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I'm Jacopo, italian student, fashion curious, streetwear addict. 


I like to read, listen, draw, write, watch, party, jump, run, drink, meet, do casual things.

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Hello everyone, I'm noborukun


I'm a firefighter by trade, but also quite an elaborate list of other things. 

I have enjoyed denims ever since I was first introduced to them (about four years ago)

I hope to contribute as much as possible.

A handful of the people I work with don't understand how to dress or why I spend the way I do.

I hope I can be amongst a community that supports my interests, as I hope to do the same.

Thank you! 

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My name's Fin,


I'm a student, avid gamer, GUI designer and am currently in my final year of school before college.


I almost always overdress unless I'm going to work on the weekends (I wait tables at a local hotel),

primarily wearing a suit always with a bit of an overzealous pocket square.


I've very recently been experimenting with what I'm sure all of you despise, using suit jackets as sports jackets; taking care to wash my slacks the same time as their partnered jacket even if I wasn't wearing them so they don't look different.


Been a reader of various posts on the forum for a while, yet somehow only now ended up signing up!


So yeah, that's me-



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I guess shoes is my thing. I have 36 pairs of shoes/boots which are goodyear welted and from a variety of quality manufacturers mainly located in Northamptonshire.

Also like tweed jackets.

Not as much money as I used to have, so keen to look out for quality at a good price.

Hope there are some tips, as we are not all 'super rich'.  :)

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Ok this is my second account as I mysteriously got banned on my first after a single post. Anyway been lurking here for awhile and I want to thank this community for the valuable info in getting my personal style back on track. When I was younger about 20+ years ago a good friend of mine gave me some suits. (he worked at a fine mens clothing store) At the time I had no idea what Armani was but I had these Armani and Vestimenta suits I wore to work and it changed my whole perception of what it means to wear a suit. People called me sir and approached me instead of my boss assuming I was the one in charge. Years later when I got married the same friend got myself and my groomsmen Vestimenta suits at employee discounts... let's just say it was a better deal than I knew at the time. I remember saying we needed black and their tailor politely said we should get a charcoal suit as it would be more useful after the wedding and boy was he right. So long story short I wore these clothes out. Had them for many years until they finally fell apart. My job(s) really does not require a suit so I had various sport coats and blazers over the years and never really liked them or wore them much. I now have a new job that requires a bit of dressing up so I decided to look into it all these years later. That is when I found this forum and it confirmed and also pointed me in the right direction. Since I have nearly retooled my entire wardrobe I just wanted to send out a thanks!

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I'm RogerThornhill. I live in Newport Beach, California. I hope this will be a place to share my enthusiasm for beautiful things made by hand.

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My name is Jeff. I have recently gone into the deep rabbit hole which started with raw denim over the past year. Been lurking for a while and thought it was time to create an account.
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Hi all. Relatively long time lurker here, finally made an account. I have no idea how I found out about this forum (possibly when I was researching CDBs), but I've been consulting some things here and there. Basically, I've never really been fashion conscious, nor cared much about it or needed to, and always found shopping painful and headache inducing. Plus my budget is always on a limit, so I hunt for bargains with everything. Since I've started teaching as a grad student, in front of others, I've found the need to be more presentable, or at least more presentable than most of my students who generally just roll out of bed and crawl to class. Conferences, interviews, etc. also require proper attire that I've been lacking most of my life. 


Also, I'm shedding my poor fitting shoe and boot collection. Found out I've been wearing the wrong sizes for over 2 years, and that my feet are actually wide and need arch support. Learning (and painful) experience to say the least. CDBs and a few others soon available. Plan to use whatever I can recover to invest in a durable, comfortable, good fitting and good looking pair of boots and oxfords. Thanks everyone.

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Hi. My name is Andrew. Up until about 6 years ago I was happy with mall clothes. Then when I was in NYC one day I happened upon the Jean Shop where I bought my first pair of raw denim. I now own many pairs. Then came the interest in leather and denim jackets (new and vintage) as well as big clunky black boots (Viberg, Wolverine, Whites) etc. I have gotten a lot of information from this forum over the past few years and decided that it was time to join.

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Hi all, I am Christopher and I'm 34 years old and have been married 2 years, no kids yet. Love boots, clothes, and leather goods. I just recently discovered niche fragrances. I joined up because I saw some very cool sales on Tom Ford decants. I think I'll like it here :)

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i'm Mirko, i'm a fashion and style lover, i have an eshop and i hope i can help everyone who wants a suggest about fashion, style and mens wear.




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I'm in Florida, where it's hot most of the year. I wear business casual at work and slightly more casual at home.


I was searching for mtm shirts and found SF, and have been reading off and on and keep coming back to the forum; so, I registered.


I recently purchased a mtm shirt from Ratio and am trying to get the fit dialed in before ordering more.





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Hello,   I'm Mirko, i'm from Florence (Italy) but I live in Greece, I'm a fashion and style lover, I have an eshop with leather bags for men and women and i hope i can help everyone ask for a suggest about this.




Mirko Coppola


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I am an almost retired trial lawyer, survivor of 20 back surgeries - which is why "almost retired," who has sadly discovered that as men age our ear lobs and feet really do get longer ( !! ) 


Which means a truly lovely, carefully assembled, and well cared-for wardrobe of Alden shoes, 9 D and E, are now a squeeze, even without socks.  So I'm hoping to find a few pair of almost new Aldens in size 10, mostly loafers, hopefully cordovan.  I've been looking at eBay, and just stumbled onto this site, which "feels" far better, more like what I was looking for.


Otherwise, Crissy, the lovely lady who put me through law school, and raised our two sons, and I have been married 35 years, recently downsized from a  six bedroom weekend eater to a two bedroom condo - why we didn't do that years ago is a real question.  I read a lot - six to ten hours a day, walk a bit, and just purchased a girls bike (to avoid tripping over the crossbar), and hope to start riding around River Oaks.  So if you are in Houston, and see an old fart struggling with a girls bike, please give me extra room, I'm dangerous to myself and all others . . . 

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Hi all,


I am a recent graduate from Singapore, and is looking forward to my first job. Hope to learn more about gentlemen dressing and wardrobe maintenance from this community.



Yan Ru 

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