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Hi Everyone,

I found the forum through the Ebay seller advice thread and more recently through the Sam Hober appreciation thread.  I have learned quite a bit about selling on Ebay from all of you all and have funded my tie addiction largely through that effort for at least a year.  More recently I discovered the Sam Hober appreciation thread and placed my first order with them.  I ordered a slate blue grossa grenadine and a Christ Church Duster, both of which have me waiting lustfully.  I will post pics when they arrive.

I am a Neuroscience professor in Dallas TX and have no need to dress semi-formally everyday but feel more comfortable in a suit and tie than in jeans and boots.  I have come to appreciate that my students and colleagues get a kick out of the change of pace I offer for our eclectic department.  That and I just freaking love ties and pocket squares.

Thanks to all of you for making this such a cool place to browse for the past 2 or so years that I have been aware of it.


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I am David, looking forward to interacting with all of you here.


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Hi , I am Josi, and I am here because I need to  declutter my wardrobe, throw things away and buy new ones :)  I want a fresh start in the summer and what's better than buying new clothes and redefining my style? I hope to find new ideas and suggestions here. Let's start!

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Evening all. Im a 49 year old born and bred Londoner, and something of a limited edition in that I still live in the city, as opposed to most of my brethren who now reside in the shires. Im clothes nuts; anything from Crombie Boating Blazers to Callugi Gianelli woven shirts, to Edward Green shoes. Ps if anyone knows where I can pick up a decent original Hawaiian Shirt Id be pleased to know- not ebay.
I've been to Portobello plus Camden Stables market and can't find a damn thing any good- to anyone than can oblige your rewards shall be great in heaven
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Hi. Wow. Um, I'm currently at the bottom of a VERY long list. I'm also not the best in online introductions BUT I'm great at one-on-one responses.


Located in the US and a long, long time reader of SF.N, and an even longer consumer of well made leather goods, but only recently compelled to post a review after a harrowing experience with a manufacturer (Jack Georges) who used to make stuff we received compliments on (even internationally) but now has become a very, very poor representative of the reputation they've begun to actively ply online. This has been a widespread trend across several manufacturers/brands, and I am tired of watching PRICES SKYROCKET while QUALITY PLUMMETS. So... I've begun to articulate what others can see with their own eyes and likely also lament. Feel free to share your own horror stories! "Made of Italian leather" but (deep in the bag on a tiny, tiny tag) "Made in China"? Better: have to turn that $300 or $400 shoe inside out to discover its pedigree? It's not the location but the quality, and the fact that even the labels sell you on one idea and HIDE the origin. With the widespread appearance of plastic "hardware" on expensive designer shoes and bags, and false stitching along insoles (J.Crew) and soles (John Varvatos!) I have had enough!


Well, that's likely a good enough intro to me.

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Hi, I'm from Istanbul, studying for fashion fine-art exams in August. Also trading some products by the designers Rick Owens, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Maison Margiela and many others on eBay. See you soon in the next days with great products, like "Sock Sneakers" by Rick Owens :)

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Hi I'm owthere from the SF Bay area.  I am new to the forum and joined because I found a thread for dive watch band that is special and unique.  I love the outdoor lifestyle here in the bay area and all the activities that are available.  If it wasn't for the fault lines and earthquakes, it would be almost perfect.

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Hi I'm macmomac132(made up the name is 7th grade)


-I'm 23, straight and single

-Work in Canada for my family business( we're developers)

-Love fashion and clothing

-excited to join!

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Hello! My name is Konstantinos and got interested in clothing a few days back. I don't really know why..

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Hey, new to the forum. Invited to a daytime event this weekend. How is this outfit? Navy khakis, brown loafers, brooks brothers buttondown,'sport jacket.
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I am Karan and I work with a brand call High On Leather. I have great knowledge about leather crafting and tanning. What kind of bags are suitable for which purpose. I also know a lot about marketplaces like ebay and amazon and new online marketing techniques. Thank you so much for a warm welcome.

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Hello Gentlemen,


I found this forum while researching Allen Edmond shoes.  In general I have been wanting to spruce up my look.  I'm 37, and hold down a pretty darn good job as a Network Engineer.  A little over a year ago, I spotted Allen Edmonds shoes at Nordstroms.  I fell in love with them.  I immediately ponied up full price for the Fifth Avenue in Bourboun.  Its a very a sleek shoe.


I had an older Hugo Boss boot in black, and decided it was time for an upgrade on a black dress shoe.  I got crazy lucky and found a Park Avenue on ebay for $35 that was basically new.  Right after that I bought a pair of Olive Neumoks at full price.


Anyways, shoes have become important to me.  But I'm also wanting to spruce up the rest of my wardrobe.  I think a fully tailored Hugo Boss suit will be next on my agenda.

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Good evening Gentlemen


From South Africa and very new to style and fashion. It's been a tough year and have decided the best way to face it is with a fresh start on many levels. I was directed here from a firearms forum. 


Style has never been high on my priorities, but as I grow older (32) I have come to see the mistake this is. Here to learn and improve.

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hi ,i am jun ,come from china,and i have  worked 5 years since i graduated  from college .i heared styleforum via internet ,because i want buy a pair of alden shoes.and my size is 8.5D

 I really love fasion ,and i  love  drawing and  advertising.

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Hello, Gentlemen.


My first post, I just wanted to say hello.  I wasn't sure where to post this, so I posted it here in the n00b thread (hehe).  I've been a lurker for a few years, but finally decided to sign-up so I could give some of you gentlemen some of my money (meaning, I'm interested in purchasing some things in B&S).  


Thank you for your time and I know I will enjoy my time journeying towards sartorial improvement.

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