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Hello, my name is James, I am very excited to join these forums, I am sure I can learn a lot. Thanks!

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Hi guys!


I'm a young lad from Sweden studying in Gothenburg. I've been quite active on a swedish forum and felt it was time to step in to this arena as well.

I'm quite found of the preppy/ivy/trad style but I mix it up with a bit of sprezz once in a while.



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Hi I'm Preston,
I joined because I was hoping I could get help on finding out who makes these suede boots. I found them on Any help and I'd be very grateful here they are....[IMG][IMG]
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need to polish up my street game and gold chainz. 

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I'm Ian.  I've read through these forums for a long time now and felt it was about time to register.  Not that I'll be able to contribute anything.  I'm sure to ask a lot of questions though.

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I'm Misa. Work-at-home mother. I joined the forum to find information on some shoes. After looking and reading the forums I believe there is lots to learn on upgrading my husband's wardrobe. :)

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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post


From stoner to baller, in one fell swoop of the barber's blade. Well done.


Make sure you lurk a fair while before posting any more fits. I can dig where you're coming from, colour-wise. But huge tie knots, loud paisleys, and match-matchy colours don't get a lot of traction here. You can push up against the forum herdthink all you like, but you will lose. Alas, it is what it is.




Thank you for the warm welcome!! Let me start by saying I appreciate your comments, and will remember them as I move forward in being an active member of the community.


But pushing against the hive mind is not my intention, just as it is not my intention to be a part of it. I do things for reasons. Simply reasons. And not reasons that people know, reasons that I and a few others may know or observe. Here are the reasons for that day.


I wore that because of the unity provided by the negative space of my shirt, tie bar, and tie, they all shared the same checkerboard micro pattern, which paired with the stripes provided a geometric element which allowed for a little juxtaposition with the paisley. That tie I got from my Father. I wore that tie to his funeral. That picture was the day of his funeral. The tie knot was big because the silk on that tie is too delicate to be tied tightly, and my torso is too short for it to be tied differently, and symmetry is too beautiful for me to do anything other than some windsor (personal preference). I chose that shade of blue because my brother and I decided to wear lighter shades to celebrate my father's life... and also because it creates enough of a contrast with black shoes. Black shoes to balance out the visual weight with my black hair. Create the rhythm with a black paisley rainbow stitch belt and vioala. A grand celebration of life and balance in an otherwise dark and emotionally unbalanced day. I don't do things because they "go" or they "match" or because they "pair well". I will get to the science of it and tell you WHY it works and why people say "I like that but I dont know why...". Because it is my job to do so. I love ALL things fashion it and I know most of us here do! I own over 300 ties, 70 pairs of shoes, 50 suits and sportcoats, etc, some rare, some new, some old and I still have ways to go... but I want to share them all with everyone... so we will be seeing some fun stuff!! But I do things for reasons.... and when you see me do something on the forum know that it is because of reasons. Reasons.


I'm not perfect, and neither are all of my fits, and neither is anything I say or do... and believe me I will keep what you have in mind, but I think and I hope at this stage of my career I know how to work both sides of the fence. 


"Winning" is no ones intention here. "Winning" is the intention on the Friday Challenge thread... which you can see me participate in on Fridays!!


This week I recreated a picture of Adam West's Batman! There are a lot of strong entries this week, but the thread itself didnt have as much traction as last week's =(


Edit: Also I have a 14 1/2 inch neck and am a 36R and weigh 140 soaking wet. so its hard for certain knots to NOT look huge on me hahahaha. Tiny guy over here. Also, I rarely do ties less than 3 inches wide. Because of reasons.


Also, sorry If i sounded edgy at the Dad part... the first anniversary of his death is coming up... the day after Father's Day.. and dealing is hard.

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My names Mogwaiyoungteam (legally it's Marcus) and I live way over yonder in the U.K. Looks like this is a well looked after forum with plenty of subjects to cover just about every quality brand of menswear.

Love it

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Long time lurker first time poster. Thanks for all th good info so far everyone.
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Hi, my name is Ben and I live in NYC. Been a fan of this forum for a while. 

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What up guys!


I'm Panda Hok, before the jokes and questions come. Yes, that is my real name given at birth, and no I don't know what the inspiration was for it loll 


Currently 24, andI'm an on and off student since 09 but mostly been on break. I'm all about starting something on my own, don't really like the idea of turning 35 and still working for someone else. 


Pretty into fashion and making myself look better since the age of 18. I'm always learning though of course. Hoping to definitely learn a lot from being on these forums and hopefully being able to contribute some knowledge too.


see you guys on the forums :p

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Hi everyone,


I've been a reader of the forum for years but I finally got around to joining today!


I'm a self-employed leather worker, mostly specialising in watch straps, wallets, belts and briefcases.


Like many on this site, I put quality, functionality and durability above all else. For this reason my products tend to be overengineered but they'll outlast their owners as a result.


I'll try to attach a couple of pics of my work here. Just some belts and a bespoke briefcase - all using Baker's oak bark leather.

Pete Sandford


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Hi everyone,


I'm a longtime lurker. I would like to thank the membership for contributing to my sartorial growth. I hope my contributions can repay that debt. 



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