality very much in others. The combination of permanent penury and a body akin to an extremely short and portly gorilla means any personal expenditure on quality clothing to be something of a waste.

I was once advised to "put your money in your shoes". Not sure if this was a handy tip to frustrate pickpockets but took it to mean that if one can afford nothing else, get some nice footwear.

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Hello, my name is Ed, I am very happy to join these forums.

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I am Tom, and I am getting more and more interested about fashion and bespoke clothing, so I am here to discuss about it and get advice from you guys!



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Hi guys,


i am Joe from Indonesia, I'm eager to develop my own brand and heard that SF is one of the best sources to learn about it.




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Hi; my name is Chris, but ham54 is my username. I'm new to the world of fashion, as most of my interests and time has been invested into studying to become a filmmaker and musician. I have however picked up a large interest in design within the past few years after studying it through a few classes and actively taking some part in it. 


I haven't really picked up vastly on a lot of brands (still can't decide which denim and chino brand to invest into), I am however into brands like Stussy, Ralph Lauren, Undefeated, Eleven Paris, KRSP, Stone Island, APC, and sometimes even Gap and BR. Some shoe brands I like are Nike (incl. Jordan), Vans, Onitsuka Tiger, and Chuck Taylor. If I can describe the style I feel that fits me best and one that I enjoy the look of, it would be minimalist streetwear. 




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