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I'm Ash, 30 single, network security specialist. While looking for my office attire tailor, found this website. I prefer professional corporate style. Hope to find more styles here. Thanks.
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Rob | CPA | MBA | Menstyle | Instagram @robxznyc


Seeking a career in fashion, with the goal of helping every man develop a personal and accessible style, to better express his individual qualities.


I'm very interested in menswear e-commerce and recently heard about grailed.com, which is a marketplace for private sellers with a taste for high-end streetwear. I've had good experience using it so check it out. 

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I'm Carl


I finished work last year at the age of 58 to be my mothers carer. Previously a business development manager in the motor trade aftermarket parts supply, I say finished work but I have recently got myself a part time job on race days at Chester racecourse as a betting operator which I'm loving. Only about 20 days a year so that's enough for me!!


Really getting into this shoe / boots thing and loving it, just begging to start a collection.


Great forum, very informative


Cheers guys





Chester UK

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Hello! I'm Vincent. I'm 28. I joined today, just now. I was a professional introvert and gamer. I had 20 inches of hair and wore tie die shirts every day. I gave that life up and began working (by chance) in clothing retail. I realized that fashion was the missing piece in the puzzle that was my life. Not having fashion, but working it, selling it, fitting it, designing it, conceptualizing it... all those things make me tick. 


I have managed custom clothing and suiting departments for major retailers, and currently manage for one (although I shop mostly online), and am one (but far from) of the highest producing consultants in the Mid Atlantic region. I have been told that I am very skilled at what I do.


I love team-building and brainstorming new ideas with like minded people, and especially love problem solving,


I used to not feel good about myself, the way I felt, the way I looked. I took steps to make a change, and I like to help others take those steps.


Making people look good and feel confident is what I do, and I love it.





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Hi everyone, I'm Stefan, new to fashion forums, I hope that I will find some good advices here. Best regards :)

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Hello everybody,

I'm Kevin, and I'm based in Canada. I've been lurking for a little while, but I decided to finally make an account.


I too didn't care too much about my clothes or appearance, but it changed about two years when my fashionista sister - she dragged me out to go clothes shopping and my go-to for a second opinion - left the country for love. Realizing that I had to start figuring this stuff out on my own, I began researching and stumbled onto this forum, among others.

My main passion is shoes. Almost by accident, it was the first thing I latched onto. I'm still trying to figure out my preferences on the casual side, however.

This place looks fun. I look forward to being a part of it.

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Hi all, 


I am Luis, 33, from Spain.


I am very thrilled to be part of this community. I hope I learn a lot from the veterans of this forum while still adding some value :)





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I'm David, age 30. I've been reading STF posts for a few months now, I finally joined after discovering the use of the advanced search feature to search the classifieds section for specific items (I almost wish I didn't figure that one out, way too many nice things in there for me to spend money on).


A few years ago I never thought I would be on a site like this. Most of the clothing I wore was either stuff I could find on the sale racks or things friends of mine decided they didn't want anymore. I think what started my journey into dressing better was realizing how much I hated clutter and how freeing it can be to own a minimal amount of possessions. I no longer bought things that were good enough but waited patiently until I found those that were exactly what I wanted. Usually this first meant doing a large amount of research on sites like this one to figure out exactly what I wanted. A good part of my time lately is dedicated to thinking what I really want in my wardrobe and I have been gradually getting rid of, upgrading, and filling any holes. I just hope that when I reach the point that all the holes are filled I can stop myself from taking peeks at the classified section of this site. :D 

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Love to read the forum, huge amount of knowledge and taste around.


My interests in a nutshell:


English Shoes - Italian Suits - Swiss Watches


Looking forward to contribute!

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