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New member, slightly less new lurker.


I'm too cheap to buy into most of the forum fashions, but there's no shortage of inspiration to be found. 

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New member here, been lurking for a while to pick up advice and reviews as I refresh my wardrobe.

I wear business casual most days, suits only occasionally. Quality over quantity is an easy mantra, but hard to apply in practice. The collective experience articulated here has been helpful in sorting out the merely over priced from the deals.
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hello Gents,


I am Maxi from Jakarta, a TAG Heuer fan  who's trying my fortune to sell my personal effects of TAG & Vintage RADO wristwatches ...




Maxi :D 

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Hello all,


Been reading a lot of post and figured I'd join so i can ask questions from all the helpful people on this forum..  Still new to higher end dress shoes and found this site most helpful in helping me make buying decisions. Will be posting with questions on opinions. Thanks for having me.

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Hello all, I'm boggly. I've lurked a bit in the past, but I'm pretty new to the site overall. I started paying a lot more attention to style a couple of years ago, but only recently have had the disposable income to begin to acquire things I want to keep for any stretch of time. I'm not likely to offer up much advice outside any anecdotal experience, but I'll do my best to contribute where I can. I'll always appreciate any advice or suggestions as I'm still learning what I like and what fits me best. Thanks in advance.

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Hello everyone,

I’m new here and I’m interested in style advice. The truth: the people around me are bored of me talking to them about hand-rolled pocket squares, shoes and sprezzatura.

I started my sartorial journey (from a hoodie-wearing zero) about a year ago. Shortly after I took a part-time job at a hat shop. There I learn a lot about style in a practical sense by being around quality products. In contrast to reading about them in the numerous menswear blogs.

After a couple of silly purchases, I discovered that fit > quality > price. But quality above quantity didn’t quite sink in until I got a bargain on a Luciano Barbera cashmere sleeveless cardigan. It’s not something I would buy normally, but I quickly realised that its oddness and uniqueness gave it its charm. Bringing me where I am today.

I would describe my style as a classical, vintage/retro inspired one with a dash of colour (because it’s an expression of my personality and it brightens my day,) but with a modern fit (, which is a bit more flattering for a skinny person.) My budget is at a lower level so I go to second hand shops, get my grandfather’s clothes tailored and look for bargains from people I know in the fashion business.


Sorry for the long read.


Kind regards,

Le Paon Panache

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Hi everyone,


New member here, just joined today actually. I'm a recent-ish transplant to Sydney, Australia, by way of South Korea and the U.S. I'm a huge fan of raw denim, but by no means an expert. Just trying to learn as much as I can about various brands. Like many others who have waded into raw denim, I first bought several pairs of N&F, and a pair of APCs, but would like to get into some other brands such as 3sixteen or Momotaros. I've actually sort of outgrown my N&F and APCs and probably will look to sell them off in the near future. If anyone has any advice on raw denim brands, fits, sizing, etc., please share. Thanks.

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Let me start by thanking all of you for the help you have given me already.  I have been reading and researching here for a long time.


I am a mid-40's adult male with a mercurial (at best) interest in style.  My personal style developed largely in the 80's and I retain many of the failings of that era.  Generous cuts in trousers and jackets just seem more 'prosperous' to me.  I find all the skin-tight suiting aggressively modern and, frankly, I don't have another fashion trend shift in me. 


I'm about 6'3" and happily pudgy.  I wear a 52L US (22.5" yoke, 20" neck, 37" sleeves) and have a 40" (to 42") waist.  I wear 12.5 in US shoes (and these no longer exist, mostly).  The brands in my work wardrobe are things like Hart Schaffner Marx, Samuelsohn, and Hickey Freeman suits and Berle trousers.  All kind of "by the rules" as they existed when I was a lad: greys, blues, 1 tan, 1 brown.


In shirting I have a few Robert Talbott MTM make-ups from years ago when I was working in N. CA and a lot of misc MTM shirts.  I have trouble with OTR shirts since my arms are long and my neck is chubby.  Despite my fat 42" waistline, OTR shirts for a man with my neck tend to bell-out to the 50" plus mark.  Years ago I bought OTR shirts that fit my neck and shoulders and had them taken in at the sides.  Now I simply shirt up via MTM online.  I was an early Modern Tailor fan, but I do not use them any longer.  My last few orders have been Luxire and as long as the wait times do not continue to grow I am pleased with that outfit.  I have also ventured 2 pair of paints from Luxire with 2 more on order.


Ties I take in 66" long if I can get them and 3.75" to 4" wide (too wide for some of you, I know, but it seems 'in ratio' on a 52" chest if people with a 40" chest are going to wear a 2.5" tie).  I still want ties in perspective to the lapel and the lapel to change size as the man does - crazy I know.  I have a lot of older Robert Talbott 7-folds but my last dozen ties or so have come from Sam Hober with only a few exceptions.  Solids and a bit boring for the most part.  David makes them up to my long and wide specifications (once I pay the up charge over you lucky gents with the slender necks).


As I get older, the combinations I can build from solids are more interesting to me than any kind of bright jacquard tie or loud shirt alone.  My bright ties and shirts have mostly fallen out of rotation before they wear out.


Shoes: AE and Tricker's mostly -  this is changing.  A few clunky Doc's left over from my youth that simply linger in the back of the closet waiting for wardrobe context that will not return.


I don't really have much style "off the clock".  I wear a lot of blue jeans and cotton shorts.  I have property in the country and I dress like a man who drives a pick-up might dress much of the time.  Mending barb wire fences teaches the practicality of sturdy country clothing.  I have some nice shoes, boots and pants for date nights but I am not ever dressing to impress on a paved street in my downtime.


