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hehe sorry, I made a noob mistake and posted this in the "ask a question" thread...


Hello, Gentlemen.


My first post, I just wanted to say hello.  I wasn't sure where to post this, so I posted it here in the n00b thread (hehe).  I've been a lurker for a few years, but finally decided to sign-up so I could give some of you gentlemen some of my money (meaning, I'm interested in purchasing some things in B&S).  


Thank you for your time and I know I will enjoy my time journeying towards sartorial improvement.

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Hello all,


 I've spent the last couple of years trying to gain a better understanding of men's clothes and gradually creating a new wardrobe. I've also spent quite a bit of time working in retail during the last year and I recently graduated college. I'm looking forward to continuing to expand my wardrobe and knowledge of men's clothes through this forum.

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Hi just joined but been reading for some time.

I live in England,don't have much money lol and work for the NHS.

I indulge my passion for English shoes once in a while but mostly dress them casual.

My other unhealthy passion is Les Paul guitars and have been known to rock a bit in my time.

I think Fred Astaire had style nailed, and for all those on here who don't like pleated trousers he kind of proves you wrong.

In short, long live George Cleverley, Gaziano & Girling, Edward Green and Crockett & Jones - hand grades of course :butbut:

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Well, to put it short, I'm a young man in the northern US looking to dress better than I currently do and get a few bits of advice along the way.

I am okay at playing acoustic guitar and have a modest addiction to french culture.

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Hey Peeps,

i'm Wayne and I hail from Texas. Now living in a small town in Germany were I married. I studied fashion about 20 years ago but never did anything with it. Though, I have used my training in other creative branches. For the past 2 years, I have been studying and producing mens hats. Now, at 43 I am considering taking a big risk and start up with mens fashion.

Were I live is a big disconnect from the world of style and fashion so I have signed up here to hopeful have intelligent conversations on the psychology of why we wear what we do. In hope to better my understanding of what men are searching for. I would use myself as an example but my lack of style is too extreme to use as a base. As a designer, I understand the clothing and all that goes into it and when I choose to "dress" I select with careful choices. But since I now live in a society where "style" is a cyclops you often find me in poor choices of clothing.

But now that I am returning to the fashion world again, with a few extra pounds and a better understanding of what fashion and style really means (not like my unrealistic ideas when I was in design school).I am hoping to target a more mature audience as I think we have moved into an interesting age of man. Meaning, there are the rebels, the punks, the new romantics, even club kids that have all grown up and well, we don't want to be who we were before and we don't want to be someones grand dad but find that common denominator in who we are now and reflect that with of style choices...so. i will be asking lots of questions from time to time and hopefully not babbling like I am now!

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Hello currently I'm in Northern VA, originally from Texas, big D. Found my way to Va through the military. I loved it here so much I decided to stay. I work for the Army in their television division where I'm an editor.


I've read Style Forum for a few years and gotten tons of valuable information and insight into the parts of fashion I find interesting. I never considered joining; possibly the main reason was I felt my style was unique to me and not something anyone would be interested. Not sure that opinion has changed, but lately I've come to the site much more frequently and it occurred to me I should join. It just seems the neighborly thing to do.


So, looking forward to reading and gleaning much more knowledge from the wealth of knowledge so many of the members here have; and hopefully Style Forum will be around a very long time.



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I'm 28 years old and currently living in Japan. I'm originally from Oregon and hope to get back there (or at least to the states) in the next year or year and a half.

I joined this forum mainly for shoes, which I just recently became interested in. While looking for a used pair online I started doing some research regarding quality and 'how to buy' used shoes which is how I came across this site.

Here in Japan I have a really hard time finding shoes my size (12 D-ish US) and thrift stores here aren't what they are back home.

I'm a total noob but I'm excited to learn what I can from all the veterans here!
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I am a 6 month lurker who finally signed up. I live just off Disney property and spent 10 years of my early career there. I now run an analytics department for another hospitality company and also do public speaking on leadership and customer service. The speaking gigs are what really got me interested in better quality clothing. I needed to look like the valuable investment I was claiming to be.
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Hi Everyone,


I'm Zain, the editor of www.mensofficial.com


I joined Style Forum because I wanted to see what menswear topics were popular.

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Hello, my name is Nick. I'm the kind of person who will never justify spending hundreds for a mere brand label or anything classified as "designer." However, if the clothing has practical functionality, then that's a different story. I've recently developed an affinity for running, and as a result, discovered and fell in love with Nike Gyakusou clothing. I joined this forum because I'm hoping to see more Gyakusou listings in the future. Nice to meet you all.
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Hi Nike and welcome.
You have me intrigued with the remark " I'm the kind of person who will never justify spending hundreds for a mere brand label or anything classified as "designer." However, if the clothing has practical functionality, then that's a different story. "

I hear this remark all too often and was wonder if you can explain it your own words.

Kind regards,
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Sorry, I meant to say Nick......
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@artmannwayne It's funny you say that cause I'm pretty obsessed with Nike. I'll take that misnomer as a compliment instead hahaha!

What I mean is: spending hundreds of dollars for a shirt that says Bape, Alexander Wang, Raf Simmons, etc. doesn't appeal to me. Rather, it seems pretty foolhardy to fork over more of your hard earned cash just for someone else's name. To each his/her own I guess.

Recently, I've been building a collection of 3M reflective Nike clothes because I like to go running during the night. A lot of Nike reflective clothing is somewhat expensive, but since it prevents me from getting hit by a car at night, I don't mind paying more for its practicality. Functional > aesthetic.
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I'm Ash, 30 single, network security specialist. While looking for my office attire tailor, found this website. I prefer professional corporate style. Hope to find more styles here. Thanks.
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I'm Carl


I finished work last year at the age of 58 to be my mothers carer. Previously a business development manager in the motor trade aftermarket parts supply, I say finished work but I have recently got myself a part time job on race days at Chester racecourse as a betting operator which I'm loving. Only about 20 days a year so that's enough for me!!


Really getting into this shoe / boots thing and loving it, just begging to start a collection.


Great forum, very informative


Cheers guys





Chester UK

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