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Hey peeps, my name is Erico and am from Texas.  Hope you guys are having a wonderful day.  I am all into fitness as you can see on my site


I have an excerpt there on fitness clothing, check it out.

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Hi there. A newbie here. Quite a mixed bag of preferences : French (suits - Dior Homme Hedi, sorry Kris ; scents - Frederic Malle), Japanese (denim - Evisu), Italian (shoes - oh where do I start ; assessories - BV). And I have way too many watches and pocket squares. Hoping to widen my horizons even more here.
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hello, another newbie here. I've been lurking around for a while now, ended up here after my vacation to Vegas and began looking at suits. I was considering a Hugo Boss jam since I'm a skinny guy, however after much lurking I've put of a suit purchase for a little while. I've noticed a general dislike for Hugo boss around these parts haha.

Looking for info on basically everything I can find haha. See you around.
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I'm Steve and lovin my Alden Roy Boots!......This is my first forum to be a part of.

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I just found this forum. Nice resources for new and vintage hunting/research. Cheers, from Bushwick, NY.


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I'm Typhoid Jones and I hang out in the Official Thrift / Discount Store Bragging Thread.  I also like the MC WAYWT threads and the SW&D jeans / denim review and fit threads.


eBay Pictures37.jpg


^ Some cool stuff I found. 

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Hi all!


long time lurker here from San Francisco, now just creating an account. Lots of nice and helpful people around here! Look forward to getting more help from you guys in the future

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Hey guys, been browsing this site non stop for the last week and thought I would sign up.


Feel like I have learnt so much already! I am currenlty travelling for 2012 (SE Asia, Nepal, South America) but when I get home I plan on completely redoing my wardrobe. I threw out all my old suits before I left Australia, and will be throwing out everything else when I get back. I will be 29 and it's time to dress like an adult.


Love the thrift/bargains thread and the Mens clothing section.

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Hey Everyone,


I'm Danny. I've been a lurking on this forum for a few years now. I got tired of trying to convince my core group of friends how important dressing properly is for people in their mid-twenties, but they rather spend all their money on booze. So I figured Id sign up and discuss what I enjoy with people of similar interest as myself.


I work as a full time Designer for a fashion eyewear company, here in the San Francisco Bay Area and do not dress the part. Im hoping to learn from many of you on the forums and grow my own personal style.

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howdy all,


and a double southwestern howdy.  alex here.   i've been a longtime ready of the styleforum.  however, today i decided to inscribe myself upon and within this illustrious community.  i'm also a member of a few music forums out there on the world wide web.  i'm an IT guy and a gigging musician.  shoes are my style inspiration.  recently i've been really excited about shell cordovan.  thanks for reading.

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Hello all, I'm KrustyStyle. First year broke college student, looking to dress more like a gentlemen. 

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Hey guys! Morten from Denmark here! Been lurking for a short while, hoping to get inspired, which I certainly have! 

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Long time lurker, finally made the jump to create and account. 

I'm a college student, ready to graduate in about a year and will be looking to update my wardrobe more to fit my current lifestyle. 


You have all been a great help for me in the past few years, thanks. 



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I'm Daniel. Nice to know you.

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My name is Ian, I'm a cofounder of a company called SIZESEEKER that uses camera images to calculate people's body measurements. We're changing the way people buy clothes online - first with bespoke and custom "e-tailors" and then by matching people's body measurements to the size of off the rack clothing.


I'm a student at Wharton Business School and live in Philadelphia. 

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