I have four fashion challenges underway that I will be asking for help with in one form or another:


1. I personally need some more black shoes for a professional work situation.  I purged many of my black shoes 18 years ago when I launched my own firm and quit going downtown to work "for the man".

  Progress: procured some AE 2nds Cordovan Leeds from the Tent Sale, ordered some Carmina cap-toes, ordered some Rider Boot Project Bailout cap-toes, and I'm still looking for one more pair.


2. I am the Best Man in a wedding coming up in Dec.2015 for a groom who is not style-focused.  And the bride wants him in "a navy suit and an eggplant tie". 

  Progress: sent the bride and groom (to-be) several tie links to look at (Hober, Drake, and Talbott) and arranged a suit fitting in a town near the groom to-be.  We have time to order something MTM but not any to spare, I fear.


3. I personally need some summer weight semi-professional dress suits and trousers/blazers.  I have some jackets but I am light on pants (having used chinos/khaki pants in this role).

  Progress: Ordered a pair of Mohair/Wool pants in VBC from Luxire.  I need many more pairs of pants and X blazers.


4. I have two boys that are almost grown to suit-up in the months ahead.  My eldest is at university now and owns nothing more than 2 blazers and a few good pair of shoes.  This son is built for fashion wear with a slim waist and broad shoulders.  He can wear Regular Mediums OTR in a way that makes me green with envy.  He prefers tie-dye Ts and is rarely without a guitar.  My youngest son seems part nephilim and stands over 195cm and weighs over 15 stone at 14 years old.  This child is sporty and is either in some kind of plastic uniform or practice wear.  I don't want my stick-in-mud fashion sense to afflict my boys as they find their own style. 

  Progress: none, really.  I started talking to the oldest son (he's about 40R off rack) about the 2 basic suits he needs to acquire before graduation.  I had the youngest try on some jackets and verified that he is about 46L (US, of course) with a 38" inseam.


Thank you all again!

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I've been reading various sites on clothing and style for years, never felt the need to add another registration to the list. Since a while I've been taking my dressing hobby more serious than before and now registration has more sense to me. Styleforum always provided me with the most food for thought.


I'm 42, Dutch, and I live in Santiago Chile with my Chilean wife. I've many reasons to dress nicely but an important one is that IMHO the Chileans dress quite badly. That's unfortunate, especially since this country does have a lot to offer in the field of clothing.

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Hi folks,


So I am new on this forum (but have been a lurker for a long time) and I guess it's my turn to introduce myself.


I am a 36 year old man from Europe (Belgium) now based in NYC. I work in the corporate/private equity world. I enjoy this city very much for its diversity and the constant vibe here!


Although I went through several clothing steps in my life (inter alia skater with baggy hanging and yellow hair when I was a teenager :-)), I have a strong interest in what relates to sartorialism and, fine living in general.


I appreciate beauty and originality in everything and tend to believe that nowadays, most people think are not really paying attention to things such as style, elegance and etiquette. 


I love electronic music (even though I hate labels, I mostly listen to minimalist house music, deep house, electro house but I am clearly not a fan of commercial electronic music and the boom boom like.) 


I also like what relates to epicurism (does that word exist in English?) and always enjoy a good glass of (good) wine, (good) gin or the like. Fine and (most of the time healthy) food. I love cooking and reading.


I am interested in all that relates to fine products and smaller productions (craftmanship) and am always looking for the hard to find pieces. I love fine cars (and I guess most of you guys also do) and watches. I own a longines, an IWC and am looking for an audemars piguet royal oak for my next one probably (although I really love the IWC portofino in black).


I am working on a concept store devoted to men accessories but it will be the subject of another topic in the relevant section.


I hope to contribute in an mutually enriching way to this forum.




PS: I always want to meet new people so if any of you guys are in NYC, do not hesitate to contact me to have a drink, a coffee...

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I have been lurking here ever since I picked up some Allen Edmonds shoes at the Nordstrom half yearly sale a few weeks ago. The Allen Edmonds appreciation thread attracted me here and reading the different articles has really peeked my interest. I have decided to get healthier and slim down a bit which means new clothes which  is bad for my pockets but great for me.  

I look forward to reading, learning, participating, and enjoying what appears to be a great site.

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Hi everyone,


My name is George and I own a denim store in the UK as you can imagine I'm always wearing jeans!


Currently trashing a pair of Japan Blue Jeans JB0212 16.5oz Monster Selvedge.




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Longtime site lurker from the Bay Area, and finally decided to sign up... modern classic style - affinity for cashmere, slim fit shirts, designer denim (Diesel, Kuro, AG, etc.), Rick Owens Leather, and most of all, shoes (Margiela, Guidi, Officine Creative, Ferragamo, Franceschetti, D&G, Gucci, etc.).


Figured I'd finally join... might put goodies up for sale from time to time, and just as well, might purchase them too :)




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Hello SF community !


I've been reading you since a while, but now I've created my account, ready to be part of the threads !


Just to introduce quickly myself, I'm a young french guy keen on menswear. As working in fashion I tend to mix a little stuff but I'm a very classic sartorial igent, and sometimes playing with workwear inspired basics. So here I am part of the SF.


Sorry for my english, I'll try to improve it as much as possible ! 


See ya' !

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Hey guys!


Joined the forum over a year ago, and have been lurking ever since. The name's Luke, actor and filmmaker out of New York City. I love all things raw denim, well constructed garments and footwear, especially boots. I also have a small collection of leather goods. 

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